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After defeating Iban in the “Underground Pass” quest in Old School RuneScape, you can get the Iban’s Staff as a decent magic weapon.

This staff, while requiring 50 Magic and Attack to use, will allow you to cast the “Iban’s Blast” spell, a cheap but effective spell for most PvM activities.

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While the spell itself requires runes to cast, the Iban’s Staff will also need to be charged for you to use it.

Therefore, it is essential for your Iban’s Staff to be fully charged when completing activities like Barrows or mid-level Slayer so you don’t run out of casts in the middle of combat!

To recharge the Iban’s Staff, you can either use it on the well at the end of the Underground Pass or talk to the Dark Mage in West Ardougne, who will recharge it for a fee of 100k (or 250k if it is the upgraded variant).

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How to Recharge Iban’s Staff in OSRS

While the “Underground Pass” quest itself is considered one of the more tedious quests in Old School RuneScape, recharging the staff is not nearly as difficult.

There are two ways to recharge the Iban’s Staff, one of which requires a decent chunk of gp, and the other involves entering the same dungeon from the quest.

Recharge the Iban’s Staff with the Underground Pass Well

Before you get started recharging the Iban’s Staff with this method, keep in mind that there are two wells in the Underground Pass.

The well used to recharge the staff is not the one at the end of the Underground Pass (the one that takes you to Iban’s Temple).

Instead, you will need to journey backwards into the dungeon to the well where the knights were encountered in the quest.

There are a multitude of ways to reach the well, but they all follow the same theme: make your way into the Elven lands, traverse through the obstacles in dense forest, and enter the tunnel at the back of the Underground Pass.

Pro tip: when you come across an obstacle (i.e. spike trap, pitfall trap.), stand next to it and click on the closest tile to reduce the chance of failing the obstacle.

The most common way players reach here is by teleporting to Lleyta using a Teleport Crystal, exiting the city west, and navigating through the forest north until they reach the tunnel entrance.

Once inside, enter the well to reach Iban’s temple and head to the northeast portion of the massive agility room.

If you fall, that is okay. Take the stairs to the northwest back up and travel northeast until you see a door with an animal skull on it.

Once you enter the door, you will see the well in question with three skeletons right next to it. Here, use your Iban’s Staff on it to recharge it for free.

If you cannot make your way to Isafdar, you will need to go through the entirety of the Underground Pass to reach the well at the end.

You will not need to go through the requirement of going through the knights or obtaining unicorn horns again, as those portions of the Underground Pass will remain open post-completion of the quest.

Talking to the Dark Mage

Near the front entrance of the Underground Pass in West Ardougne is a Dark Mage who will be able to recharge your Iban’s Staff for a price.

He is also the same person that you initially talked to to repair the broken Iban’s Staff from the quest.

If you have a standard Iban’s Staff, he will recharge it for 100k gp. But if you have the upgraded variant, he will recharge it for 250k gp.

While recharging a staff’s charges through the Dark Mage is still a moderately high cost, it is still much quicker and easier than going through Isafdar or the Underground Pass.

Upgrading the Iban’s Staff

Eventually, you may want to upgrade your Iban’s Staff to the upgraded variant.

While the standard staff is able to hold up to 120 charges, the upgraded variant includes a whopping 2500 charges that can be held at one time.

To do this, speak with the Dark Mage in West Ardougne with your Iban’s Staff. He will then offer to upgrade your staff for 200k gp.

Thankfully, you only have to pay this amount once, and you will keep the upgraded status even after you lose it (although when lost in PvP above 20 Wilderness, you will need to get a new one from scratch).

That is how to recharge the Iban’s Staff in Old School RuneScape!

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