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High Alching in Old School RuneScape is one of the easiest ways for players, specifically Ironman accounts, to make quick gp. The High Level Alchemy spell gives you 60% of an item’s value in gp while also giving you 65 Magic exp in the process.

But with so many items on the market, it can be tricky to decide which items to invest in and which ones to steer clear of.

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Here, I’m going to detail which items you should high alch, as well as the reasoning behind why someone would high alch their items in OSRS.

If you’re looking for a general answer, it depends on what your purpose is. If you want to high alch in Old School RuneScape for gp, you should go for Rune items or a few low-level armour items. For those who want to do low-effort Magic training, you should high alch stacks of strung/unstrung bows. And for Ironman accounts, any duplicate items or slayer drops you will have free range to high alch.

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What is “High Alching”?

High alching is the process of repeatedly casting the “High Level Alchemy” spell on stacks of items for gp.

The spell requires 5 Fire runes and 1 Nature rune to cast, so most people just wield a Staff of Fire to save on the cost of Fire runes and an extra inventory space.

High Alching requires 55 Magic and provides a low-effort way for players to train their Magic level early on at a chance of making gp in the process.

There are various items in Old School RuneScape that are consistently sold on the Grand Exchange for a lower value than their High Alch return, thus players are constantly trying to buy stacks of said items to make an easy profit.

Of course, Ironman accounts cannot buy items from the Grand Exchange, but high alching still serves another purpose in that community.

Keep in mind that whenever you are high alching, you need to account for the cost of the Nature rune (and fire runes if you are using them) per cast to ensure you are actually making a profit.

Which Items Should You High Alch in Old School RuneScape?

The rule of thumb for high alching is any item that has a high alch value higher than its Grand Exchange price.

However, exceptions can be made with common Slayers drops, Ironman accounts, and if you just want a stack of a certain item for low-effort Magic training.

Disclaimer: The prices shown below are the current prices at the time this article was written (11th of September, 2023), as well as the price of a Nature rune being 86gp.

Low-Effort Magic Training (Cheap Items to Break Even on Profit)

For easy Magic experience, bows are usually the way to go.

Players can buy thousands of them at a time at the Grand Exchange thanks to its low cost while still being able to break even while casting High Alch.

Here are a list of bows, as well as general prices you can expect from them:

ItemG.E. ValueHigh Alch ValuePrice Difference
Maple longbow281 gp384 gp103 gp
Maple longbow (u)84 gp192 gp108 gp
Yew longbow577 gp768 gp191gp
Yew longbow (u)375 gp384 gp8 gp
Magic longbow1304 gp1536 gp232 gp
Magic longbow (u)1076 gp768 gp-308 gp
Maple shortbow198 gp240 gp42 gp
Maple shortbow (u)86 gp120 gp34 gp
Yew shortbow385 gp480 gp95 gp
Yew shortbow (u)201 gp240 gp39 gp
Magic shortbow844 gp960 gp116 gp
Magic shortbow (u)745 gp480 gp-265 gp

Again, this does not take into account the cost of a Nature rune per cast, so be sure to look up current prices to make sure the price difference between an item’s G.E. value and High Alch value is enough to cover the cost.

Bows are still the most common type of item that people high alch, purely because of how many they are able to buy in a single day at lower prices than most other items.

High Alching for Moderate Profit/Ironman Accounts

Ironman accounts are a different story to the world of high alching. In Old School RuneScape, ironman accounts are unable to trade with other players, whether it be through one-on-one trades, the Grand Exchange, or any other avenue.

This means that they have no reason to fear market prices and are able to high alch any items they come across naturally since this is their main source of income.

That being said, regular OSRS players can still benefit from high alching these items.

Rune items (specifically Rune armour and weapon sets), are common drops from Slayer tasks that all accounts receive.

They also have good profit margins for OSRS players who want to high alch.

Aside from Rune items, there are other drops that can make good high alch profit as well.

ItemG.E. ValueHigh Alch ValuePrice Difference
Rune platebody38,530 gp39,000 gp470 gp
Rune platelegs37,887 gp38,400 gp513 gp
Rune plateskirt37,887 gp38,400 gp513 gp
Rune chainbody29,557 gp30,000 gp443 gp
Rune kiteshield31,541 gp32,640 gp1099 gp
Rune sq shield22,721 gp23,040 gp319 gp
Rune full helm20,572 gp21,120 gp548 gp
Adamant platebody9,407 gp9,984 gp577 gp
Green d’hide body4,185 gp4,680 gp495 gp
Black d’hide body6,905 gp8,088 gp1183 gp
Dragon plateskirt160,071 gp162,000 gp1929 gp
Dragon platelegs161,005 gp162,000 gp995 gp

This list of items is handy because all OSRS players across all levels will come across them doing casual PvM content.

High Alching Items Purely for Profit

There are certain items in OSRS where the high alch value is so far ahead of its standard price that people buy them just to high alch for profit.

The problem is this will require a lot of upfront gp, as the items in question normally go for hundreds of thousands and sometimes millions of gp at a time.

But if you’re desperate for gp and you have a few million gp lying around, here are some items you can purchase:

ItemG.E. ValueHigh Alch ValuePrice Difference
Blessed spirit shield715,100 gp720,000 gp4,900 gp
Guthan’s platebody 0166,799 gp168,000 gp1,201 gp
Verac’s brassard 0166,675 gp168,000 gp1,325 gp
Verac’s plateskirt 0163,784 gp165,000 gp1,216 gp

As you can see, some of these items can profit you in the thousands if you’re able to get a stack of them, but their high values make it pretty unrealistic to get whole stacks of them to do so.

These items are also prone to major price changes, as some of them are used in high-level bossing. Thus, market prices tend to fluctuate whenever new PvM content is released into the game.

I hope you learned something when reading this guide and hopefully considered high alching some of the spare items you have in your bank!

High alching can appear daunting at first, but once you get a pulse on which items work for you, you’ll be getting easy Magic experience and profit in no time!

These are the items you should high alch in Old School RuneScape!

Have any input or suggestions for this guide? Let us know in the comment section below.


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