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Blast Furnace is a minigame in Old School RuneScape that can offer the best smithing experience in the entire game.

On top of this, high-level players who can smith Runite bars can make nearly 1m gp per hour at Blast Furnace. Because of this, there are players of all levels who eventually find themselves at Blast Furnace at some point in their journey to 99 Smithing.

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Reaching Blast Furnace can be a bit confusing when looking at it on the map, but thankfully there are a couple of shortcuts and routes you can take to make the trip there much easier.

The fastest way for players to reach the Blast Furnace minigame in Old School RuneScape is to use the minigame teleport to get there directly. However, the most common route is using the minecart from the Grand Exchange.

Alternatively, you can travel from Camelot/ Rellekka and walk to the main entrance on the west side of the mountains or teleport near the main entrance using Fairy Ring code DKS.

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How to Get to Blast Furnace in OSRS

There are several ways to reach the Blast Furnace minigame, but there are a few things that you will need to do first before getting there.

The minigame takes place in the city of Keldagrim, which requires players to have at least partial completion of “The Giant Dwarf” quest to reach.

Once you start the quest and visit Keldagrim at least once, you will then be granted access to the Minecart system that is often used to travel here.

Method 1: Using the Minigame/Grouping Teleport

Most of the minigames in Old School RuneScape will have a teleport available for all players. However, it will have a 30-minute cooldown between uses.

You can access this teleport by clicking on the Social tab in your HUD, clicking the Grouping section, and selecting Blast Furnace from the list of minigames.

From here, there will be an option available for you to teleport directly there.

You will still be required to have visited Keldagrim at least once before using this teleport option.

Method 2: Traveling via the Keldagrim Minecart System

Often, OSRS players travel to Keldagrim using their Minecart system.

The closest entrance to the minecart system is the one located on the northwest wall of the Grand Exchange.

Once here, you can travel to Keldagrim and run immediately north to reach the building to Blast Furnace.

This route is common for players that are commonly bank-standing at the Grand Exchange and want to reach here as fast as possible without wasting their minigame teleport.

Method 3: Entering Through Keldagrim’s Main Entrance

For those that want to take the scenic route in Old School RuneScape, players can teleport to either Camelot/Seer’s Village or Rellekka with a teleport tab, a Player Owned House portal, or using the Fremennik boots.

From here, you can walk to the entrance north of the Mountain Camp.

This is a significantly much longer route, with the main benefit being a player can walk from Rellekka through Keldagrim and reach the Grand Exchange on foot in about 5 minutes.

Other than using teleport tabs or walking from the nearby towns, players who have partially completed the “Fairytale II – Cure a Queen” quest can utilize Fairy Rings to reach Keldagrim’s entrance much quicker than others.

Fairy Ring Code DKS will take a player nearly 20 tiles away from the cave, allowing players to quickly access Keldagrim from anywhere in the world without having to take their Minecart system.

Entering the Building to Blast Furnace

As silly as it seems, finding the entrance to the Blast Furnace minigame has its own struggles.

The building that hosts it is in the far east portion of Keldagrim, where you need to go through 3 doors and walk down the stairs.

That is how you can get to the Blast Furnace minigame in Old School RuneScape!

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