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Bringing players into the heart of the wildlands and jungles across Old School RuneScape, the Hunter skill has you harness your inner predator to hunt down creatures of all shapes and sizes.

One of the oldest skills in the game, Hunter is infamous for its diverse training methods, along with a great balance between experience rates and profit.

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The road to getting 99 Hunter can be an interesting one. Thankfully, Hunter includes training methods with some of the highest Exp/hour rates.

Some of the best methods of training Hunting in OSRS include catching Ruby Harvests and Copper Longtails at the same time, doing Falconry, catching both Carnivorous and Black Chinchompas, doing Aerial Fishing, and tracking Herbiboar.

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Hunter 1-99 Training Guide OSRS

There are dozens of different ways to train Hunter, all of which have their own requirements to be able to access.

Some requirements may not be solely a specific Hunter level but can also include completing quests or obtaining certain items.

It is worth noting that you can only place a certain number of traps simultaneously based on your Hunter level.

  • 1 Hunter – 1 Trap
  • 20 Hunter – 2 Traps
  • 40 Hunter – 3 Traps
  • 60 Hunter – 4 Traps
  • 80 Hunter – 5 Traps

Levels 1-15: Hunting Polar Kebbits

Using a Noose Wand, you can hunt Kebbits in Old School RuneScape, starting with Polar Kebbits in the Rellekka Hunter Area.

The hunter area is Northeast of Rellekka and can be reached by using the nearby Fairy Ring, teleporting to Rellekka and walking, or by using the minecart system through Keldagrim.

Start by searching one of the Kebbit holes to find a trail in the snow. From here, simply follow the trail around, searching the nearby obstacles until you find the Polar Kebbit at the other end.

You will earn Polar Kebbit Fur, Raw Beast Meat, and 30 Hunter exp when you catch it.

Reaching 15 Hunter through Polar Kebbits should take around an hour or so, but there are still other means of training Hunter at early levels that you can consider.

Levels 15-29: Catching Ruby Harvests & Copper Longtails

Starting at 9 Hunter, you can catch Copper Longtails, while Ruby Harvests can be caught at 15 Hunter.

Both of these creatures can be found in the Piscatoris Hunter Area just south of the Piscatoris Fishing Colony. You will need a Butterfly Net, Butterfly Jars, and two Bird Snares.

Since Butterflies are caught using a net and not by setting traps, you can set a trap to catch the Copper Longtails in one area, then run around catching the Ruby Harvests while you wait for the trap to succeed/fail.

This will effectively increase your experience rates by being able to train two methods simultaneously.

Catching Ruby Harvests and Copper Longtails at the same time will earn you around 10k Hunter experience per hour.

Levels 29-43: Catching Swamp Lizards

At 29 Hunter, you can catch Swamp Lizards from the Hunter area in Morytania.

The different salamanders and lizards across Old School RuneScape are caught using a Rope and a Small Fishing Net. While at first, you will only be able to place two traps, you can start to place a third when you reach 40 Hunter.

It is also recommended to wear weight-reducing clothing and possibly bring Stamina Potions, as you will need to run a small distance between each trap to reset them.

While Swamp Lizards can be profitable if you collect them, running back and forth to the bank in Canifis will drastically reduce experience rates.

Releasing them after each catch will earn you around 35k-40k Hunter experience per hour.

Levels 35+: Aerial Fishing

Aerial Fishing is a nice way to train both Hunter and Fishing. You will also need 43 Fishing to use this method.

After talking with Ally the Angler on Molch Island, you can use a bird to catch from the different fishing spots.

Between levels 35 to 99, you can earn anywhere between 30k-80k Hunter and 20k-60k Fishing experience per hour.

Levels 43-60: Falconry

The Piscatoris Falconry Area, a bit southeast of the Piscatoris Hunter Area, allows players to use a falcon to hunt for different kebbits.

After talking to Matthias to rent a falcon for 500gp, you can use it to hunt three different kebbits:

  • 43 Hunter – Spotted Kebbits – 65k Hunter Exp/hr
  • 57 Hunter – Dark Kebbits – 76k Hunter Exp/hr
  • 69 Hunter – Dashing Kebbits – 90k Hunter Exp/hr

Similar to other hunting methods, it is recommended to wear weight-reducing clothing along with Stamina potions as you will be running around the area.

Levels 44+ Drift Net Fishing & Birdhouse Runs

At 44 Hunter, you can start to complete Drift Net Fishing on Fossil Island. You will also need 47 Fishing and a Diving Apparatus/Fishbowl Helmet to stay underwater for long periods of time.

This method requires completion of the “Bone Voyage” quest to access.

With Drift Nets in your inventory, you can swim through the hunting grounds and set up the Drift Nets on the different shoals. They will be lost upon collecting from them, so be sure to stock up on them from Annette.

Meanwhile, Birdhouse runs can be started at 9 Hunter, using logs, a clockwork, and various seeds.

With a hammer and chisel in your inventory, use a clockwork on a log to make a birdhouse, use the birdhouse in one of the four spots around Fossil Island, and load it with seeds.

Similar to doing an Herb run, they will be filled after around an hour, and you can reset them for bird nests and Hunter experience.

Since both of these activities take place on Fossil Island, you can effectively do both of them to increase the amount of Hunter experience you earn per hour.

Depending on which logs you are using for birdhouses (which vary on your Hunter level), you can earn around 130k Hunter Exp/hr at 44 Hunter and Maple Logs, increasing to 200k Hunter Exp/hr at 89 Hunter with Redwood Logs.

