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Arguably one of the most notorious skills in Old School RuneScape, the Construction skill allows players to build and manage their Player-Owned House (aka “POH”) to gain a plethora of benefits.

One of the most ambitious skills added to OSRS, Construction grants players the ability to create their own central hub with teleport portals, rejuvenation pools, spellbook altars, gilded altars, and so much more.

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With so much content involved with Player-Owned Houses, training all the way to 99 Construction isn’t just click-intensive but can also be incredibly expensive.

Yet there are still a few ways that you can train Construction on a budget and make the most out of your POH in Old School RuneScape!

The best way to reach 99 Construction in OSRS is through either Mahogany Homes or by building furniture until 33, building Oak Larders till 50, mounting Mythical Doors till 74, and building Oak Dungeon Doors till 99. You can also Build Mahogany Tables and Gnome Benches from 52.

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How to Level Construction from 1-99 in OSRS

Before you can train Construction, you first need a POH. Starting at 1 Construction, you can go to any of the Estate Agents to purchase a house in Rimmington.

There are six Estate Agents in the game:

  • Falador
  • Varrock
  • Seer’s Village
  • East Ardougne
  • Hosidius
  • Prifddinas

At higher levels, you will be able to move your house to other locations for a certain amount of gp:

  • 1 Construction – Rimmington – 5k
  • 10 Construction – Taverly – 5k
  • 20 Construction – Pollnivneach – 7.5k
  • 25 Construction – Hosidius – 8,750gp (Need to visit Kourend at least once)
  • 30 Construction – Rellekka – 10k
  • 40 Construction – Brimhaven – 15k
  • 50 Construction – Yanille – 25k
  • 70 Construction – Prifddinas – 50k (Need to complete the “Song of the Elves” quest)

In Old School RuneScape, POHs can be customized in thousands of different ways in the form of cosmetics, room arrangements, butlers, locations, etcetera.

For the purposes of this guide, we will be going over the training process to reach 99 Construction instead of diving deep into optimal POH layouts, available cosmetics, and so on.

Levels 1-99: Mahogany Homes Minigame

In 2020, Mahogany Homes was introduced into the game as a way to provide more lax methods to training Construction, as well as providing rewards.

Mahogany Homes consists of getting a contract from a Mahogany Homes contractor (starting with Amy in Falador when you are starting), and building the items listed for a random NPC.

Depending on your Construction level, you can complete contracts that scale with your level and material costs to earn greater reward points and experience:

  • Beginner Contracts – 1 Construction
  • Novice Contracts – 20 Construction
  • Adept Contracts – 50 Construction
  • Expert Contracts – 70 Construction

When completing contracts, it is recommended that you, on top of your Hammer and Saw, have energy-restoration potions and teleports to various places around the game.

At higher levels, most players will have house teleports to a POH that has a Portal Nexus to reach anywhere in Old School RuneScape. However, others will use a simple Rune Pouch with runes to reach where they need to.

Varying with efficiency and which contracts you complete, you can earn around 35k Construction experience per hour with Beginner Contracts, eventually reaching around 175k Construction experience per hour with Expert Contracts.

Levels 1-33: Building Standard Furniture

For any kind of Construction training, you will also need to have a hammer and saw in your inventory at a minimum at all times.

Starting off, you will only be able to build simple items throughout your POH. Specifically, the Wooden Chairs and Bookshelves in the Parlour, the Wooden Larders in the Kitchen, and other items alike.

Your best bet is to stock up on Planks and Steel Nails and repeatedly build and remove Wooden Chairs, Bookshelves, and Wooden Larders at levels 1, 4, and 9, respectively.

Much of Construction training is the same process: build an item, remove it, and repeat. This is what makes training Construction so expensive because you are directly wasting materials.

When you reach 15 Construction, you will be able to make Repair benches in the Workshop, which will improve your training as you only need to worry about one material.

If you keep upgrading what you are building, it should cost you around 150k to reach 33 Construction, which is where you reach one of the primary training methods.

Levels 33-74: Building Oak Larders

At 33 Construction, you will be able to make Oak Larders, which provide a great amount of experience per hour, considering its cost. Each Oak Larder gives 480 Construction experience per build.

Only requiring 8 Oak Planks per Oak Larder, you can earn around 200k Construction experience per hour before reaching 50 Construction.

During this, you will need to either use the un-note function with Phials outside the Rimmington POH portal or go back to a bank each time you run out to resupply.

At 50 Construction, you will be able to hire a Demon Butler who can grab a Construction material of your choice from your bank.

This will greatly speed up your training process, increasing your Construction experience to around 460k-480k per hour.

When building Oak Larders with a servant, you will need a stack of gp in your inventory (it costs the servant 10k every 8th trip to the bank), your Hammer and Saw.

