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One of the original sixteen skills first included with the release of the original version of RuneScape (including the no longer available Prayer and Magic alternatives), Woodcutting is an iconic skill that has experienced a long history of updates and change.

Woodcutting allows players to grab an axe and chop trees for their logs. Said logs can be used to train other skills (such as Firemaking or Fletching) or sold to other players for a decent amount of gp/hr.

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Getting 99 Woodcutting is arguably one of the most relaxing experiences in Old School RuneScape, as much of the training methods for Woodcutting involve chopping down the same trees for hours on end.

However, despite how off-putting this may sound, the Woodcutting skill involves plenty of opportunities to earn high experience rates while still earning a decent profit.

The best way to train to 99 Woodcutting in OSRS is to chop Regular, Oak, and Willow trees up to 35 Woodcutting, then do tick-manipulation on Teak Trees, which gives the best experience rates in the game, and you can then chop the Blisterwood Tree, Sulliuscep Trees, or Redwood Trees beyond 62 Woodcutting for something more relaxing.

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1-99 Woodcutting Guide OSRS

Unlike most other skills, Woodcutting is a relatively easy skill to train, as the only thing you need to get started is an axe. Of course the axe you use will improve as you train Woodcutting, but there are virtually no other item requirements.

Forestry is also considered “social Woodcutting,” where you will attain bonuses and extra rewards for training in Woodcutting among a group of people.

Regardless, the journey to 99 Woodcutting is exactly the same. Still, if you wish for something slightly more click-intensive for the additional experience and rewards, you can do it with other players (go to a Forestry world to find players at nearly every tree spot) to partake.

Levels 1-15: Chopping Regular Trees

Players can chop regular trees with a Bronze Axe right off the bat. Regular trees are literally everywhere in Old School RuneScape.

However, players normally start chopping the trees behind Lumbridge Castle when they first leave Tutorial Island.

If you wish to train other skills like Firemaking or Fletching simultaneously, you can consider bringing a Tinderbox or Knife to use on your chop logs.

Reaching 15 Woodcutting should not take longer than 30 minutes.

Levels 15-30: Chopping Oak Trees

Much like chopping regular Trees, Oak Trees can be chopped at 15 Woodcutting and can also be found almost all over Gielinor.

Oak Trees can make a small amount of gp/hr if you start your account from scratch. More commonly, you can chop the Oak Trees at the east gate of Varrock and deposit them at the nearby bank.

Chopping Oak Trees all the way to 30 Woodcutting should take another couple of hours, especially if you are continuously banking the logs.

Levels 30-60: Chopping Willow Trees

Being able to chop Willow Trees means you begin to have access to a consistent Woodcutting training method.

Willow Trees are depleted on a random chance for each log chopped, meaning you can chop a large bulk of logs at the same tree without moving.

At 30 Woodcutting, you are also expected to have an Adamant Axe, as you will be able to use it.

Note: Even if you do not have the appropriate Attack level to wield a certain axe, as long as you have the proper Woodcutting level and the axe is in your inventory, it will still be used to chop logs more efficiently.

Willow Trees are often found on the banks and shores of coastal areas, like Draynor Village, west of Falador, or Barbarian Assault.

At 30 Woodcutting, you can expect to get rates around 25k-30k experience per hour.

Since Willow Logs are not incredibly valuable, it is recommended to drop them on the ground and continue chopping trees for efficient experience rates.

Levels 35+: Chopping Teak Trees

Teak Trees are one of two Hardwood tree types (the other being Mahogany) that are found west of Castle Wars, in the Hardwood Tree Grove in Tai Bwo Wannai Village, Ape Atoll, and a few other locations.

What makes chopping Teak Trees especially great for Woodcutting training is that tick manipulation can be used to drastically increase experience rates.

Previously described in our 1-99 Mining Training Guide, tick manipulation lets you use the game’s mechanics to complete actions quicker, thus gaining experience at faster rates.

Teak Trees can be manipulated on a 1.5-tick or 2-tick cycle, and each method is incredibly click-intensive.

