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Getting a fire cape is one of the greatest achievements an Old School RuneScape player can achieve. It shows true dedication and skill to other players.

Ever since the fire cape has been released, it’s been every player’s dream item. From its animated design to its combat benefits, there’s nothing not to love about the fire cape.

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This guide explains the benefits of having a fire cape, the minimum requirements to complete the TzHaar Fight Cave, how to get through all the 63 waves, and how to defeat TzTok-Jad himself.

You can obtain the fire cape in OSRS by going inside the volcano located between Brimhaven and Karamja. Then heading inside the TzHaar Fight Cave, completing all the 62 waves of monsters and defeating TzTok-Jad.

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How to Obtain The Fire Cape in Old School RuneScape

You get the fire cape in Old School RuneScape by defeating the Jad boss located in the TzHaar Fight Cave. When you complete the cave, you receive the fire cape as a reward.

The fire cape gives you a +1 attack bonus for:

  • Stab Weapons
  • Slash (attack action)
  • Crush (attack action)
  • Magic
  • Ranged

The fire cape also gives you a +11 defense bonus for all the previously listed items, a +4 in strength, and a +2 in prayer.

In order to obtain the fire cape, players must endure all the waves in the TzHaar Fight Cave and defeat TzTok-Jad.

But before we can move on to how to actually obtain the fire cape, we must first go through some prerequisites.

Minimum Requirements

The minimum requirements for defeating Jad are slightly subjective.

If you go around asking players with fire capes what are the minimum requirements to obtain the item, they’ll each give you a different answer.

That being said, here is our personal opinion of the minimum requirements you need to defeat Jad.

The minimum required levels are as follows:

  • 61 ranged
  • 40 defense
  • 60 hit points
  • 43 prayer
  • 40 agility

With 61 ranged, you’ll be able to wield a rune crossbow. Many players have defeated Jad with the rune crossbow, so it’s definitely doable.

Alongside the rune crossbow, you should also wear a red dragon outfit, a snakeskin bandana, and snakeskin boots. Ava’s accumulator (can be obtained by completing the Animal Magnetism quest) for the ranged bonus.

An amulet of glory, diamond bolts for the rune crossbow, and an unholy book (which can be obtained by completing the Horror from the Deep quest) for the attack bonuses.

Defeating Jad with those minimum requirements has been done countless times before, but many players have definitely struggled during the monster waves.

Suggested Requirements

If you want to have a smoother run, then here are some suggested requirements:

  • 75 ranged
  • 50 defense
  • 70 hit points
  • 50+ prayer
  • 50 agility

With 75 ranged, you’ll be able to wield a toxic blowpipe, a weapon that is commonly used to defeat Jad.

Alongside the toxic blowpipe, you should also wear a black dragon hide outfit with an archer helmet and ranger boots. Ava’s accumulator. An unholy blessing for the prayer bonus. And an archers ring.

What You Should Have in Your Inventory

For your inventory, you should have two ranging potions. Nine saradomin brews for the extra hit points, at least three super restore potions, and the rest of the inventory space should be filled with either extra prayer potions or super restore positions.

What you have in your inventory is really up to you. If you find yourself dying due to not having enough prayer, then make sure to bring extra prayer potions.

Otherwise, if you find yourself dying more due to not having enough hit points, then make sure to bring extra super restore potions.

Getting to The TzHaar Fight Cave

To get to the TzHaar Fight Cave, head inside the volcano that is located between Brimhaven and Karamja.

Once you’re inside the volcano, head inside the entrance of Mor Ul Rek. In Mor Ul Rek, head east until you reach the bank.

Safe Spots

Before we begin, I’d like to set in some terminology to make this guide a little more readable.

You’ll be fighting eight different monsters during the fighting waves. The monsters and their attack type are as follows:

  • Tz-Kih – Melee
  • Tz-Kek – Melee
  • Tz-Kek (orange) – Melee
  • Tok-Xil – Ranged, Melee
  • Yt-MejKot – Melee
  • Ket-Zek – Magic, Melee
  • TzTok-Jad (Jad) – Magic, Ranged, Melee
  • Yt-HurKot (Jad’s healers) – Melee

From now on, with each wave, I’ll be naming the monsters by their attack type rather than their names.

Below you’ll find an image of the TzHaar Fighting Cave, including all the safe spots and the spawn points.

The yellow-circled rocks are well-known safe spots, while the green circles are the locations where monsters spawn. It is recommended that you be familiar with all the safe spots and spawn points before you enter the arena.

Melee monsters only attack you if they get close enough to you, making the rocks a decent way to safe spot larger melees.

The most common way to safe spot larger melee monsters is by getting them get stuck on the western skeleton located at the Italy rock.

Melee monsters can also be safe spotted by going behind other monsters. Since their hitbox will be colliding with the other monster, they won’t be able to get to you.

Ranged and magic monsters only attack you if you’re in their line of sight. A common method to safe spotting ranged, and magic monsters is by hiding behind any of the rocks.

