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Carrying over from its appearance from RuneScape 3, Elite Void Equipment has continued its lineage into Old School RuneScape as being one of the most iconic armour sets in the entire game.

Its clean design combined with its incredible offensive bonuses makes Elite Void armour a “must-get” set in Old School RuneScape.

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With how great this armour set is, it’s no easy task to unlock it, as you will need to go through a mix of both old and new content to eventually unlock it for yourself.

To unlock the Elite Void Knight armour set in OSRS, you need to first complete the Hard Tier Western Provinces Diary and then unlock the top and bottom pieces for 200 Void Knight Commendation Points each.

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How to Get Elite Void Knight Equipment in OSRS

Elite Void Equipment has had a long history of reigning supreme in the DPS gear category.

Turning a player into a glass cannon, Void Knight gear, in general, allows you to increase your accuracy and damage to an incredible degree.

Normally, you can get the regular Void Knight gear by earning enough Commendation Points from Pest Control. Don’t forget to save enough for the desired helm that you want first, as well as gloves.

Void Knight Reward Shop

  • Void Knight Top – 250 Commendation Points
  • Void Knight Robe – 250 Commendation Points
  • Void Knight Gloves – 150 Commendation Points
  • Void Melee Helm – 200 Commendation Points
  • Void Ranged Helm – 200 Commendation Points
  • Void Mage Helm – 200 Commendation Points
  • Void Knight Mace – 250 Commendation Points

While you do not need to get the Void Knight set before trying to get Elite Void, you will need to get it anyway to upgrade it to the Elite variant.

Also to note: you do not need to get the Void Knight Mace for Elite Void.

Hard Tier Western Provinces Diary

To unlock the ability to purchase the Elite Void Knight upgrade, you need to complete the Hard Tier Western Provinces Achievement Diary.

This also means you need to complete the Easy and Medium tier to mark it as complete.

Like other Hard-tiered achievement diaries, this one is no exception, where it has hefty skilling and questing requirements to complete.

Hard Western Provinces Achievement Diary Requirements

  • Skilling Levels:
    • Combat Level 100
    • 70 Ranged
    • 62 Fishing
    • 62 Cooking
    • 69 Hunter
    • 48 Agility
    • 50 Woodcutting
    • 50 Firemaking
    • 70 Mining
    • 68 Farming
    • 65 Construction
    • 64 Magic
    • 75 Thieving
  • Quests:
    • Swan Song
    • Recipe for Disaster – Freeing King Awowogei
    • Mourning’s End Part 1 (At Least Started)
  • Other:
    • Mark 300 Chompy Bird Kills.
    • Kill Zulrah at least once.

Once you have the skills and quests needed, you can begin the process of completing the tasks for said achievement diary.

This diary specifically requires completing 13 different tasks, all ranging from completing a single skilling action to killing dangerous bosses.

Hard Tier Western Provinces Achievement Diary Tasks

  • Kill an Elf with a Crystal Bow
  • Catch and cook a Monkfish in the Piscatoris Fishing Colony
  • Complete a Veteran game of Pest Control
  • Catch a Dashing Kebbit
  • Complete a lap of the Ape Atoll Agility Course
  • Chop and burn some Mahogany Logs on Ape Atoll
  • Mine some Adamantite ore in Tirannwn
  • Check the health of your Palm Tree in Lletya
  • Claim a Chompy Bird Hat from Rantz after registering 300 Kills
  • Build an Isafdar Painting in your POH Quest Hall
  • Kill Zulrah
  • Teleport to Ape Atoll
  • Pickpocket a Gnome

After completing all of the tasks on this list (As well as all Easy and Medium tasks), you will be able to mark the Hard Tier complete by speaking with the Elder Gnome Child in the Tree Gnome Stronghold.

Among the other rewards you get (the Western Provinces Banner 3, an Xp lamp worth 15k exp, and other unlocks), you will be able to purchase Elite Void Knight equipment.

Obtaining Elite Void Knight Equipment

Elite Void Knight equipment can be purchased from the Elite Void Knight at the Outpost. The Elite Void Knight will only talk to you after you completed the Hard Tier Western Provinces Diary.

The Elite Void Knight will upgrade the Top and Bottom for 200 Commendation Points each. This is in addition to the Commendation Points needed to purchase the full set to begin with.

By this point, you will be able to use the Veteran boat for Pest Control (since it is a task for the achievement diary), so earning Commendation Points should go by much quicker since you earn 5 Commendation Points per victory.

In case you are unfamiliar, Pest Control involves defending the Void Knight in the center of the island from the various monsters coming through four different portals.

Your goal is to destroy all portals while fending off the creatures from killing the Void Knight.

It’s also worth mentioning that this is a safe minigame, so Hardcore Ironman accounts do not need to worry about death here.

Once you earned enough Commendation Points, talk to the Elite Void Knight with your regular Void Knight equipment in your inventory, and they will turn it into the Elite variant.

Elite Void Knight Armour

Elite Void Knight equipment shares the same stat requirements to equip as the standard Void Knight armour, that being 42 Attack, 42 Strength, 42 Defense, 42 Magic, 42 Ranged, 42 Hitpoints, and 22 Prayer.

Where Elite Void Knight equipment differs is that it provides an additional +6 Prayer bonus (+3 each) and a +2.5% Magic and Ranged damage increase.

The defensive bonuses are the trade-off for its incredible offensive capabilities. Sharing a +45/+30 to all combat styles defensively, it barely surpasses Mithril and Adamant armour.

Therefore Elite Void Knight armour should only be used in a DPS role, or in cases where you will be able to use Protection Prayers against a certain combat style.

Such examples include DPS-role at Bandos, Vorkath, Raids, and most Slayer tasks.

That is how to get Elite Void Knight equipment in Old School RuneScape!

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