For a 1.5-tick cycle, you should have a Pestle & Mortar, a Clean Herb, and Swamp Tar in your inventory.

Quickly use the Swamp Tar on the Clean Herb and follow with a click on the tree, repeatedly doing the same action over and over to keep chopping and completing the action quicker.

For a 2-tick cycle, this is commonly done at the Teak Trees west of Castle Wars, where you force the nearby Birds to attack you.

Between each attack, click on the ground, followed by the Teak Tree, to force the action to end abruptly, netting you the log and experience.

While using tick manipulation, you can earn between 100k and 200k Woodcutting experience per hour (depending on your current Woodcutting level and how accurate you are with tick manipulation).

Without using tick manipulation, you can still chop and drop Teak Trees normally to get between 35k-90k Woodcutting experience per hour (between levels 35-90 Woodcutting).

Levels 62+: Chopping The Blisterwood Tree

Once you have completed the “Sins of the Father” quest and have 62 Woodcutting, you can chop the Blisterwood Tree in Darkmeyer.

Chopping the Blisterwood Tree is a much more relaxing experience while still earning experience rates slightly better than chopping Teak Trees.

Be careful when traversing Darkmeyer to reach the tree, as the dangerous Vyrewatch Sentinels are aggressive to players. However, the tree itself is locked away inside its own building, where you do not have to worry about being attacked.

The Blisterwood Tree never vanishes like a normal tree. However, you will occasionally need to click on it again to continue chopping it.

The Blisterwood Logs also serve only niche purposes, so they can be dropped on the ground without worry.

At 62 Woodcutting, you can expect experience rates around 60k-70k Woodcutting experience per hour all the way to 99 Woodcutting, making them the far better option over Yew Trees and Magic Trees if you value experience over profit.

Levels 65+: Chopping Sulliuscep Trees

After completing the “Bone Voyage” quest and getting 65 Woodcutting, you can chop the Sulliuscep Trees on Fossil Island.

This method is mildly intense and can net you experience rates comparable to those of tick manipulation at Teak Trees.

There are six Sulliuscep Trees on Fossil Island, all of which are in the dangerous swamp section in the south.

Only one tree can be chopped at a time, so you must traverse between each one, dodging the hostile creatures while doing so.

Along with your best axe, it is recommended that you wear weight-reducing gear and bring Stamina Potions, Antidote++ Potions, and high-healing food (Saradomin Brews are an excellent choice).

You will also need a Rake to clear through some portions of the Swamp, a Digsite Pendent to continuously teleport there, as well as House teleports to quickly resupply.

To start each trek, take the Rubber Cap Mushroom by the swamp’s entrance and bounce to the south side of the swamp. You may also take a Mushtree to the Swamp location to reach the first one.

Begin to chop the Sulliuscep Tree until it is depleted, and keep following the path to the other ones.

Protect from Range when needed from the Tar Monsters, and take a sip of your Antipoison when needed.

Using a Hitpoints Skillcape or a Regen Bracelet is also incredibly useful, as they can quickly restore any Hitpoints lost when you stop at each tree.

From each tree, you will get Sulliuscep Caps that can be sold for a decent amount, along with plenty of Fossils that can be used to complete the exhibits at the Varrock Museum or be cleaned to get a bonus Prayer experience.

Chopping Sulliuscep Trees consistently can earn you between 55k and 110k Woodcutting experience per hour, depending on whether you are wearing the Lumberjack Outfit or what your current Woodcutting level is.

Levels 90+: Chopping Redwood Trees

At 90 Woodcutting, you can chop the Redwood Trees at the Woodcutting Guild. These monstrous trees have bark on all sides that can be chopped off for Redwood Logs.

Chopping Redwoods is extremely AFK and can earn you a decent profit if you decide to bank the logs.

To maximize your efforts when chopping Redwood Trees, it is recommended to invest in a Crystal Axe, which can be used to increase the rate at which you chop trees.

At 90 Woodcutting with a Crystal Axe, you can expect experience rates between 65k and 70k Woodcutting experience per hour. If you bank and sell the logs, you can get around 100k gp per hour.

