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With Prayer being one of the most expensive skills to train in Old School RuneScape, utilizing tools and methods to earn as much passive experience as possible is essential to saving gp and unlocking powerful prayers quickly.

While there are many items that provide bonuses to Prayers, as well as flat-out unlocking certain Prayers, the Bone Crusher is an item that helps speed up the Prayer training.

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But what is the Bone Crusher exactly, and how does it help with Prayer training? Furthermore, with it being an unreadable item, what does it take to unlock one per account?

To get a Bone Crusher in OSRS, you need to complete the Hard Tier Morytania Achievement Diary. Once you claim it as a reward, it must be charged with Ectotokens to become active.

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How to Get Bone Crusher in OSRS

Originally seen during the days of RuneScape 2, the Bone Crusher is an item that is primarily used while completing PvM content.

One of the few items directly associated with the Prayer skill without solely providing Prayer bonus, the Bone Crusher has a unique ability to help you passively train Prayer.

What Does A Bone Crusher Do?

A Bone Crusher in your inventory will automatically crush bones from monsters you kill, granting you half of the experience you would from burying them normally.

Eventually, if you complete the Elite Tier Morytania Achievement Diary, you will be able to get 100% of the experience as if you were burying them.

For a Bone Crusher to be active, it must be charged with Ecto-Tokens, which can be obtained by offering Buckets of Slime and Bonemeal to the Ectofuntus and then talking to the Ghost Disciple.

For each Ectotoken that is used on it, the Bone Crusher will gain 25 charges.

Note: Be sure you have a Ghostspeak Amulet when talking to him.

How To Get A Bone Crusher

Getting a Bone Crusher can be tricky, as you must complete the Hard Tier Morytania Achievement Diary to get one yourself.

Achievement Diaries are notorious for sending players off to different regions of Old School RuneScape to complete a specific list of tasks.

For getting the Bone Crusher, at least the Hard Tier of the Morytania Achievement Diary will be required.

Hard Tier Morytania Achievement Diary Requirements

  • Completion of the Easy and Medium Tier Morytania Achievement Diary
  • Skill Requirements:
    • 70 Defense
    • 66 Magic
    • 70 Prayer
    • 50 Construction
    • 71 Agility
    • 53 Thieving
    • 58 Slayer
    • 55 Mining
    • 50 Smithing
    • 50 Firemaking
    • 50 Woodcutting
    • 53 Farming
  • Quest Requirements:
    • Haunted Mine
    • Desert Treasure I
    • The Great Brain Robbery
    • In Aid of the Myreque
    • King’s Ransom (Knights Training Ground completed)

Once you meet all the requirements, you can start completing each task individually.

Hard Tier Morytania Achievement Diary Tasks

  • Enter the Kharyrll Portal in your POH.
  • Climb the advanced spike chain within the Slayer Tower.
  • Harvest some Watermelon from the allotment patch on Harmony Island.
  • Chop and burn some Mahogany Logs on Mos Le’Harmless.
  • Complete a Temple Trek with a Hard Companion.
  • Kill a Cave Horror.
  • Harvest some Bittercap Mushrooms from the patch in Canifis.
  • Pray at the Altar of Nature with Piety activated.
  • Use the shortcut to get to the bridge over the Salve.
  • Mone some Mithril Ore in the Adabdoned Mine.

After completing all of the tasks, a notification will pop up in your chatbox saying that you have completed the Hard Tier of the Morytania Achievement Diary, and you can talk to Le-Sabre West of Canifis to claim your rewards.

Amidst an experience lamp worth 15k experience and many other rewards, you can claim a Bone Crusher from her free of charge.

Bone Crusher Upgrade

While the Bone Crusher alone is a fantastic item to have when completing any type of PvM content, it can be upgraded into a Bonecrusher Necklace by using it with a Dragonbone Necklace and a Hydra Tail.

The Bonecrusher Necklace combines the abilities of the Bone Crusher and the Dragonbone Necklace.

  • Bone Crusher: Crushes bones upon killing a creature and grants Prayer experience.
  • Dragonbone Necklace: Upon burying/ crushing a bone, restores a specified amount of Prayer Points while worn.

That is how to get a Bone Crusher in OSRS!

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