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Magic is arguably the most useful and versatile skill in all of Old School RuneScape.

OSRS players are constantly searching for the most efficient ways to train their Magic level, using methods that vary from intense to completely AFK.

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Splashing is a relaxing method that allows players to gain casual experience without needing to pay much attention. In this guide, I’m going to run you through the basics of splashing and talk about experience rates.

To splash properly in Old School RuneScape, the key is to have a -64 Magic attack bonus or lower while attacking a low-level monster. Your negative Magic attack bonus will prevent the spell from doing damage, while the monster won’t be able to damage you back, allowing you to repeat this cycle over and over.

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How to Splash in OSRS

Splashing can be accomplished by equipping armour that gives a negative 64 Magic attack bonus or lower while casting standard combat spells against a low-level monster.

This way, your attack bonus is so low that it “splashes”, not doing any damage while you still get the experience.

You are also wearing strong enough armour against a monster that won’t be able to damage you back. Thus you are able to do AFK magic training.

Equipment Setup

The goal of splashing is to be able to cast spells without the spell actually hitting, thus “splashing” while still giving you the experience.

The rule of thumb for splashing is that your Magic attack bonus is -64 and lower.

In the picture above, I am demonstrating how a full set of Iron armour (kiteshield included), as well as Green d’hide vambraces give more than enough of a negative attack bonus to force me to splash, even while using a Staff of Air.

Keep in mind that depending on which staff you use for splashing, it will give you added bonus to Magic attack, so be sure to compensate with armour that gives a negative bonus.

Choosing a Spell for Splashing

Due to the dozens of spells in OSRS, the spell you choose is entirely based on how much gp you want to spend.

Normally, people who want to do splashing will choose one of the low-level combat spells in the regular spellbook.

The strike spells are the go-to ones for splashing, especially for those not wanting to spend a bunch of gp while still giving a moderate amount of Magic exp.

More importantly: since it’s a combat spell that can be auto-casted, you can leave your account alone splashing for up to 6 hours!

Strike Spell Costs & Experience Rates:

  • Wind Strike (Lvl-1): 2.4k gp and 6.6k exp per hour
  • Water Strike (Lvl-5): 7.2k gp and 9k exp per hour
  • Earth Strike (Lvl-9): 7.2k gp and 11.4k exp per hour
  • Fire Strike (Lvl-13): 12k gp and 13.8k exp per hour

Bolt Spell Costs & Experience Rates:

  • Wind Bolt (Lvl-17): 50k gp and 20.2k exp per hour
  • Water Bolt (Lvl-23) 61k gp and 19.8k exp per hour
  • Earth Bolt (Lvl-29): 61k gp and 23.4k exp per hour
  • Fire Bolt (Lvl-35): 66k gp and 27k exp per hour

Blast Spell Costs & Experience Rates:

  • Wind Blast (Lvl-41): 108k gp and 30.6k exp per hour
  • Water Blast (Lvl-47): 123k gp and 34.2k exp per hour
  • Earth Blast (Lvl-53): 123k gp and 37.8k exp per hour
  • Fire Blast (Lvl-59): 128k gp and 41.4k exp per hour

Beyond strike spells, the costs for Chaos and Death runes for Bolt and Blast spells go up exponentially, reaching upwards of 120k gp per hour.

So, your best bet would be to try alternative Magic methods or continue splashing with Strike spells unless you really want to get extra Magic exp from doing as little as possible.

Locations & Monsters to Splash

There are dozens, probably hundreds of places in Old School RuneScape for you to splash at, along with hundreds of monsters that you can choose from.

The key here is choosing a monster that is low-level enough to not be able to hit through your defensive stats but is still able to remain aggressive on you.

This will prevent your account from automatically logging out after five minutes.

A few locations and monsters include:

  • Lumbridge Castle – Rats (Level-1), Spiders (Level-1)
  • Varrock Castle – Monk of Zamorak (Level-17)
  • Edgeville – Men (Level-2), Guards (Level-21)
  • Lumbridge Swamp – Giant Rats (Level-3&6)
  • Varrock Sewer – Giant Rats (Level-3&6), Rats (Level-1)
  • Port Sarim – Seagulls (Level-1), Rats (Level-1)

In Summary

The main appeal of splashing is being able to not pay too much attention to the game while still getting decent Magic experience.

Despite the costs of spending runes and the experience not being the absolute best in Old School RuneScape, this is a great method to train a valuable skill without having to do any click-intensive actions!

That is how you splash in Old School RuneScape!

Have any input or suggestions for this guide? Let us know in the comment section below.


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