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When the Great Kingdom of Kourend was introduced into the game, it came with a massive landscape that is divided between five different cities.

Although players can initially travel here by talking to Veos in Port Sarim, they may want to seek alternative means of transportation here. The Xeric’s Talisman is the ultimate solution, as it gives the player the capability to teleport to five different locations around Kourend.

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But how can a player get a Xeric’s Talisman and charge it so they can use it to teleport? In this guide, I am going to explain how you can get a charged Xeric’s Talisman in Old School RuneScape!

To get a charged Xeric’s Talisman in OSRS, you first need to obtain the talisman from either Lizardman at a 1/250 drop rate or from the Stone Chests in the Lizardman Temple for a 1/300 loot rate. Then, you can use Lizardman fangs on the talisman to make it charged, allowing you to access its teleportation functions.

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How to Get Xeric’s Talisman in Old School RuneScape

Before you try to get a Xeric’s Talisman, you should know that you need to have visited Kourend at least once. Granted, you will be forced to visit the kingdom regardless since you can only get them from that location.

There are two parts to a Xeric’s Talisman: the talisman itself and the lizardman fang’s that are used to charge it. The latter can either be bought from the Grand Exchange or obtained from various monsters around Kourend.

The Xeric’s Talisman is an untradeable drop that can only be obtained from two different sources in Kourend.

Before grabbing your Xeric’s Talisman, consider reading our guide on other methods to reach Kourend that don’t involve a charged Xeric’s Talisman!

Killing Lizardman

The various Lizardman found in the Shayzien portion of Kourend as well as the Battlefront, all drop Xeric’s Talisman (inert)s, which are the uncharged version of the talisman.

There are three different types of Lizardman, but they all share the same drop rate of 1/250 (or 1/125 if you completed the Easy Tier Kourend & Kebos Achievement Diary).

Types of Lizardman:

  • Lizardman (Level-53 & Level-62)
  • Lizardman Brute (Level-75)
  • Lizardman Shaman (Level-150)

The quickest way to get a Xeric’s Talisman is to go to the Lizardman Canyon with Ranged-combat gear, although this requires having at least 5% Shayzien favour.

The best way to reach here is to use Fairy Rings, with code DJR taking you right next to it.

The Lizardman themself all have a poison attack, so it is best to stock up on antipoison potions and prayer potions to keep Protect from Melee active while you kill them.

Bringing a Ranged-combat style will allow you to kill them quickly; you won’t have to run around between kills.

It won’t be long before you see a Xeric’s Talisman (inert) on the ground for you to grab. Then just use the Lizardman Fangs you collected on the talisman to charge it!

Looting Stone Chests

For OSRS players that try to avoid combat, you are able to steal from the Stone Chests in the Lizardman Temple for a 1/300 chance at getting an uncharged Xeric’s Talisman. However, this requires 64 Thieving to be able to do so.

To reach the Lizardman Temple, you can teleport to the Farming Guild (skills’ necklace), use Fairy Ring code CIR to teleport nearby, or simply travel here on foot.

The Lizardman Temple resides at the base of Mount Quidamortem, with the entrance in the swamp portion.

Once you enter the temple, you can find the three Stone Chests in a room on the northwest side. Thankfully, you do not need to traverse through any mystical barriers that hold Lizardman Shamans to reach the chests.

The Stone Chests do not need a Lockpick to open, just 64 Thieving. Along the way, you will collect multiple different bolt tips, gems, seeds, lizardman fangs, and of course a Xeric’s Talisman (inert).

That is how you can get a Xeric’s Talisman in Old School RuneScape!

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