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Mostly completed in the area east of Varrock, “The Dig Site” quest is one of the main quest requirements for multiple Master and Grandmaster quests. Uncovering lost ruins from the Dig Site and passing a series of tests to become a qualified archaeologist.

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While not difficult to complete, “The Dig Site” quest may take an hour or so to complete. There are also quite a few items you need to finish it.

Completing “The Dig Site” quest in Old School RuneScape requires a lot of running around and item collecting. After passing many tests to work in the Digsite, you will uncover remnants of a forgotten temple that ties together stories from dozens of other quests.

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How to Complete “The Dig Site” Quest in OSRS

“The Dig Site” quest has a couple of skill requirements that you will need. There are about a dozen items that you will collect, so be sure to be efficient on inventory space when running around.

Quest Requirements

  • Skill Requirements
    • 10 Agility
    • 10 Herblore
    • 25 Thieving
  • Items Needed
    • Charcoal
    • Cup of Tea
    • Gloves
    • Leather Boots
    • Opal
    • Panning Tray
    • Pestle and Mortar
    • (2) Rope
    • Specimen Brush
    • Specimen Jar
    • Tinderbox
    • Trowel
    • Vial

Starting Off

Head west of Varrock to the Exam Centre and talk to the Examiner. They will tell you about a series of tests you can take to work in the Dig Site.

After receiving an Unstamped Letter from them, you can go to the Varrock Museum and ask Curator Haig Halen for his approval.

Once the Curator puts his seal on the letter, go back to the Examiner to receive a test that you can take.

Regardless of what you choose for an answer, every answer is incorrect, and you will fail. Instead, you need to find missing items for three different students across the Dig Site to get their answers.

Returning the Lost Items

The Animal Skull

Go to the Southern portion of the Digsite to find the student with blonde hair and a green shirt. After talking with them, you will learn that they lost an Animal Skull.

To find the Animal Skull, “streal-from” the various Digsite Workmen until you get it and return it to them for their answers.

The Special Cup

In the Eastern section of the Digsite, talk to the student with an orange shirt and black hair to learn that they lost their “Special Cup.”

Head over to the South-east portion of the Digsite. Use a Panning Tray (they can be found inside the nearby tent) and attempt to pan at the river.

The Panning Guide says you can pan from the river if you give them a Cup of Tea. After doing so, return to panning the river until you receive the Special Cup.

You may get extra items while doing so, including an Opal (which is needed later in the quest).

Return the Special Cup to the student to get the answers.

The Teddy Bear

Talk to the student with blonde hair and purple clothes to learn that they are missing their Teddy Bear.

Head north from the Exam Centre until you reach the wooden walkway. Look for the large blue urn and search the nearby bushes until you find the Teddy Bear.

Taking the Tests

Once you have all of the answers, go back to the Exam Centre and talk to the Examiner to take the tests again. Thankfully, the questions and answers are the same for every test:

Level 1 Test

  1. Can you tell me what Earth Sciences is? – The study of the earth, its contents, and history.
  2. Can you tell me which people are allowed to use the digsite? – All that have passed the appropriate Earth Sciences exam.
  3. Can you tell me the proper safety points when working on a digsite? – Gloves and boots to be worn at all times; proper tools must be used.

Once you pass, you will get a Level 1 Certificate and a Trowel.

Level 2 Test

Go back to each student to get the answers for this test.

  1. Can you tell me how we transport samples? – Samples taken in rough form; kept only in sealed containers.
  2. What is the proper way to handle finds? – Finds must be carefully handled; kept only in sealed containers.
  3. Can you tell me the proper use for a rock pick? – Always handle with care; strike cleanly on its cleaving point.

Once you pass, you will get a Level 2 Certificate.

Level 3 Test

Go back to each student to get the answers for this test. However, one of the students will want an Opal in exchange for their help.

You can either pan an Opal (Uncut or cut) from the river or purchase one from elsewhere to give to them. Then you can go back to the Examiner to take the third test.

  1. Can you tell me how we prepare samples? – Samples cleaned, and carried only in specimen jars.
  2. What is the proper way to use a specimen brush? – Brush carefully and slowly using short strokes.
  3. Can you describe the technique for handling bones? – Handle bones very carefully and keep them away from other samples.

Once you pass, you will get a Level 3 Certificate and can dig at all levels of the Digsite.

Uncovering Something Odd

Check the cupboards in the Exam Centre to get a Specimen Jar. Along with a Specimen Brush and your Trowel, head back to the Digsite.

Start digging in either the northernmost area (Digsite 1) or the southwestern area (Digsite 5) until you get an Ancient Talisman.

Take the talisman to Terry Balando in the Exam Centre, who will give you an Invitation Letter that you can show to the other workers to dig further into the site.

Using a Rope on the West winch in Digsite 4, climb down into the sublevels of the Digsite. Grab the Arcenia Root next to the Rope, then search the bricks on the area’s east side to head back up to the surface.

Go to the northeastern winch in Digsite 3 and use a Rope to go down below. Once you find Doug Deeping, talk to him about how you can move a pile of rocks.

Once you get a Chest Key, use it to open the chest in the same tent you got the panning tray to get some chemical powder.

Go through this process to make a chemical explosive:

  • In the tent where you got the chemical powder, use your Trowel on the nearby barrel along with a Vial to get some Unidentified Liquid.
  • With a Specimen Jar, search the Specimen Tray in the tent to find Charcoal. Use a Pestle and Mortar on it to ground it up.
  • Show the power and liquid to Terry Balando to identify them as Ammonium Nitrate and Nitroglycerin.
  • Mix them together, then use the Ground Charcoal, then the Arcenia Root on it.

Finding the Lost Temple

Go to the eastmost winch and use a rope to climb down below. Use the Chemical Compound on the bricks, along with a Tinderbox, to ignite it.

You will come across a large room with Skeletons and a Zaros altar in the center.

Grab the Stone Tablet in the center and give it to Terry Balando. After talking with him, the quest will be completed!

“The Dig Site” Quest Rewards

That is how to complete “The Dig Site” quest in Old School RuneScape!

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