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If you are just starting out on your Old School RuneScape journey, you may come across Doric in his hut north of Falador and accept to complete his quest.

Doric himself, being a dwarven miner, will ask you to collect mining materials in exchange for some Mining experience and gp.

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The best part about this quest is that it is one of the only quests in the game that you can complete nearly instantly. In this article, we are going to discuss Doric’s quest and how you can complete it in a matter of seconds!

“Doric’s Quest” in OSRS can be completed instantly by bringing all the ores needed when you talk to him. Obtainable by any means, these ores include 6 Clay, 4 Copper Ores, and 2 Iron Ores.

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How to Complete Doric’s Quest in OSRS

“Doric’s Quest” is one of the first quests to be released in Old School RuneScape, originally released during the era of RuneScape Classic.

More than twenty years later, the formula for the quest remains the same: Doric asks you to bring him a specific amount of various ores in exchange for the use of his anvils, some gold, and Mining experience.

Traditionally, this quest would take a minimum amount of 15 Mining to complete if you were to mine all of the ores yourself.

You will need 6 Clay, 4 Copper ores, and 2 Iron ores.

Common Mining Locations (That has these ores):

  • Varrock Mines (The one south-west of Varrock)
  • Falador Mines
  • Rimmington Mines

However, if you don’t want to mine the ores yourself, or if you do not want to get 15 Mining first, you can buy the ores from another player or the Grand Exchange, and that will work as well.

Funny enough, if a player talks to Doric with the ore already in their inventory, there will be a funny dialogue where they talk about how much of a coincidence it is that you have the ore that Doric needs.

When you turn in the ores, you will be rewarded with 180gp, 1.3k Mining experience, and the ability to use Doric’s anvils (although they are impractical given how far they are from a bank).

That is how to complete “Doric’s Quest” in Old School RuneScape!

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