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For both new players and Ironman accounts, figuring out where to get certain commodities and items directly from Old School RuneScape’s world can be a tricky task.

There are dozens and hundreds of different locations, shops, plazas and markets for you to search for that specific item you need. Pickaxes, which are a requirement for training the Mining skill, are no exception to this.

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Pickaxes can be found in a few shops within Old School RuneScape. Thankfully, most mining shops are directly specified on the map, making it easier for players to find.

You can buy pickaxes in OSRS from the two Mining Shops in the Dwarven Mines and the three Mining Shops in Keldagrim, Lovakengj, and Prifddinas.

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Where to Buy Pickaxes in OSRS

Pickaxes are commonly sold at Mining Shops in Old School RuneScape. While not every Mining Shop will have every pickaxe type you may be looking for, they will mostly always have a certain type of Pickaxe for sale for newer players and Ironman accounts.

However, it is worth mentioning that if you are playing on a regular account, all Pickaxes can be bought through the Grand Exchange in Varrock from other players, allowing you to skip trying to find them organically in the game.

That being said, there are still reasons to try and buy a Pickaxe from a specific shop.

Numrof’s Pickaxe Shop in the Dwarven Mines

Located in the back section of the Dwarven Mines, Numrof the Dwarf sells Pickaxes of every variety, from Bronze to Rune.

This is by far the best shop to get the Pickaxe you need. You can effectively buy the entire range of Pickaxes (besides Dragon) and switch them as you train your Mining level.

Since this shop is in the Dwarven Mines, it is also available for Free-To-Play (F2P) players, making it much more accessible.

Yarsul’s Prodigious Pickaxes in the Mining Guild

Players with 60 Mining can access the Pickaxe shop within the F2P area of the Mining Guild to purchase every available pickaxe like the previous shop.

Despite having the same stock, reaching this portion of the Mining Guild from Falador is much quicker than traveling back and forth to the back of the Dwarven Mines.

Pickaxe-Is-Mine in Keldagrim

It’s no surprise that within the Dwarven Kingdom of Keldagrim is a shop that exclusively sells Pickaxes.

Located in the East-portion of Keldagrim, you can buy a Pickaxe of every type. This shop is also relatively close to a bank, so you can quickly deposit/get more gp to buy Pickaxes if needed.

Being that Keldagrim is also home to the Blast Furnace and the largest gold mine in OSRS, the Mining skill is heavily utilized within the kingdom.

Toothy’s Pickaxes in Lovakengj

Located in what is often considered the “Mining City” of the Kingdom of Kourend, Toothy’s Pickaxes is a shop within Lovakengj that sells Pickaxes.

Unlike other shops, this shop has a large stock of Empty Pots for players to purchase. This is so they can be used to create Dynamit for Blast Mining, which is also done in the same area.

Players can easily reach Lovakengj by using a Xeric’s Amulet, or by using one of the many transportation methods to reach Kourend itself.

Gwyn’s Mining Emporium in Prifddinas

If you have completed the “Song of the Elves” quest, you can access the city of Prifddinas, and thus lurches from Gwyn’s Mining Emporium.

Located on the Southeast side of the city, Gwyn’s Mining Emporium sells every kind of Pickaxe and Chisels.

Gwyn’s Mining Emporium has the highest requirements of all the Mining Shops to access. To buy from it, you will need 70 Mining and the completion of a Grandmaster-level quest.

That is where you can buy pickaxes from in Old School RuneScape!

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