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In Old School RuneScape, it is essential that every player knows how to buy and sell items. Whether it’s selling items to other players or non-player characters (NPCs), trading with other entities is the key to getting gold in OSRS.

This guide goes over how to sell your items in Old School RuneScape and which places are best to sell your items.

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You can sell items in OSRS by talking to the Exchange Clerks located at the Grand Exchange. You can also sell your items by trading with various different non-player characters located all throughout the RuneScape world. Some non-player characters will buy your items at a low-level alchemy price, while others will buy your items at a high-level alchemy price.

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Where You Can Sell Items in OSRS

Every Old School RuneScape player needs gold in some way or another.

Without gold, nobody would be able to really progress in the game. Just think about it, want to train your mining? Well, a rune pickaxe costs 18,500 gold.

Understanding where to sell items is one thing, but also understanding the benefit of selling your item at a certain location could come in handy. Especially if you’re doing a hardcore iron man run.

Grand Exchange

The grand exchange is a trading system for players to purchase and sell tradeable items.

Without the Grand Exchange, players would have to default to advertise what they’re selling to other players, which may take some time.

The Grand Exchange is located northwest of Varrock and east of Edgeville.

Depending on which world you’re on, you’ll quickly notice a vast amount of players around the area the Grand Exchange is located.

Many players just hang around the Grand Exchange, but some players might also be advertising items that they’re looking to sell.

Depending on your account’s age, you might not be able to sell stuff on the Grand Exchange. Players must have at least 10 quest points, have a total skill level of 100, and have spent 20 hours in-game before they can sell items on the Grand Exchange.

Once you’re at the Grand Exchange, right-click on the Exchange Clerk and select the “Exchange” option. This will open up the exchange interface where you’ll be able to either buy or sell items.

Make sure that you have the items in your inventory first before you sell them since the Exchange Clerk can’t access your bank.

Once you’re in the exchange interface, select which item you want to sell. Upon doing so, you’ll see your item, the quantity of the item, and the price per item. You’ll be able to modify the quantity and the price.

Once you’re ready to sell the item, click on “Confirm”, and the item will be put up for sale for other players to buy.

Trading With NPCs

Whether you’re in the wilderness, the underground, or in the nearby kingdom, chances are you’ll find some NPC that you can trade with.

You can find a tradeable NPC pretty much anywhere in Old School RuneScape.

Most NPCs offer you a “low-level alchemy” price, meaning that the buying price will most likely be much lower than their value. Low-level alchemy price got its name after a spell you unlock with 21 magic that turns your items into coins.

To sell an item to an NPC, simply just right-click on them and select the “Trade” option. This will open up their shop interface, where you’ll be able to buy what the NPC is selling or sell your items.

Right-click on the item you would like to sell and select the “Value” option. This will give you the price of your item that the NPC will buy for. If you’re still interested in selling the item, right-click on the item again and select the “Sell” option.

Bandit Duty Free Shop

If you want to get a higher value for your items when you’re trading with NPCs and don’t mind the risk, then the Bandit Duty Free shop is for you.

Located at the Bandit Camp in the wilderness, the Bandit Duty Free shop will buy your items at a “high-level alchemy” price, meaning that the buying price will most likely be higher than their value.

Just like low-level alchemy, high-level alchemy price got its name after a spell you unlock with 55 magic.

Once you talk to the Bandit Duty Free shop owner, you can trade with him with just like any other NPC in the game. But beware, the Bandit Duty Free shop is located in the wilderness, and he buys some items at a higher price than the Grand Exchange offers.

With this information, player killers (pkers) frequent the area quite a lot, resulting in a lot of players getting killed and losing their items.

If you are going to be selling stuff at the Bandit Duty Free shop, don’t sell all your items at once. The more items you sell, the lower the value you’ll get for your items.

The best strategy to keep the item value high is by selling five items, hoping into a different world, and repeating the process until you sell all of your items.

That’s where you can sell items in Old School RuneScape!

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