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With Slayer being one of the more lengthy skills in Old School RuneScape to train, players are constantly researching which Slayer Master is the best for them.

Slayer is a skill where a Slayer Master assigns you a monster to kill a specific number of times for combat and Slayer experience.

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With so many Slayer Masters and methods to train Slayer, it can be tricky to decide which is best for them. Here, we will go through each of the Slayer Masters, discussing the pros and cons so you can choose the right one for you.

In terms of Slayer experience and points rewarded, the three recommended Slayer Masters in OSRS are Duradel, Konar quo Maten, and Nieve/Steve. If you want a harder challenge, you can also talk to Krystilia for Wilderness tasks.

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Best Slayer Master in OSRS

While answering who the best Slayer Master is can seem like a broad, daunting task, it all comes down to your playstyle and what goals you wish to accomplish while training Slayer.

It also heavily comes down to your skills and gear setup to take on certain Slayer tasks.

There are currently 9 Slayer Masters (technically 10) as of when this article was written.

All of them vary not just through combat level, but also have their own twist on Slayer tasks that can make the difference between your decision.

Spria (No Level Requirements)

When the “A Porcine of Interest” quest was released into Old School RuneScape, so did a new Slayer Master.

The quest itself was meant to serve as a “mini-tutorial” to the Slayer skill for new players, making Spria the entry-level Slayer Master for all players.

Spria is located in Draynor Village and serves as the primary point of contact for the previously mentioned quest.

After completing the quest, she will be able to provide extremely easy Slayer tasks for players. However, she will not reward any Slayer Points to them.

Unless you are a completely new player, it is recommended that you visit one of the other Slayer Masters instead.

Turael (No Level Requirements)

As previously mentioned in our guide for skipping Slayer tasks, Turael is the low-level Slayer Master based out of Burthrope.

Turael gives around the same types of tasks as Spria does. However, he will allow players to skill any task they desire and keep re-asking him for a task that they want to complete.

Because of this, Turael is extremely handy when you get a task that you do not want to complete from another Slayer Master but cannot skip/block it due to lack of points.

You can simply go to Turael to accept a task of his choosing to complete, canceling out your previous one.

This does come with a drawback, as you will not earn any Slayer Points from completing Turael’s tasks. But you will still be able to maintain a task streak by finishing relatively low-level tasks.

He is commonly used in a point-boosting method where players will complete 9 Turael tasks, then go to another Slayer Master of their choosing to get the 10th task point multiplier to boost points as quickly as possible.

Mazchna (20 Combat Required)

After completing the “Priest in Peril” quest, you can enter Canifis and speak with Maxchna, another low-level Slayer Master.

Mazchna is also the first Slayer Master that you can access that will reward Slayer Points for completing tasks.

He will reward 2 points per task, 5 points every 10th, 15 points every 50th, 50 points every 100th, 70 points every 250th, and 100 points every 1,000th.

Because Mazchana is a low-level Slayer Master, the creatures he assigns are far from difficult, with the toughest being Kalphites, Vampyres, and Tortured Souls.

Vannaka (40 Combat Required)

A mid-level Slayer Master, Vannaka is the Slayer Master you first encountered on Tutorial Island who taught you combat mechanics.

Now, he is located in Edgeville Dungeon, where players with a minimum of 40 Combat can talk to him to be assigned a Slayer Task.

Vannaka gives a bit more than double the Slayer Points that Mazchna does, rewarding 4 points per task, 20 points every 10th, 60 points every 50th, 100 points every 100th, 140 points every 250th, and 200 points every 1,000th.

The tasks that Vannaka assigns are also moderately tougher than the other ones. At this point, you should be versed in completing Slayer Tasks before talking to him.

Notable targets that he will assign are Dragons, Dagannoths, Elves, and Spiritual Creatures (although, depending on whether you can assign tasks around your combat level, these may change).

Chaeldar (70 Combat Required)

Chaeldar can be reached after completing the “Lost City” quest and finding her in Zanaris.

Being a tier 70 Slayer Master, she will start to assign tasks that may be difficult for the average player. However, for those looking to grind through mid-game slayer, she can be a good master to go to.

Chaeldar also rewards a healthy amount of Slayer Points per completion. She will reward 10 points per task, 50 points every 10th, 150 points every 50th, 250 points every 100th, 350 points every 250th, and 500 points every 1,000th.

Typically, when players start to use Chaeldar as a Slayer Master, they will have earned/are about to reach the amount of Slayer Points needed to unlock the Slayer Helm.

As stated earlier, Chaeldar can assign some tough monsters to kill for tasks, so be cautious. Some of these tasks include Abyssal Demons, Infernal Mages, Skeletal Wyverns, TzHaar residents, and Iron/Steel Dragons.

Konar quo Maten (75 Combat Required)

Konar is considered a high-level Slayer Master, and for good reason. Konar is located on Mount Karuulm in Kourend and has a different property than the other Slayer Masters.

