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The fabled city of Ardougne (pronounced “are-doyn”) is home to several high-level skilling methods, interesting quest locations, and dozens of shops in Old School RuneScape.

Whether to complete a portion of a quest or to train their Thieving level, players are often looking for the best way to reach Ardougne.

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Thankfully, there are multiple avenues to do so, some of them not requiring you to spend a single gp to access!

You can reach Ardougne in OSRS either on foot (as it is part of the mainland), through means of teleportation using an Ardougne teleport tab, a POH portal, or the Ardougne achievement diary cloak.

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How to Get to Ardougne in OSRS

Thankfully, there are no skilling or quest requirements to reach Ardougne.

Being part of the mainland, you can travel here at any time, whether on foot from elsewhere or by teleporting directly here.

Using an Ardougne Teleport Tab

By far, the fastest and most effective way to reach Ardougne is by using the associated teleport tab.

Ardougne teleport tabs can be purchased from the Grand Exchange or from another player for around 300gp.

Ardougne teleport tabs can also be crafted using a Soft clay, 2 Water runes, and 2 Law runes with a Teak Lectern in a Player-Owned House.

This process requires 51 Magic but also makes for a valid Magic-training/money-making method.

Using a tab will take you directly to the Ardougne market square just north of the bank.

Using the Ardougne Teleport Spell

If you have 51 Magic and have completed the “Plague City” quest, you will be able to teleport to Ardougne on your own without needing to purchase a teleport tab.

You will need 2 Water runes and 2 Law runes to cast it, but it will take you to the market square like before.

“Plague City” is the first quest in the Elf-quest series that does not have any skill or quest requirements to complete.

It is also extremely short, so completing this quest for the sake of unlocking your own teleportation method to Ardougne is extremely viable.

Using an Ardougne POH Portal

Players with both 50 Construction and 51 Magic will be able to create a teleport portal in their Player-Owned House (POH) that teleports directly to Ardougne.

Along with the materials to craft the room (2 Limestone bricks for the Focus and 3 Teak planks for the Portal Frame), you will also need 200 Water runes and 200 Law runes to create a portal solely for Ardougne.

At higher levels, you may have a Portal Nexus in your POH that holds multiple teleport destinations at once, at which you will need to turn in 2000 Water runes and 2000 Law runes instead.

There is a way to not need said skill requirements while still using a POH portal. If you go to world 330 (the House Party world) and go to the Rimmington POH portal, you should be able to find an active house that has a Portal Room/Portal Nexus.

From here, you can enter the house and use a portal to Ardougne without needing to train skills or spend any gp.

Using the Ardougne Cloak Teleport

After completing the Easy Tier Ardougne Achievement Diary, you will be rewarded with the Ardougne Cloak 1.

This cloak provides unlimited teleports to the Ardougne Monastery. Although a bit of a distance from the previously mentioned teleport destinations, you will simply run north until you reach Ardougne for a cheap teleport option.

At higher tiers, you will be able to unlock teleports to the farming patch north of Ardougne, which is a much shorter distance to Ardougne than the monastery.

That is how to get to Ardougne in Old School RuneScape!

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