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Gems are a Mining resource in Old School RuneScape commonly acquired through mining or specific PvM drops. They are used to craft jewelry (which is further used to create enchanted jewelry for skilling or PvM purposes).

Gems come in all sorts of types and rarities, from a standard Sapphire, which sells for a few hundred gp, to an Onyx, which is used to create Zenyte jewelry that costs upwards of 13m on average.

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Gems often need to be cut beforehand to be processed and crafted. While the process of cutting gems is extremely easy, it is not taught right off the bat for newer players.

You can cut Gems in OSRS using a chisel in your inventory.

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How to Cut Gems in OSRS

There are currently 10 different gems within Old School RuneScape, all of which can be cut by using the Crafting skill.

To cut a gem, you only need to use a Chisel on them in your inventory.

If you have multiple gems, you will see a pop-up window displaying how many gems you want to cut (with you cutting them one by one until you reach the specified amount).

Once you have a cut gem, it can be used to train the Crafting skill in the form of making different jewelry types.

Remember that for three of the gem types, Jade, Opal and Red Topaz, there is a chance that you will fail to cut it, crushing it and making it worthless.

Why Cut Gems?

While cutting gems is often used to further train the Crafting skill (often for Ironman accounts or for newer players), there is another purpose to cutting gems.

The cut variants of most gems are often sold at a higher price, making this a viable money-making method for players collecting gems in high quantities.

While it may seem unreasonable to stock up on more than a dozen Onyxes or Zenytes, those with a large amount of gems such as Dragonstone or Diamond will find this a decent way to make money while also earning Crafting experience.

That is how to cut gems in Old School RuneScape!

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