Other Things to Consider

Woodcutting is a straightforward skill that offers little variation between training methods. However, a couple of things to consider can help boost your journey to 99 Woodcutting.

Quests That Reward Woodcutting Experience

Multiple quests in Old School RuneScape reward Woodcutting experience upon completion. Many of them can be completed at 1 Woodcutting, bypassing much of the early training.

Quest (Woodcutting Level Needed) – Woodcutting Experience Rewarded

  • Enlightened Journey (None) – 1,500
  • Recipe for Disaster – Skrach Uglogwee Subquest (None) – 1,500
  • Heroes’ Quest (None) – 1,575
  • Monk’s Friend (None) – 2,000
  • The Fremennik Trials (None) – 2,812
  • Icthlarin’s Little Helper (None) – 4,000
  • The Eyes of Glouphrie (None) – 2,500
  • Animal Magnetism (Lvl 35) – 2,500
  • Song of the Elves (Lvl 70) – 40,000
  • Grim Tales (Lvl 71) – 60,000


Forestry is the social aspect of Woodcutting that rewards players for completing activities with other people. Random events that appear while players are Woodcutting grant additional experience and rewards.

The most common reward obtained through Forestry is the Anima-Infused Bark, which can be used alongside other materials to purchase rewards from the Forestry Reward Shop. The most notable rewards include:

  • Log Basket – Stores up to 28 of any log in a single inventory space.
  • Twitcher’s Gloves – Increase the chance of getting a specific type of Bird Nest when Woodcutting.
  • Clothes Pouch – Used to store the Lumberjack/Foresty Outfit in the Forestry Kit while still getting the bonuses.
  • Cape Pouch – Used to store the Woodcutting Skillcape in the Forestry Kit while still getting the bonuses.
  • Felling Axe Handle – Used on any axe to create it into its Felling Axe variant.

The important thing to note is that Forestry can be done at any Woodcutting level and can unlock amazing rewards.

So, it is highly recommended that you go to a Forestry-based world (Worlds 388, 398, 434, 444, 487, and 510) when training Woodcutting so you can participate in those activities.

Lumberjack/Forestry Outfit

The Lumberjack/Forest Outfit is the Woodcutting-based skilling outfit that provides a 2.5% experience multiplier when fully worn.

The Lumberjack Outfit can be obtained through two different means:

  • Each piece was obtained randomly from the Undead Lumberjacks in the Temple Trekking Minigame.********
  • Each piece is earned through the Forestry Reward Shop for a total fee of 5,000 Anima-Infused Bark, 100 Maple Logs, 620 Yew Logs, 360 Magic Logs, and 120 Redwood Logs.

The Forestry Outfit is a cosmetic upgrade to the Lumberjack Outfit and does not provide any additional bonuses to your Woodcutting experience.

It can be obtained for 5,000 Anima-Infused Bark, 240 Oak Logs, 240 Willow Logs, 240 Teak Logs, 240 Maple Logs, 240 Mahogany Logs, 240 Arctic Pine Logs, 240 Yew Logs, 240 Magic Logs, and 240 Redwood Logs by exchanging each of the four Lumberjack Outfit pieces.

Felling Axes

When Forestry was added to Old School RuneScape, so was the introduction of Felling Axes. Felling Axes are the two-handed variant of regular axes that will give you additional experience when chopping with them.

To make them more efficient than their regular counterparts, you must have Forester’s Rations inside your Forestry Kit while you are chopping.

If you intend to do a lot of Woodcutting, investing in the best Felling Axe you can to increase your experience rates is highly recommended.

Obtaining the Woodcutting Skillcape

Once you have reached 99 Woodcutting, congratulations! You can purchase the Woodcutting Skillcape from the Woodcutting Tutor in Lumbridge for a cost of 99k.

The Woodcutting Cape will give you an additional 10% chance of a Bird Nest appearing while you chop trees.

That is how to train levels 1-99 Woodcutting in Old School RuneScape!

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