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In OSRS, there are plenty of monsters throughout the game that have a weakness of some sort. For Draconian creatures (Dragons), for example, there are “Dragonbane” weapons that will do increased damage against them.

Kalphites have the “Keris” weaponry, the Spider bosses have any sort of “Crush” based weapon, and Demons have “Demonbane” weapons.

The strongest Demonbane weapon is the Arclight, a powerful one-handed weapon that is often used against the thought Demons across Old School RuneScape.

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Getting Arclight can be a bit of a challenge, particularly because there is a bit of RNG involved in creating it. Specifically you will need to kill a certain group of monsters to get the components to make one.

You can get Arclight in OSRS by first obtaining three Ancient Shards from creatures in the Catacombs of Kourend and using them with Darklight at the Catacombs’ altar to create Arclight. Before you can do this, you need to complete the “Demon Slayer” and “Shadow of the Storm” quests to get both Silverlight and Darklight.

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How to Get Arclight in OSRS

Arclight is an untradable weapon in Old School RuneScape that is currently considered the highest-tier “Demonbane” weapon.

Demonbane weaponry is a collection of weapons that provide additional damage and accuracy against demonic creatures, such as Skotizo, Abyssal Demons, and Demonic Gorillas.

Overall, the process of creating Arclight for yourself involves completing multiple quests and killing creatures until you collect the correct components to make it.

Complete the “Demon Slayer” Quest

Getting an Arclight begins by getting its base variant, “Silverlight”, which is a sword obtained by completing the “Demon Slayer” quest.

The quest itself is not difficult, as there are no skill or quest requirements to complete.

During the quest, you reclaim the sword “Silverlight” to defeat Delrith, a Level-27 demon that is coming to destroy the world south of Varrock.

After defeating Delrith, you will be able to obtain Silverlight from the cupboard in Varrock Castle.

Complete the “Shadow of the Storm” Quest

Continuing on from the “Demon Slayer” quest, you will need to complete the “Shadow of the Storm” quest to get the upgraded variant of Silverlight: “Darklight”.

A slightly tougher quest than the previous, you will need 30 Crafting to complete, as well as having finished the “Demon Slayer” and “The Golem” quests before starting it.

During the quest, you learn about “Agrith-Naar”, a Level-100 demon that is being summoned by a group of cultists.

The quest has you go undercover into said cult, with you eventually defeating Agrith-Naar with Silverlight, just like the “Demon Slayer” quest.

However, once you defeat Agrith-Naar, the Silverlight will become corrupted, turning it into Darklight: a slightly upgraded variant of Silverlight that has a special attack against Demons.

Once you have Darklight, you can begin the process to get an Arclight.

Creating Arclight

In order to make Arclight, you must have three Ancient Shards and use Darklight on the Altar in the center of the Catacombs of Kourend.

Ancient Shards are an untradable item that is obtained from killing the various creatures in the Catacombs of Kourend.

Every creature within the Catacombs has a chance to drop it, with the more powerful creatures having a greater chance to drop it than others.

The best creatures include Nechryarchs, the different Dragons, and the Abyssal Demons, which drop them at rates between 1/120 to 1/240.

When completing Slayer tasks in the Catacombs, the superior variants to Slayer creatures that spawn will have a much greater chance of dropping one, usually at a rate between 1/66 to 1/120.

You will need to collect three of them before being able to create Arclight.

Once you have three Ancient Shards and Darklight in your inventory, go to the altar in the center of the Catacombs and use your Darklight on it.

After a brief pop-up message in your chat window, the Ancient Shards will be consumed and your Darklight will be upgraded into Arclight.

Arclight Effects

Arclight is the best Demonbane weapon in Old School RuneScape, as it is best-in-slot for fighting demonic creatures and bosses, such as K’ril Tsutsaroth of the God Wars Dungeon, Skotizo, and Demonic Gorillas.

Arclight requires 75 Attack to wield. When fighting demonic creatures, Arclight will have an additional +70% accuracy and damage against them, making it more powerful than even tier 80 weapons in certain scenarios.

Arclight also has a special attack, which will lower a demonic creature’s Attack, Strength, and Defense levels by 10% of their base level. Additionally, this special attack can be used on other creatures to lower their stats by 5% instead.

Arclight itself will need charges to be able to use, with it having 1,000 charges when you first create it.

It can be charged by using more Ancient Shards on it, with Arclight holding a maximum of 10,000 charges when completely filled.

If Arclight runs out of charges, it will turn back into Darklight and will need to be recharged again with three Ancient Shards to turn back into Arclight.

That is how to get Arclight in Old School RuneScape!

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