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Have you ever been mining in Old School RuneScape and just found a random uncut gem in your inventory? To some players, uncut gems are a nuisance.

To others, they’re a good means to level up their crafting skill and make a good amount of GP while doing it.

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Today we’ll be talking about what to do with those pesky gems and how they can be turned into a good profit.

In Old School RuneScape, you can cut gems by using a chisel on the gem you’d like to cut.

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How to Cut Gems in OSRS

Gems are pretty fascinating in OSRS. Some players may hate them because they take up extra inventory space when they’re mining, while other players may love them because they sell for quite an amount on the Grand Exchange.

Cutting gems has always been a pretty good way to train your crafting skill.

Even cutting the easiest gem (sapphire) will earn you 135,000 crafting experience per hour.

Obtaining Uncut Gems

There are several ways to obtain uncut gems. Depending on which method you choose to get them, your results may vary. The best way to obtain gems is through mining.

While mining, players have a 1/256 chance of receiving a random uncut gem instead of an ore. Wearing an Amulet of Glory helps improve those chances by 1/86.

If you’d rather be leveling up your combat, then gems can be dropped by a wide variety of monsters via part of the rare drop table. They can also be occasionally given out as gifts from various random events within the game.

Obtaining a Chisel

In order to cut gems, you’re going to need to get your hands on a chisel. Luckily for us, they’re pretty cheap and can be found in almost any general store.

The best place to buy a chisel is from the Varrock General Store, which is located right next to Varrock Center.

There will be a shop assistant walking around in the general store. Simply just right-click on him and select the “Trade shop assistant” option.

This will open up the Varrock General Store’s interface, where you can buy a chisel (if it’s in stock) for one coin.

Cutting Gems

Now that you have obtained some uncut gems and a chisel, it’s time to start cutting them.

To cut gems, simply just right-click on your chisel and use it with the gems you want to cut. This will prompt your character to start cutting those said gems, and in return, you’ll get the cut gem.

Remember, make sure your crafting level is high enough to cut your desired gems. The required crafting levels to cut gems are as follows:


  • Level 20 – Sapphires
  • Level 27 – Emeralds
  • Level 34 – Rubies
  • Level 43 – Diamonds


  • Level 1 – Opals
  • Level 13 – Jades
  • Level 16 – Red topazes
  • Level 55 – Dragonstones
  • Level 72 – Onyx
  • Level 89 – Zenytes

That’s how you cut gems in Old School RuneScape!

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