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Tempoross is the Fishing-based skilling boss where players work together to take down a monstrous storm.

Similar to Wintertodt, Tempoross is a fantastic skilling boss who provides a healthy balance between experience rates and rewards.

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At first glance, getting to Tempoross is a bit confusing, as it is located off the coast of the Kharidian Desert. Thankfully, there are a few ways that you can quickly get there so you can continue on your Fishing journey.

The quickest way to reach Tempoross in OSRS is to take the boat south of the Al-Kharid Bank to go straight to the Ruins of Unkah. There are other ways to reach Tempoross as well, covered below.

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How to Get to Tempoross in OSRS

As mentioned, Tempoross is the Fishing boss that is fought by the Spirit Anglers off the coast of the Kharidian Desert. Based in the Ruins of Unkah, it is remote from any major city and requires a bit of traveling to get to.

Regardless, Tempoross can be reached through certain means of teleportation and a bit of traveling.

Al Kharid Boat (Quickest Route)

Just south of the bank in Al Kharid is a boat that will take you straight to the Ruins of Unkah without having to run through the desert.

There are a couple of ways to reach Al Kharid, with an Amulet of Glory teleporting you directly to Al Kharid Castle.

Once you reach the boat, you can talk to Ferryman Sathwood, who will take you straight to the Spirit Angler camp.

Using a Camulet Teleport

You can get a Camulet after completing the “Enakhra’s Lament” quest, which not only lets you talk to Camels, but lets you teleport to the Enakhra’s Temple/ Bandit Camp Quarry.

A Camulet can hold up to four charges. However, it can be given unlimited teleport charges by paying Lazim at the Enakhra’s Temple entrance 1m gp.

While you still need to partially run through the Kharidian Desert, you can run south from the Enkhra’s Temple to reach the Ruins of Unkah.

Using a Pharaoh’s Sceptre Teleport

Although a bit on the expensive side, the Pharaoh’s Sceptre has the option to teleport you to the Pyramid from the “Desert Treasure” quest.

After teleporting to the Pyramid, you can exit out the back and run southwest to the Runs of Unkah.

Although it is a bit farther than the other teleport options, it can be used as a last resort to reach Tempoross.

That is how to get to Tempoross in Old School RuneScape!

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