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Treasure Trails (more commonly called “clue scrolls”) is a side activity in Old School RuneScape where players solve riddles, puzzles, and clues to get a reward chest full of random goodies.

Depending on the tier of clue scroll they get. The reward can range from a couple of fire runes to billions of gp. Treasure Trails should be done as often as possible when available.

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But how does one get a clue scroll, and how can one get the higher-tiered scrolls for the best rewards? In this article, I am going to talk about how you can get clue scrolls in Old School RuneScape!

The most common way to obtain clue scrolls in Old School RuneScape is from impling jars or monster drops. Different tiers of clue scrolls can be obtained from different impling jars.

Master clue scrolls are obtained either from a Reward casket from a lower-tiered clue or by turning in a Beginner, Easy, Medium, Hard, and Elite clue scroll to Watson in Hosidius.

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How to Get Clue Scrolls in OSRS

The two most common ways to get clue scrolls in Old School RuneScape are either through opening Impling Jars or getting them from specific monsters.

Although the former is typically much quicker, it is much more expensive to do so, depending on the clue tier you are going for.

Opening Impling Jars

Implings can be caught and placed in an Impling Jar to be sold on the Grand Exchange. However, they can also be opened for a random reward, including a clue scroll if you are opening specific Impling Jars.

Not every Impling Jars has a clue scroll drop rate, but the ones that do typically reward them at around a 1/25 drop rate.

Clue Scroll TierImpling Jar (Drop Rate)
Beginner Clue ScrollsYoung Impling (1/25), Baby Impling (1/50)
Easy Clue ScrollsGourmet Impling (1/25), Young Impling (1/50), Baby Impling (1/100)
Medium Clue ScrollsEclectic Impling (1/25), Essence Impling (1/50), Earth Impling (1/100)
Hard Clue ScrollsNinja Impling (1/25), Magpie Impling (1/50), Nature Impling (1/100)
Elite Clue ScrollsCrystal Impling (1/50), Dragon Impling (1/50)

Opening Impling Jars are commonly used by players hunting a specific tier of clue, as they don’t have to worry about killing endless monsters or spending a lot of time on other factors.

Medium clue scrolls are often rewarded this way, as the Range boots reward that they offer often makes up for the heavy upfront price to buy all the jars from the Grand Exchange.

Even though Elite clue scrolls can be obtained by Dragon Implings, it is much more worth it to sell them on the Grand Exchange, as they are far more valuable than most rewards you would get from them.

Crystal Implings, on the other hand, cannot be sold on the Grand Exchange, so you do not have to worry about profit loss when opening them.

Clue Scrolls from Monsters & Minigame Rewards

As described, most monsters in Old School RuneScape drop clue scrolls at various drop rates.

The rates can vary between 1/50-1/300 depending on the monster and clue tier.

Because of this, players hunting for clues will either kill one specific monster that has a balance of low stats and decent clue scroll drop rate or resort to the previous method of opening Impling Jars.

Below is a table of the different clue tiers and which monsters are commonly killed to receive them:

Clue Scroll TierCommon Monsters (Drop Rate)
Beginner Clue ScrollsBryophyta (Always), Dark Wizard (1/35-1/50), Ice Giant (1/40), Moss Giant (1/45), Hill Giant (1/50), Goblins (1/64), Mugger (1/80), Al-Kharid Warrior (1/90), Men/Women (1/90)
Easy Clue ScrollsH.A.M. Member (1/50), H.A.M. Guard (1/55), Swamp Crab (1/96), Barbarians (1/128)
Medium Clue ScrollsDark Warrior (1/96), Pyrelord (1/104), Ancient Zygomite (1/128), Cockatrice (1/128), Dagannoth (1/128)
Hard Clue ScrollsSkotizo (Always), Phantom Muspah (1/40), Sarachnis (1/40), Dagannoth Bosses (1/42), Hellhound (1/64), Steel Dragon (1/64), Thermonuclear Smoke Devil (1/96)
Elite Clue ScrollsSkotizo (1/5), Nex (1/48), Phantom Muspah (1/50), Sarachnis (1/60), Vorkath (1/65), Zulrah (1/75), Callisto (1/100)

Clue scrolls can also be received as a reward from various minigames at various levels.

Minigames include Tempoross, the Shades of Morton, the Hallowed Sepulchre, and the Mystery Box from the Quiz Master random event.

Obtaining Master Clue Scrolls

Master clues can only be obtained either from a reward casket from a lower-tiered clue, or from Watson in Hosidius.

When opening a clue scroll casket, Master clues may be rewarded at these drop rates:

  • Easy Casket: 1/50
  • Medium Casket: 1/30
  • Hard Casket: 1/15
  • Elite Casket: 1/5

Alternatively, if you have a Beginner, Easy, Medium, Hard, and Elite clue scroll in your inventory, you can go to Watson near the Forthos Ruins in Hosidius and turn them all in for a single Master clue scroll.

Given the insane rewards you can get from Master clues, as well as the chance to fight the Mimic boss, players often opt to do this instead of completing each of the individual clues.

That is how you can get clue scrolls in Old School RuneScape!

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