Obstacle Course & Deathrun Map Codes In Creative Mode Fortnite

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Obstacle courses and Deathruns in Fortnite are challenging courses that test your finesse as a Fortnite player.

These courses include everything from parkour to icy spike traps.


There have been many competitions around who can complete a certain obstacle course the fastest, which ups the excitement.

If you don’t know how to use map codes or the creative mode in general, then check out our creative guide.

The following courses are featured in this list.

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Cizzor’s Deathrun Challenge

A classic obstacle course in the Fortnite community is Cizzor’s Deathrun map.

This course features parkour sections, spike traps, freezers and much more.

Cizzor hosted a competition around this map, offering a reward to whoever could complete this course the fastest.

The map is created by Cizzor.

Creative Code: 0940-9970-7913

Cizzor's deathrun challenge obstacle course in Fortnite creative mode

Impossible Deathrun

Another deathrun-course is Impossible Deathrun.

Here you’ll find yourself struggling to even find the correct way to go, as the map is filled with dead ends and hidden entrances insides traps.

This is by far one of the most difficult obstacle courses out there.

Fortnite user Fw_VeRTiGo has created this obstacle course.

Creative Code: 7401-8948-0229

The impossible deathrun course in creative mode Fortnite

Gooniz Deathrun

Hidden traps, hidden holes in the ice and much more is inside this deathrun obstacle course.

If you are up for a some frustating suprises, give this map a try.

Fortnite user GooniZ has created this creative map.

Creative Code: 3672-1185-7507

Obstacle course in Fortnite creative mode

The Frozen Deathrun

A deathrun course filled with icy patches and traps to keep you on your toes.

Can you overcome the upwardsfacing ice? Then try out this obstacle course.

Fortnite user Xteaw has created this deathrun.

Creative Code: 8357-6519-5293

Frozen deathrun creative map code Fortnite

Castle Deathrun

In this deathrun course you will be taken through an old castle filled with traps.

This course combines skill and the occasional luck, so you’ll most likely have to do it multiple times to find the correct doors, etc.

Fortnite user fbb-Loukan has created this course.

Creative Code: 7224-4983-5039

Castle deathrun obstacle course in Fortnite creative map code

Lava Deathrun Map

A great deathrun map played by Cizzors and other popular Fortnite YouTubers.

Test your parkour skills in this lava and season 8 inspired map.

Creative Code: 7522-2585-4224

Lava Deathrun Map Code Fortnite

RED Deathrun

An interesting deathrun with a fully red theme.

This creative map is created by ThrustTownAge69.

Creative Code: 8843-7735-6935

RED Deathrun map code Fortnite

Jungle Deathrun

If you like the jungle and deathrun maps, then this is perfect for you.

Enjoy nature while testing your skills in this new deathrun.

Fortnite user Icifyed has created this deathrun.

Creative Code: 2168-6942-0407

Jungle Deathrun map code Fortnite

500 Levels – Default Deathrun!

An insane deathrun map with a total of 500 levels.

A fair warning, this map takes quite a while to complete!

Are you up for the challenge? Test your skills today.

Fortnite user Icifyed has created this deathrun course.

Creative Code: 4690-7782-0124

500 Levels - Default Deathrun! map code Fortnite

Lazarbeam’s Deathrun

Another popular Fortnite YouTuber who has joined the deathrun hype is Lazarbeam.

He recently announced his own deathrun map called Lazarbeam’s Deathrun map.

Try it out yourself today.

This deathrun map is created by Kenworth.

Creative Code: 5092-4108-1725

Lazarbeam's Deathrun map code Fortnite

Underwater Deathrun

This is a great deathrun course that takes place underwater!

Underwater maps are becoming quite popular, so why not make an underwater deathrun as well?

Fortnite user TBAsxPooop has created this deathrun.

Creative Code: 7560-5843-8427

Underwater Deathrun map code Fortnite

That’s all the obstacle course and deathrun maps we have for Fortnite!

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