Levels 60+: Maniacal Monkeys

After completing the “Monkey Madness II” quest and having 60 Hunter, you can start to catch Maniacal Monkeys.

Located in Kruk’s Dungeon on Ape Atoll, Maniacal Monkeys can be found in the same laboratory you reached during the quest.

Using Kruk’s Monkey Greegree, you can enter the dungeon and head north across the monkey bars to mount a Stunted Demonic Gorilla.

With an inventory full of Bananas, you can set up the different deadfall traps and wait.

Hunting Maniacal Monkeys is considered much more relaxed than other methods while still being able to earn between 50k-100k Hunter experience per hour.

Levels 63+ Catching Carnivorous Chinchompas

Chinchompas can be caught by utilizing Box Traps, which will require completion of the “Eagle’s Peak” quest to use.

Catching Chinchompas is one of the most profitable methods of training Hunter, with Carnivorous Chinchompas (sometimes referred to as “Red Chinchompas”) allowing you to earn nearly 1m gp/hr.

Red Chinchompas can be caught in the Feldip Hunting Area, however they can also be hunted in the exclusive Red Chinchompa Hunting Ground north of Prifddinas, which requires completion of the “Song of the Elves” quest to access.

To effectively hunt them, set up your box traps diagonal with each other, eventually making a complete X when using five Box Traps simultaneously.

When hunting with Box Traps, you can utilize tick manipulation to increase your experience rates. Tick manipulation is using game mechanics to complete actions quicker, thus allowing you to get more “actions” in a single click.

When passively hunting Carnivorous Chinchompas, you can earn nearly 70k Hunter Exp/hr at 70 Hunter, increasing to nearly 130k Hunter Exp/hr at 99 Hunter.

Levels 73+: Catching Black Chinchompas

Exactly like catching Carnivorous Chinchompas, Black Chinchompas can be caught at 73 Hunter utilizing Box Traps.

Being considered the highest tiered Chinchompa, you can earn incredible experience rates as well as fantastic profit.

However, this method comes with high risk and high reward, as Black Chinchompas can only be hunted in the Wilderness.

While wearing D’hide Armour and a Magic Shortbow with arrows (to kill any stray Chinchompas), bring high-healing food and potions to survive against any wandering Pkers.

The hunting ground for Black Chinchompas is located between 30-35 Wilderness. The closest methods of reaching there include using a Waka Canoe, the Wilderness Obelisk, or a Revenant Caves teleport tab.

Set your Box Traps diagonally like before, and keep a watchful eye for Pkers.

While Black Chinchompas are stackable, it is recommended to bank and reset whenever you are comfortable to prevent losing your profits.

Pkers may also hop worlds and spawn directly next to you, so you need to stay alert if you want to survive.

Otherwise, you can earn nearly 200k Hunter Exp/hr without using tick manipulation, as well as earn around 1.2m Gp/hr.

Levels 80+: Herbiboar

One of the more relaxed methods of training Hunter, this method involves running around Fossil Island tracking an Herbiboar: an elusive creature covered in herbs.

It is highly recommended to bring weight-reducing gear (the Graceful Set is nearly mandatory), Stamina Potions, and a Herb Sack to collect the herbs.

You should also bring a set of Magic Secateurs if you have them so you can earn an additional herb.

Similar to other tracking activities, start by inspecting one of the rocks to find a set of tracks. Keep following them and investigating each of the different obstacles to follow them.

Eventually, the Herbiboar will pop out, and you can harvest it for an assortment of herbs. This method is extremely low-effort, as it only involves running around and tracking steps without the need for external items.

You can earn between 140k-170k Hunter Exp/hr and around 300k Gp/hr (depending on herbs). You also have the potential to earn the Herbi pet upon capture at a 1/6500 drop rate.

Other Things to Consider

While training Hunter, there are a few things to keep in mind that can help increase experience rates.

Quests That Reward Hunter Experience

While there aren’t many, there are a handful of quests that you can complete to earn Hunter experience.

Quest (Hunter Level Required) – Hunter Experience Rewarded

  • Natural History Quiz – Miniquest (None) – 1k Exp
  • The Ascent of Arceus (Lvl 21) – 1.5k Exp
  • Eagles’ Peak (Lvl 27) – 2.5k Exp
  • Secrets of the North (Lvl 56) – 40k Exp
  • Song of the Elves (Lvl 70) – 40k Exp
  • Monkey Madness II (Lvl 60) – 50k Exp

Hunter Clothing

Using furs collected from hunting, they can be used to create various outfits.

While they do not increase the chance of catching creatures, they are a nice cosmetic collection that is made through the Fancy Clothes Store in Varrock.

  • Polar Kebbit Fur – Polar Camo Gear
  • Common Kebbit Fur – Wood Camo Gear
  • Feldip Weasel Fur – Jungle Camo Gear
  • Desert Devil Fur – Desert Camo Gear
  • Larupia Fur – Larupia Hunter Gear
  • Graahk Fur – Graahk Hunter Gear
  • Kyatt Fur – Kattegat Hunter Gear

Hunter Potion/Mix

In cases where you are a few levels below the required Hunter level to catch something, you can use a Hunter Potion/Mix to give a temporary +3 boost to your Hunter level.

Obtaining the Hunter Skillcape

After reaching 99 Hunter, congratulations! You can purchase a Hunter Skillcape from the Hunting Expert in the Feldip Hills for 99k.

This skillcape will give you five free teleports a day to the Carnivorous Chinchompas in the Feldip Hills, as well as to the Black Chinchompas in the Wilderness.

That’s the best way to max Hunter in OSRS!

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