Not only will Konar assign you the number and which creatures to kill, but she will also include the location where you need to kill them.

In exchange, creatures you kill will have a chance of dropping a Brimstone Key, which can be used to open the Brimstone Chest next to Konar for additional rewards.

On top of this, she provides the second most Slayer Points out of the Slayer Masters, rewarding 18 points per task, 90 every 10th, 270 every 50th, 450 every 100th, 630 every 250th, and 900 every 1000th.

Furthermore, if you have completed the Elite Tier Kourend & Kebos Achievement Diary, you will be rewarded with an additional 10% more Slayer Points from Konar.

Konar provides an extensive list of rewards, with her tasks being brutal at times. Since the location is also predetermined, this can make her tasks unpredictable as you may not be able to use certain items or kill certain substituted creatures.

For example, being assigned to kill trolls will normally allow you to use a Dwarven Multi Cannon. But if you are assigned a location that doesn’t allow it, you are stuck with killing them one by one.

Being assigned to kill Greater Demons means you can take some friends and kill K’ril Tsutsaroth in the God Wars Dungeon. But if you are assigned to kill the Greater Demons in the Chasm of Fire, you won’t be able to go elsewhere.

Konar also assigns some pretty tough bosses at this level, including Rune Dragons, Hydras, Fossil Island Wyverns, and Aviansies, as well as assigning a boss if the “Like A Boss” task unlock has been purchased.

Note that she will never assign you a task in the Wilderness.

In short, if you do not care so much about Slayer experience rates but want to reap high amounts of gp per hour, Konar is the Slayer Master for you.

Nieve/Steve (85 Combat Required)

Located in the Tree Gnome Stronghold, Nieve/Steve (depending on how much you have completed the “Monkey Madness II” quest), they are a high-level Slayer Master that gives Slayer Tasks of the challenging variety.

They are often compared to Duradel, with the major difference being which monsters they each assign.

Nieve/Steve tends to assign monsters that allow a player to earn more profit during their Slayer Tasks, while Duradel assigns monsters that give slightly higher experience.

Nieve/Steve will reward you with 12 Slayer Points per task, 60 every 10th, 180 every 50th, 300 every 100th, 420 every 250th, and 600 every 1,000th.

However, after completing the Elite Tier Western Provinces Diary, Nieve/Steve will reward you with the same amount of Slayer Points as Duradel.

When it comes to tasks, Nieve/Steve only assigns high-level creatures. A few key monsters are different from Duradel, but the more notable tasks include Abyssal Demons, Basilisks, Drakes, Dust Devils, and Spiritual Creatures.

If you are looking for a Slayer Master that provides a healthy balance between Slayer experience and gp-per-hour (but slightly leans towards Slayer experience), Nieve/Steve is the Slayer Master to go to.

Duradel (100 Combat & 50 Slayer Required)

The only master to have a Slayer level requirement, Duradel is the hardest Slayer Master in Old School RuneScape. Located in Shilo Village, you can reach him only after completing the “Shilo Village” quest.

Although the toughest master, Duradel only provides above-average Slayer Points to players, rewarding 15 points per task, 75 every 10th, 225 every 50th, 375 every 100th, 525 every 250th, and 750 every 1,000th.

For assigning tasks, Duradel does not hold back. While his Slayer Task list is similar to Nieve/Steve, Duradel will more-than-likely assign creatures that provide higher Slayer experience rates.

Creatures like TzHaars may come up more often (to be purposely substituted for completing the Fight Caves/ the Inferno), as well as Cave Krakens, Gargoyles/ Grotesque Guardians, and every kind of Dragon.

If you want tough, engaging Slayer Tasks that provide the best combat and Slayer experience, Duradel is the Slayer Master to recommend for you.

Krystilia (No Level Requirement)

Serving in a completely separate category from the other Slayer Masters, Krystilia provides Slayer Tasks with a twist. Found in a cell on the north side of Edgeville, she will provide players with a unique challenge.

All of Krystilia’s tasks must be completed in the Wilderness. Having no combat level or Slayer requirement also means that she does not factor in a player’s combat level, so you can be assigned tasks at any difficulty.

She has a similar property to Konar, where completing creatures during her Slayer Tasks will have a chance to drop a Larren’s Key, which can be used at one of two Larren’s Chests in the Wilderness for more rewards.

Krystilia also provides the highest amount of Slayer Points per task out of all of the Slayer Masters. She rewards an incredible 25 points per task, 125 every 10th, 375 every 50th, 625 every 100th, 875 every 250th, and 1,250 every 1,000th.

For players that are all about high-risk/high-reward gameplay, Krystilia is the Slayer Master for you.

Not only will you have to kill varying monsters of her choosing, but you will also need to avoid pesky PKers and risk losing what you have on you, all for the chance to earn a high amount of Slayer Points at a time and Larren’s Keys.

Those are the best Slayer Masters in Old School RuneScape!

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