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Within Old School RuneScape, hundreds of unique items can only be obtained through obscure means.

Under the same breath, many of these items are also hard requirements to complete quests, unlock other items, and finish Achievement Diaries.

One example is the Rusty Sword, an untradable item used to complete the Easy Tier Ardougne Achievement Diary.

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The Rusty Sword is generally vague when it comes to its origins. Thankfully, getting one yourself isn’t nearly as difficult.

Players can get a Rusty Sword in OSRS by either getting it as a reward from the Fishing Trawler minigame, pickpocketing it from certain NPCs, excavating it from Level 1 Dig Sites, or getting it as a monster drop.

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How to Get a Rusty Sword in OSRS

Since the Rusty Sword in Old School RuneScape is an unreadable item, players are not fortunate enough to be able to quickly buy one from the Grand Exchange. Therefore, players must do what they can to get one naturally.

Thankfully, for players who wish to avoid combat, there are ways to get a Rusty Sword with and without needing to kill monsters to get it.

Fishing Trawler Minigame

The Fishing Trawler minigame is the minigame that was traditionally used to unlock the Angler’s Outfit (the Fishing-based skilling outfit).

Along with the chance of getting each piece, you also have the opportunity to get other rewards, including fish, gold, and the chance of getting a Rusty Sword.

This is by far the easiest way to get a Rusty Sword, as the chance of getting one is fairly common, and you are bound to naturally get one through trying to get the Angler’s Outfit anyway.

Thieving From NPCs

There are a couple of NPCs in Old School RuneScape that you can steal from for the chance to get a Rusty Sword.

They all require a low Thieving level, so most players can accomplish this.

  • HAM Members (15 Thieving) – 1/25 Drop Rate
  • HAM Guard (15 Thieving) – 1/42 Drop Rate
  • Ogre Coffins (20 Thieving) – 1/25 Drop Rate

In some cases, this method of getting a Rusty Sword is much quicker than doing Fishing Trawler, as the number of successful pickpockets you can accomplish within five minutes (an average round of Fishing Trawler) at higher levels is bound to get you a Rusty Sword with a lot less effort.

Excavating From The Dig Site

Requiring partial completion of “The Dig Site” quest, you can dig at the Level 1 Dig Sites for the chance to get a Rusty Sword.

To do this, you must wear Leather Gloves and Leather Boots while having a Trowel (obtained during the quest) in your inventory.

It is worth noting that despite the higher level Dig Sites being unlocked during the quest, only the Level 1 Dig Site has the chance to uncover a Rusty Sword.

Killing NPCs

If all else fails, you can always earn a Rusty Sword as a drop from a handful of monsters within Old School RuneScape.

However, while a few monsters are considered low-level, a bunch of monsters drop the Rusty Sword that can be tough to defeat.

  • HAM Guards (Level-12, Level-18, Level-22) – 1/27.5 Drop Rate
  • Crazy Archaeologist (Level-204) – 1/32 Drop Rate
  • Kraken (Level-291) – 1/73 Drop Rate

While all the previously mentioned methods can be easily done to get a Rusty Sword, sometimes it is worth earning extra combat experience and letting a Rusty Sword naturally come as a drop.

What Is a Rusty Sword Used For?

Contrary to popular belief, a Rusty Sword cannot be equipped and used as a weapon. Instead, it can be inspected/repaired through two different means to earn a random sword.

The sword rewarded can range from a Bronze Sword all the way to a Mithril Longsword.

The most common way to inspect it (and what is done to complete a task for the Easy Tier Ardougne Achievement Diary) is to take it to Tindel Marchant, next to the Fishing Trawler minigame.

For a fee of 100gp, he will inspect and reward you with a random sword (or 2,000gp) for each Rusty Sword you bring him.

Alternatively, you can use it on a Whetstone in a Player Owned House (POH) to earn a random sword of your own without having to pay a fee.

That is how to get a Rusty Sword in Old School RuneScape!

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