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Barrows equipment is considered some of the best gear in Old School RuneScape.

Available to use at level 70 combat stats, Barrows gear is strong enough to be used against the toughest of bosses and continues to be a staple in being overall nostalgic.

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Barrows equipment is also one of the few items in Old School RuneScape that degrade through use. Thankfully, there are easy ways to repair them so they can be sold or used again at full potential!

You can repair Barrows equipment in OSRS by either taking it to one of the armour repair NPCs, such as Bob in Lumbridge, or by using it on an Armour Stand in a Player-Owned House.

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How to Repair Barrows Gear in OSRS

Barrows equipment degrades over time. After an average of 8 hours of combat use (whether being attacked while wearing armour or using each of the Barrow’s weapons), they will be degraded to a “0” status and will be unable to be worn or used.

While they can be sold to other players while in this status, they will not be able to be used until they are fully repaired.

It is also worth noting that while Barrows gear is between pristine (no degradation) and completely destroyed, it will be untradable but can still be repaired at any point.

This can be accomplished through two different means, one of which you can do on your own if you have the appropriate levels.

Repaired By an NPC

Various NPCs in Old School RuneScape can repair Barrows equipment at a certain price.

NPCs That Repair Gear:

  • Bob (“Bob’s Axes” in Lumbridge)
  • Squire (Void Knights’ Outpost)
  • Tindel Marchant (Fishing Trawler at Port Khazard)
  • Dustan (Burthorpe)
  • Aneirin (Prifddinas)

The amount of gp that you will need to pay to have an NPC repair Barrows Gear depends on how much the equipment is degraded.

As a rule of thumb, the calculation is how degraded it is (scaled from 0 to 1,000, with 1,000 being completely degraded) multiplied by 100gp-60gp (Depending on which item you want to repair).

On average, repairing even a moderately damaged set of Barrows gear can cost a few hundred thousand gp to complete.

Repair Yourself With an Armour Stand

If you have an Armour Stand in your Player-Owned House (or use one in another player’s POH), you can use your damaged Barrows gear with a Hammer and gp to repair it yourself.

Depending on your Smithing level, this can be far cheaper than taking it to an NPC, as the higher your Smithing level, the lower the base cost to repair them.

As a rule of thumb, having 99 Smithing and repairing Barrows gear yourself will be 50% cheaper than taking it to another NPC.

That is how to repair Barrows Gear in Old School RuneScape!

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