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Since the release of Great Kourend in 2016, players have relied on this kingdom for its excellent skilling locations, dungeons, bosses, and even the introduction of the first raid: the Chambers of Xeric.

With the kingdom itself jam-packed full of content, players are constantly asking what the best way to travel here is.

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You can reach the Kingdom of Great Kourend in OSRS by traveling from Port Sarim, using Fairy Rings, teleporting with a Xeric’s talisman, Games Necklace, Skilling Necklace, or the Kharedst’s memoirs, using a Rada’s blessing, and using the Arceuus spellbook home teleport.

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Getting to Great Kourend in Old School RuneScape

You can reach the Kingdom of Great Kourend through a vast majority of ways, from going on foot to teleporting there.

Here is a complete overview of the different ways to get there:

You can find more details on each method below.

Traveling from Port Sarim

Players can travel for free from Port Sarim by talking to Veos. You will have the options of going to Port Piscarilius or Land’s End.

If you have completed the X Marks the Spot quest or quests within the Great Kourend series, you should be familiar with him.

Utilizing Fairy Rings

If you have at least partially completed the “Fairytale II – Cure a Queen” quest and have access to fairy rings, you can use them to teleport to Great Kourend.

There are three fairy rings available:

  • North of Arceuus – Fairy Code CIS
  • South of Mount Karuulm – Fairy Code CIR
  • South of Mount Quidamortem – Fairy Code BLS

Teleporting with a Xeric’s Talisman

Players killing lizardman may have receive a Xeric’s talisman as a drop. This talisman can be charged with Lizardman fangs to give it teleportation functionality.

Once charged, you can use it to teleport to five locations:

  • Shayzien (Xeric’s Lookout)
  • Hosidius (Xeric’s Glade)
  • Lovakengj (Xeric’s Inferno)
  • Kourend Castle (Xeric’s Heart)
  • Chambers of Xeric (Xeric’s Honour after using an Ancient tablet on the talisman)

Using a Games Necklace

Players can use a Games necklace to teleport to Wintertodt north of Arceuus.

There are no requirements, making this option available for anyone in OSRS.

Using a Skills Necklace

Using a Skills necklace, players can teleport outside the Woodcutting guild in Hosidius.

Despite the Woodcutting Guild requiring 60 Woodcutting and 75% Hosidius favour to access, the teleport brings you outside its gate, so you don’t have to worry about those requirements.

Kharedst’s Memoirs

After completing the “Client of Kourend” quest, players are rewarded with Kharedst’s memoirs.

This item lets you teleport to five different locations in Great Kourend. However, you will be unable to use mentioned teleports without completing their associated quests in the Great Kourend quest series.

  • Lunch by the Lancalliums – “The Depths of Despair” – Hosidius
  • The Fisher’s Flute – “The Queen of Thieves” – Piscarilius
  • History and Hearsay – “Tale of the Righteous” – Shayzien
  • Jewellery of Jubilation – “The Forsaken Tower” – Lovakengj
  • A Dark Disposition – “The Ascent of Arceuus” – Arceuus

The Kharedst’s memoirs book also needs to be charged at a memorial in Land’s End with 1 Law, Body, Mind, and Soul rune.

Rada’s Blessing

Players who have completed tiers of the Kourend & Kebos Achievement Diary will be rewarded with a Rada’s blessing, which gives you two more teleport options for reaching Kourend.

Achievement Diaries in OSRS consists of a list of tasks for you to complete for rewards specific to the associated region of the game.

There are four tiers of the Rada’s blessing, teleporting you to these locations:

  • Rada’s blessing 1 – 3 Daily Teleports to Kourend Woodland
  • Rada’s blessing 2 – 5 Daily Teleports to Kourend Woodland
  • Rada’s blessing 3 – Unlimited Teleports to Kourend Woodland & 3 Daily Teleports to Mount Karuulm
  • Rada’s Blessing 4 – Unlimited Teleports to Kourend Woodland & Mount Karuulm

Teleport with the Arceuus Spellbook

If you are using the Arceuus spellbook, you are able to cast the Arceuus Home Teleport spell, which takes you straight to Arceuus on Kourend.

There is also the Arceuus Library Teleport spell at Lvl 6, and the Battlefront Teleport spell at Lvl 23, which can be used as a faster teleport option to their respective locations on Kourend.

You can find more information in our guide on how to change spellbooks in OSRS!

That is how you can reach the Kingdom of Great Kourend in Old School RuneScape!

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