You should have 25 free slots open for Oak Planks, allowing you to build and remove an Oak Larder 3 times before the Demon Butler comes back with another refill.

Levels 50-99: Building Mounted Mythical Capes

After completing the “Dragon Slayer II” quest, you will be able to mount Mythical Capes on the wall of your Quest Hall in your POH, giving you 370 Construction experience each time.

Mounting a cape requires 3 Teak Planks and 1 Mythical Cape (the cape is reused for each build, so you only need one).

While this may be a higher-tiered training method, it still only provides around 420k Construction experience per hour, but the Demon Butler does not need to go to the bank as often.

Teak Planks are also considerably more expensive than Oak Planks, but this method should still be considered as prices fluctuate.

Levels 52-99: Building Mahogany Tables and Gnome Benches

If you are not worried about spending money but instead want to train Construction as fast as possible, this method is for you.

At 52 Construction, Mahogany Tables can be built in the Dining Room, providing 840 Construction experience per table. On the flip side, you will use up 6 Mahogany Planks per table, costing you over 12k per build.

Utilizing the Demon Butler to restock on Mahogany Planks, you can earn around 900k Construction experience per hour when building Mahogany Tables.

Eventually, at 77 Construction, you will be able to make Gnome Benches, which also provide 840 Construction experience per build at the expense of 6 Mahogany Planks.

Where building Gnome Benches differs from Mahogany Tables is that due to the animation to build them, it can be quicker to accomplish with correct timing, thus providing slightly faster experience rates.

Again, this method is extremely expensive, but it can be worth it in the long run.

With correct timing, building Gnome Benches with a Demon Butler can earn you over 1m Construction experience per hour.

Levels 74-99: Building Oak Dungeon Doors

At 74 Construction, you will be able to build Oak Dungeon Doors, which are much faster than Oak Larders to build.

Given that they need 10 Oak Planks to build while giving 600 Construction experience each, they are much more cost-effective than trying to build Teak or Mahogany Construction builds.

Similar to the previous methods, you will have a stack of gp, your Hammer and Saw, and an inventory full of Oak Planks. Keep calling your Demon Butler for more Oak Planks while you build/remove the Oak Dungeon Doors.

With enough focus, you can earn upwards of 600k Construction experience per hour when building Oak Dungeon Doors.

Other Things to Consider

While training Construction, there area. Few tips and tricks you should know to increase the efficiency of your Construction training.

Quests That Reward Construction Experience

Quest (Construction Level if Needed) – Construction Experience Rewarded

  • Daddy’s Home miniquest (None) – 400 exp
  • Darkness of Hallowvale (Lvl 5) – 2k exp
  • The Eyes of Glouphrie (Lvl 5) – 250 exp
  • Tower of Life (Lvl 10) – 1k exp
  • The Fremennik Isles (Lvl 20) – 5k exp
  • Getting Ahead (Lvl 26) – 3.2k exp
  • The Great Brain Robbery (Lvl 30) – 2k exp
  • Cold War (Lvl 34) – 1.5k exp
  • Making Friends With My Arm (Lvl 35) – 10k exp
  • Song of the Elves (Lvl 70) – 40k exp

Construction-Based Items

Crystal Saw

The Crystal Saw is obtained as a reward from the Crystal Saw Seed after completing “The Eyes of Glouphrie” quest.

When this saw is in your inventory, you will be able to build items that are 3 levels higher than your current Construction level.

While it can’t be used to assist with building new rooms, being able to make items that are a few levels higher than your own can help shave a few hours from your Construction grind to level 99.

For example, you can start building Oak Dungeon Doors at level 71 instead of 74. As long as both a Saw and Hammer are required for an item, you can use this tool to your advantage.

Carpenter’s Outfit

The Carpenter’s Outfit is the Construction-based skilling outfit that provides 2.5% increased Construction experience when fully worn.

It can be obtained through earning reward points from Mahogany Homes and purchasing each piece from Amy, the Mahogany Homes leader in Falador.

  • Carpenter Helmet – 400 Reward Points
  • Carpenter Shirt – 800 Reward Points
  • Carpenter Trousers – 600 Reward Points
  • Carpenter Boots – 200 Reward Points

Plank Sack

This reward from the Mahogany Homes shop can be purchased for 350 Reward Points, and allows a player to store 28 planks of any kind in the Plank Sack.

This greatly saves up an inventory slot and can help in scenarios where you need to keep going back to a bank to restock on planks.

Obtaining the Construction Skillcape

Once you have reached 99 Construction, congratulations! You can obtain the Construction Skillcape from any of the Estate Agents for 99k.

This cape will provide unlimited teleports to your POH, as well as all of the POH portals in Old School RuneScape!

That is the best way to train Construction from 1-99 in Old School RuneScape!

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