11 Fancy Minecraft Window Design Ideas

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Are you struggling to build windows for your lovely Minecraft house? Well, you’re not alone!

Whether your house is small or large, windows are necessary things to have since they let the light come in, as well as allow you to see through walls.

In today’s article, let’s go through the top 11 best Minecraft window design ideas!

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Most Minecraft window design ideas below require you to carve one or two blocks inside your wall. If you don’t have enough room, you can build the windows by extending them out of the walls. In fact, many Minecrafters use this method since it’s way easier and saves you more space to work with the interior.

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Best Minecraft Window Design Ideas

We use white concrete as a wall to make it easier for you to recognize the blocks. In general, you can choose different materials in the same category (oak to spruce and so on) to fit your building’s theme.

1. Spruce Window

Materials: Spruce Log, Spruce Stairs, Spruce Fences, Spruce Trapdoors, Spruce Button, Coarse Dirt, Glass Panes, and Sweet Berries.

Starting off with a classic spruce window. This Minecraft window design idea is bold and really easy to build.

All you need to do is to find any Taiga biomes, chop down some spruce trees, collect sweet berries, and then smelt up some sand blocks.

If you’re using this design in other biomes, feel free to change the wood type to make it look the best! You can use oak wood for plains and forest biomes, birch for desert biomes, acacia for savanna, and so on.

2. Oak Window with Lecterns #1

Materials: Lecterns, Oak Stairs, Oak Trapdoors, Oak Fences, Oak Fence Gates, Glass Panes, and Campfires.

This window design is a little bit complicated when it requires you to find 2 lecterns and place them correctly in the facing-out direction.

Although the lectern is a functional block, it looks great when you it to build walls and foundations. It’s best to use this design with oak wood since the oak texture is similar to the lecterns.

3. Oak Window with Lecterns #2

Materials: Lecterns, Oak Stairs, Oak Slabs, Oak Trapdoors, Oak Fences, and Glass Panes.

Since lecterns look really cool when you use them in Minecraft window design, why not try another idea?

This time, you put the lecterns on top to create a unique angle for both sides of the window. You can then conceal the window with oak fences to make it looks more stable.

Or you can remove the fences to see more through your windows.

4. Mushroom Forest Window

Materials: Red Mushroom Blocks, Mushroom Stem, Iron Bars, Flower Pot, Glass Panes, and a Red Mushroom.

Now it’s time to decorate your fantasy build with some magical window design ideas!

With some mushroom blocks collected from the dark oak biomes, combined with the steady iron bars, you’ll have a lovely window with a good forest vibe!

5. Aquatic Window

Materials: Prismarine Brick Slab, Warped Fences, Turtle Eggs, Glass Panes, and Leaves.

If you have an underwater base, this is definitely the Minecraft window design you’re looking for!

The aquatic theme comes from the primarine slabs, and the warped fences make this window so elegant. For the best outcome, you should put this design on a white wall like ours.

However, the cyan color also fits really well with dark wood walls or even the prismarine brick itself.

6. Dark Oak Window

Materials: Dark Oak Slabs, Trapdoors, Fence Gates, Signs, Leaves, Glass Panes, and Chains.

Dark oak designs always look good since they have the best contrast with most other blocks. Moreover, it’s easy to farm since dark oak is the third easiest tree to grow.

With some chains, you can make the design more mysterious, like it’s from witch huts’ windows.

7. Desert Village Window

Materials: Cut Sandstones, Cut Sandstone Slabs, Birch Fences, Glass Panes, a Flower Pot, and Cactus.

Simple, clean, and budget are everything in this Minecraft window design idea!

With just a few sand blocks, you can build windows for an entire desert empire overnight. To decorate it furthermore, planting cacti is a great way to keep your house green!

8. Brick Window

Materials: Bricks, Brick Stairs, Granites, Granite Stairs, Granite Slabs, Iron Bars, Spruce Trapdoors, and Glass Panes.

Brick is an underrated building block in Minecraft since not many players use it for building purposes. Or if lucky, you can only see a small chimney made out of bricks.

With that being said, if you’re building an industry factory from coppers and bricks, this window design is a great option! Let’s gather some clay balls!

9. Underground Window

Materials: Deepslate Bricks, Deepslate Brick Slabs, Cobbled Deepslate Fences, Cobbled Deepslate Slabs, Calcites, Diorites, Polished Diorite, Dark Oak Fences, and Magenta Glasses.

Looking for a window design to build in the End dimension or deep underground? We’ve got you covered!

With dark trim from the deepslates, the pure white from the calcite, and the mystery from the magenta glasses, all together create a gloomy window for any dark builds in your kingdom.

10. Overgrown Window

Materials: Moss, Mossy Cobblestone Slabs, Mossy Cobblestones, Cobblestone Stairs, Slabs, Pointed Dripstones, Spruce Trapdoor, Hanging Roots, Stone Button, and Lime Glass Panes.

Overgrown is always the best theme that every Minecrafter wants to build. And what’s greater than a mossy window for your overgrown house?

The hardest part of this design is the mossy cobblestone blocks. You can find them naturally in the Jungle Temples and Taiga biomes, or craft them using cobblestones and vines.

11. Steampunk/Acacia Window

Materials: Stripped Acacia Logs, Acacia Fences, Acacia Trapdoors, Cut Copper, Cut Copper Stairs, Exposed Cut Copper Stairs, Vines, Glass Panes, Stone Bricks, Stone Brick Stairs, and Mossy Stone Bricks.

Acacia looks pretty good when placed together with coppers, especially if you decide to build steampunk-theme builds.

To make things better, you can mix between normal cut coppers and oxidized versions for texturing. In addition, placing a lightning rod on top of the roof is a great way to prevent wildfires from lightning strikes.

Those are the 11 best Minecraft window design ideas for today, miners!

What’s your favorite design so far?

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