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One of the more niche categories of weapons in Old School RuneScape, crush weaponry is surprisingly more diverse than you may realize.

Not just limited to hammers, crush weapons are often used against bug-like bosses such as the Kalphite Queen, Sarachnis, or Venenatis. Just like other powerful weapons, they can come with their own special attacks and requirements to equip.

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But which crush weapons are the best overall? While some crush weapons can range in the tens of millions of gp, which ones are worth investing in?

The best crush weapons in OSRS include the Inquisitor’s Mace, the Abyssal Bludgeon, the Dragon Warhammer, and the Elder Maul. Choosing a crush weapon is often based on whether it is one-handed or not, as a player can utilize a Dragon/Avernic Defender to boost its offensive stats.

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Which Crush Weapons Are the Best in Old School RuneScape?

Limiting ourselves to weapons designed to be within the crush archetype would be unwise when discussing crush-based weapons.

In other words, there are still other weapons in Old School RuneScape that may not be crush weapons but can still be effective due to their standalone bonuses.

Inquisitor’s Mace

Requiring 80 Attack to equip, the Inquisitor’s Mace is one of the most powerful weapons in Old School RuneScape. Coming with a hefty price tag of 220m on the Grand Exchange, it can also be earned as a drop from the Nightmare.

The Inquisitor’s Mace comes with a +95 Crush Attack and +89 Strength bonus, plus a +2 Prayer bonus (one of the few weapons to boost Prayer).

Another key element to the Inquisitor’s Mace is that it is one-handed, meaning it can be paired with a Dragon or Avernic Defender to increase your Attack and Strength even further.

Abyssal Bludgeon

A two-handed crush weapon, the Abyssal Bludgeon is just behind the Inquisitor’s Mace regarding offensive capabilities (since it cannot be used with a Defender).

Selling for around 14m on the Grand Exchange, it can be created by combining its three pieces (Bludgeon Axon, Bludgeon Claw, and Bludgeon Spine) together.

Each part of the Bludgeon is a possible reward that you can get from turning in Unsired pieces at the Font of Consumption. Unsireds are dropped at a 1 in 100 drop rate from the Abyssal Sire.

The Abyssal Bludgeon comes with a +102 Crush Attack and +85 Strength bonus. However, you must have 70 Attack and 70 Strength to use it.

This weapon also has a special attack that deals increased damage based on the number of Prayer Points you are currently missing.

Viggora’s Chainmace

Mostly reserved for fighting monsters in the Wilderness, the Viggora’s Chainmace is one of the best-in-slot weapons for fighting creatures like Revenants and other Wilderness bosses.

Selling for around 4m on the Grand Exchange, the Viggora’s Chainmace requires 60 Attack to equip and comes with a +67 Crush Attack, +66 Strength, and +2 Prayer bonus.

What makes the Viggora’s Chainmace so great in the Wilderness is that it comes with a passive effect. When charged with Revenant Ether, it will give you +50% melee accuracy and damage when fighting creatures in the Wilderness.

Note: the Viggora’s Chainmace’s effect does not apply to other players.

Furthermore, the Viggora’s Chainmace can be combined with the Claws of Callisto with 85 Smithing (or pay Andros Mai in the Ferox Enclace 500k to do it for you) to be turned into the Ursine Chainmace.

This upgraded variant has +71 Crush Attack, +74 Strength, +2 Prayer bonus, and a special attack that attacks with double accuracy and deals a lingering damaging effect.

Dragon Warhammer

More commonly used as a secondary weapon, the Dragon Warhammer is a legendary crush weapon with great stats and a formidable effect when using its special attack.

Requiring 60 Strength to wield, it comes with a +95 Crush Attack and +85 Strength bonus. Since it is one-handed, it can be paired with a Dragon or Avernic Defender to increase its offensive capabilities further.

The Dragon Warhammer’s special attack deals 50% additional damage while draining your target’s Defense level by 30% of the damage dealt. This makes this weapon fantastic against high-level bosses where draining their Defense is essential for efficient kills, such as the Corporeal Beast, Vorkath, General Graardor, and many more.

Since it only requires 60 Strength, a handful of PvP Strength Pures will use the Dragon Warhammer when fighting other players on PvP worlds.

The Dragon Warhammer can be retrieved as a drop from the Lizardman Shamans throughout the western portion of Kourend at a 1 in 5,000 drop rate. Alternatively, it is currently being sold on the Grand Exchange for around 42m.

Regarding gear upgrades for players that do intensive bossing or PvM activities, the Dragon Warhammer is one of the best items to invest in, as it can drastically improve your DPS and PvM experience by utilizing its special attack.

Elder Maul

The strongest Crush weapon in Old School RuneScape, the Elder Maul is an incredibly beefy weapon that can be used in all sorts of scenarios.

Both 75 Attack and Strength are required to wield, and it comes with a +135 Crush Attack and +147 Strength bonus, making it one of the strongest weapons in the entire game.

However, this weapon comes with a drawback. Not only is it two-handed, but it does not have a special attack like many of the other weapons listed.

Yet despite being purely focused on DPS, it can still be used in both PvM and PvP scenarios, allowing you to potentially one-hit opponents with its massive Strength bonus.

The Elder Maul can be received as a rare reward from the Chambers of Xeric raid or purchased on the Grand Exchange for around 34m.

Godswords (Bandos, Armadyl, Zamorak, Saradomin, Zaros)

At first glance, using a sword as a crush weapon may not appear to be a good idea. However, each of the godswords obtained from the God Wars Dungeon can be used as a handy substitute.

While requiring 75 Attack to wield, each of the five godswords has a +80 Crush Attack, +132 Strength, and +8 Prayer bonus. Remember that each of these godswords is two-handed, so you cannot use a defender.

Going more in-depth, the Bandos Godsword has a similar effect to the Dragon Warhammer, where its special attack will drain your target’s combat stats (starting with Defense) based on how much damage you deal.

Considering that the Bandos Godsword is currently selling for around 26m (far cheaper than the former), it can be used in a pinch where you wish to combine a stat-draining ability with a decent offensive Crush bonus.

Verac’s Flail

While one of the most iconic weapons here, the Verac’s Flail is decent on its own. Requiring 70 Attack to wield, it has a +82 Crush Attack, +72 Strength, and +6 Prayer bonus.

However, it truly shines when a player is wearing the full Verac’s Armour Set, allowing them to gain the effect of hitting through Protection Prayers.

Considering its low cost and how it degrades (like all Barrows equipment), the completed Verac’s set is often used in a pinch against bosses like Kalphite Queen, Sarachnis, and other places where hitting through Protection Prayers is essential.

The entire Verac’s set can be bought from the Grand Exchange for around 700k or earned as possible rewards from completing runs of Barrows.

Those are the best crush weapons in OSRS!

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