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Whether it’s skilling grinds, speed-running quests, or just trying to be as efficient as possible, the Graceful outfit in Old School RuneScape is the best outfit for quickly completing tasks.

Adding a stacked regeneration bonus to your run energy while reducing your weight, the Graceful outfit has become a staple to what has been dubbed an “efficiency scape” to the OSRS community.

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While the outfit itself is simple, it has so many applications across the dozens of other skills in Old School RuneScape that it is one of the first untradable items players try to unlock.

You can buy Graceful equipment in OSRS from Grace in the Rogues’ Den for a certain amount of Marks of Grace. Marks of Grace are achieved by training the Agility skill, with them randomly appearing on rooftop courses.

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Where to Buy Graceful Equipment in OSRS

Graceful equipment (otherwise known as the Graceful outfit) can be bought from Grace in the Rogues’ Den.

You can reach the Rogue’s Den using a Games Necklace teleport to the Burthrope Game Room, then go to the nearby tavern and down the trapdoor behind the bar.

You can also use a Combat Bracelet to teleport outside the Warrior’s Guild and head to the same tavern beside it.

Here, you will enter the Rogues’ Den, which is also home to the Rogues’ Den minigame, the permanent fire often used for training Cooking, and Grace in the back corner, who sells Graceful equipment.

However, Graceful equipment cannot be bought with regular gp.

Instead, she will only accept different amounts of Marks of Grace depending on which set piece you want.

  • Graceful Hood – 35 Marks of Grace
  • Graceful Cape – 40 Marks of Grace
  • Graceful Top – 55 Marks of Grace
  • Graceful Legs – 60 Marks of Grace
  • Graceful Gloves – 30 Marks of Grace
  • Graceful Boots – 40 Marks of Grace

Grace also sells Amylase packs for 10 Marks of Grace, which are used to create Stamina Potions.

Marks of Grace are randomly found on rooftops as you train on the various rooftop agility courses.

There are nine rooftop courses in the game, one in almost every major city, so be sure to train using the best one you can for the highest rate they spawn.

  • Draynor – 10 Agility
  • Al Kharid – 20 Agility
  • Varrock – 30 Agility
  • Canifis – 40 Agility
  • Falador – 50 Agility
  • Seers’ Village – 60 Agility
  • Pollnivneach – 70 Agility
  • Rellekka – 80 Agility
  • Ardougne – 90 Agility

That is where to buy graceful equipment in Old School RuneScape!

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