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Among all of the skills in Old School RuneScape, Runecrafting has been known as the most tedious of them all. Even at the highest-level methods, experience rates can be much slower compared to other creation skills in OSRS.

However, there are still fast ways to train Runecrafting in Old School RuneScape, in the form of making Lava runes, but making them can be a bit confusing for newcomers.

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In this guide, I am going to break down how to make lava runes and an efficient way to get Runecrafting experience to do so!

You can make Lava runes in OSRS by taking Earth runes and pure essence to the Fire altar (or vice versa, however, it is quicker to do it this way). You will also need to have either an Earth talisman in your inventory (consumed in the process of making them) or cast the “Magic Imbue” spell before making them. Then, you can use the Earth runes on the altar, which will also combine with the Pure essence, to make Lava runes.

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How to Make Lava Runes in Old School RuneScape

Combination runes are created by using one kind of elemental rune on a different Runecrafting altar, along with Pure essence.

This will combine two utilized elements into one rune that will cover the elemental costs of both for a single cast.

Lava runes specifically provide the best experience for training Runecrafting.

Although there are whole guides on training Runecrafting and the best way to reach level 99, today we are only going to be talking about Lava runes and the process of making them.

Runecrafting Setup

For the setup itself, we are going to be wearing weight-reducing gear (i.e., Graceful set), as well as a Ring of dueling, a Binding Necklace, a Fire tiara, and a Steam battlestaff.

The Ring of dueling is what we will be using to teleport back and forth from a bank (Castle Wars) and to the Fire altar (The PvP Arena).

The Binding necklace allows players to create combination runes with a 100% success rate, as you have a chance of failing it while doing it normally. This will make our runecrafting runes far more efficient.

The Steam battlestaff provides unlimited Water and Fire runes. This will be extremely helpful as we will be casting the Magic Imbue spell from the Lunar spellbook at 86 Magic.

Be sure to check out our other guide, where we discuss the different ways to change your spellbook in Old School RuneScape.

This spell makes it so we do not need to keep bringing Earth talismans to the altar (which is normally required).

Our inventory will be filled with Earth runes (to be used on the altar), Astral runes (for Magic Imbue), Rune pouches (to store extra Pure essence), and Pure essence in the remaining inventory slots.

Crafting Lava Runes

Once you are ready, use your Ring of dueling to teleport to the PvP Arena and run north.

If you are wearing your Fire tiara, you will be able to just click on the altar to enter.

Once inside, cast Magic Imbue to make it so you can craft combination runes without the need for a talisman. Then, use the Earth runes on the altar to create Lava runes!

Note: do not click on the altar directly! Otherwise, you will just turn your Pure essence into Fire runes.

If you are quick, you can empty your Rune pouches in time before your Magic Imbue runes out to make more Lava runes. If not, you can just cast the spell again to repeat the process.

Once you are done, use your Ring of dueling to teleport to Castle Wars, where you can quickly use the bank there. Grab a new Ring of dueling or Binding necklace if either one of them has run out of charges and repeat the cycle.

Starting at 23 Runecrafting, you can expect experience rates of around 38k exp per hour. At higher levels, you can expect rates of nearly 105k-110k exp per hour at 85 Runecrafting.

In short, Lava runes take some getting used to when it comes to making them repeatedly, but they can provide decent experience rates that will help speed up your journey to 99 Runecrafting.

That is how you make Lava runes in Old School RuneScape!

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