Once you’re ready to fight Jad, enter the TzHaar Fight Cave and head to the center of the arena.

Fighting The Waves

The first monsters you’ll encounter are the melee bats (Tz-Kih). They’re too small to effectively safe spot, so you’re going to have to kill them as fast as possible.

Each time they hit you, they take one prayer point away from you. A common way to prevent prayer drain is by using a hit-and-run tactic.

How the wave system works in the arena is that whenever there’s a double monster wave (meaning that two of the same monsters spawn), then that’s the last wave before a new monster is introduced into the mix.

After the melee bats, the melee blobs will start spawning (Tz-Kek). These melee blobs act just as any other blob in any game. Meaning that upon dying, two smaller melees will spawn.

The melee blobs are big enough to safe spot, so make sure to find the perfect place around the rock that will interfere with their collision box.

On wave 4, both the blob and bat will spawn. It is recommended to always kill the bats first before they can drain your prayer.

After the melee blobs, our first ranged will start spawning (Tok-Xil). As soon as these ranged will spawn, you’re going to want to start activating the “Protect from Missiles” prayer to soften the blow from their missiles.

On wave 15, another melee is going to start spawning (Yt-MejKot). Don’t let their high-level fool you. Due to their size, they’re pretty easy to safe spot. You can use the Italy or the Dragon rocks to block them.

On wave 22, both the melee and ranged will spawn. You can run behind the ranged to block the melee, kill the ranged, then run to any of the safe spots and kill the melee.

On wave 30, after you kill the last melee, imminently activate the “Protect from Magic” prayer for the next monster.

On wave 31, our first mage is going to start spawning (Ket-Zek). If you don’t activate the “Protect from Magic” prayer before they spawn, then you’re going to take a great deal of damage.

Depending on your hit points, they may even one shot kill you if you don’t activate the prayer.

On wave 38, both the mage and the range will spawn. It is advised to defeat the ranged first unless you’ve successfully safe-spotted the mage.

On wave 46, both the mage and the melee will spawn. Your first option would be to safe spot the mage by running behind a rock so he wouldn’t be able to attack you and killing the melee from there.

The second option would be to run around the mage to safe spot the melee and kill the mage first.

Wave 53 is when things are going to get tougher. Here is where the mage, range, and the melee will spawn.

If you maneuver around all three of the monsters, you’ll be able to safe spot the mage behind the Italy rock and safe spot the melee behind the ranger.

Once you kill the ranger, the safe spot for the melee will be broken. Kill the melee then kill the mage.

Another way to defeat all three of the monsters is to safe spot the melee with the ranger. Kill the ranger, then safe spot the melee with mage, and then you can kill the mage and safe spot the melee with the Italy rock.

As you’ll notice, from here on out, things are going to get much more complicated. Don’t forget that you’ll need to always call the “Protect from Magic” prayer before the mage spawns to not take any significant damage.

On wave 60, the mage, melee, and double rangers are going to spawn. It is recommended to kill the rangers first.

On wave 61, the mage will spawn alongside a double melee. You can safe spot both the melees by running around the mage.

Wave 62 is very important because it’s the final wave before Jad. Both of the mages are going to spawn. Take note of where the orange mage is located because that’s where Jad is going to spawn.

Before killing the last mage, make sure to restore your hit points and prayer. Once you kill the last mage, start with the “Protect from Ranged” prayer activated, and be ready to switch protection prayers in a timely manner.

Fighting TzTok-Jad

On the final wave (63), Jad is going to spawn. Here is where things are going to go, either very smoothly or very badly. It is very important for you to understand Jad’s attack pattern if you want to survive.

His attack pattern is as follows:

  • If Jad stomps his feet, then it’s a ranged attack. Make sure to enable the “Protect from Ranged” prayer.
  • If Jad growls, rears up, and dangles his forelegs, then it’s a magic attack. Make sure to enable the “Protect from Missiles” prayer.

Prayers switches must occur between Jad’s footwork animations. If you switch the prayer while the projectile has already been unleashed, then it’s too late, even if the projectile still hasn’t hit you yet.

When Jad is at half health, four melee healers are going to spawn (Yt-HurKot). These healers will deal quite a lot of damage to you if you don’t figure out how to deal with them.

If the healers heal Jad to full health, and you kill them. They will respawn again once Jad is at half-health. So you want to dispose of them as quickly as possible.

The most effective way to deal with these healers is by tagging all of them (shooting one arrow at each one of them). This will make them focus on you and not Jad. Now that they’re all focused on you, run around Jad.

This will safe spot the healers, resulting in them still focusing on you while at the same time, they won’t be able to hit you.

From this point forward, you can focus on killing Jad without those pesky healers. Just don’t forget to pay attention to Jad’s attack and use the appropriate prayer corresponding to the attack.

You’ll be teleported outside of the TzHaar Fight Cave once Jad is defeated. After that, a non-player character will talk to you and give you your first fire cape!

That’s how you can obtain a fire cape in Old School RuneScape!

Have any input or requests for future guides? Let us know in the comment section below.

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