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Spells are used for a variety of reasons. From combat to skills, Old School RuneScape has a great magic system that makes each spellbook versatile and unique.

There are currently four spellbooks in the game: Regular, Lunar, Ancient Magicks, and Arceuus.

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With so many spells available, players are constantly switching back and forth between them, and today, I’m going to show you three ways to change spellbook.

To change spellbooks in Old School RuneScape, you have to either pray at the respective spell altar, pray at a spell altar in a Player Owned House (POH), or use your Magic Skillcape to change spellbook.

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How to Change Spellbooks in OSRS

There are three (technically four) methods of changing your spellbook in Old School RuneScape:

  • Praying at the respective altar
  • Praying at a spell altar in a player-owned house
  • Switch with your magic skillcape
  • Cast Spellbook Swap in the Lunar Spellbook

You can find more details on each of the methods below.

Praying at the Respective Altar

Different spellbooks are unlocked by completing a specific quest. During said quests, there is an altar that you can pray at to unlock the associated spell book.

Old School RuneScape - Pray At Altar

The altar for Ancient Magicks is in the Ancient Pyramid next to the Bandit Camp. The Lunar altar is located on Moon Clan Isle. The Arceuus spellbook, however, is changed by talking to Tyss at the Dark Altar.

If you want to switch back to the regular spellbook, just pray at the altar again, and it will revert back.

Praying at a Spell Altar in a Player-Owned House

Players with 80 Construction can build one of the spellbook altars in the Achievement Gallery of their player-owned house (bearing the other materials that you need, including the respective spell icons).

On top of this, players with 90 Construction can build an Occult Altar, giving you access to all the spellbook altars to pray at.

Old School RuneScape - Pray At Altar At Player-Owned House

Technically this is the same method as the first one, but you don’t have to run all the way to the original altar to change.

For those that do not have the level requirements, you can go to World 330 (the House Party world) and access another player’s house who has the altar.

There are constantly players hosting other POH services, so it won’t be hard to find one.

Switch With Your Magic Skillcape

Players with 99 Magic can wear and use the Magic Skillcape (in-game called the ‘Magic cape”).

Old School RuneScape - Switch Magic Skillcape

Not only does this cape give you a +1 boost to your magic skill, but you are also able to change your spellbook 5 times a day. This prevents you from having to spend time running to an altar.

Bonus! Cast Spellbook Swap in the Lunar Spellbook

Technically, there is a fourth way to change your spellbook in Old School RuneScape.

Those who have access to the Lunar spellbook and are level 96 Magic can cast “Spellbook Swap”, which allows you to cast one spell from a different spellbook (if you have the runes for that spell).

Old School RuneScape - Cast Spellbook Swap

The spell itself requires 3 Astral, 2 Cosmic, and 1 Law rune to cast.

This doesn’t last long, as you will revert to the Lunar spellbook in one minute or until you perform your cast (whichever comes first).

Those are the different ways to change spellbooks in Old School RuneScape!

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