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Being diseased is one of the lesser-known and unique conditions in Old School RuneScape. Different from being poisoned or venomed, the disease condition doesn’t damage your hitpoint but instead drains your stats.

There are only a few monsters and interactions in OSRS that can disease a player, but when they do, they can pack a punch, being a real pain to get rid of.

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Unsurprisingly, regular Antipoisons won’t work to cure disease. But there are other methods of curing it that most players are unaware of.

You can cure disease in OSRS by either drinking a Relicym’s Balm or Sanfew Serum. You can also cure yourself by entering/exiting an instance area, dying, or drinking from an Ornate Rejuvenation Pool in a POH or the Ferox Enclave. Alternatively, you can quickly recover your stats by utilizing Restore Potions and Super Restore Potions.

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How to Cure Disease in OSRS

Before we talk about curing disease, we need to know which monsters can inflict disease and what the condition entails.

Which Monsters Inflict Disease

Currently, the only monsters in Old School RuneScape that can inflict disease are the creatures within Jiggig, the Ogre Ruins between Castle Wars, and the Feldip Hills.

This area is accessed while you are completing the “Zogre Flesh Eaters” quest and can be reached again after you complete it (i.e., for Treasure Trail locations).

The Zombies (Level-39), Skogres (Level-44), Zogres (Level-44), Fever Spiders (Level-49), and Slash Bash (Level-111) all have the ability to inflict disease.

Additionally, if you fail to pick the lock at the Ogre Coffin within Jiggig, there is a chance that you will be infected with disease.

What The Disease Condition Does

Like how poison inflicts damage with a green hitsplat and venom comes with a darker green hitsplat, disease will deal damage with a yellow hitsplat over your character and hitpoints icon.

However, unlike the previous two status effects, disease does not damage your hitpoints at all (nor your prayer). Instead, it will gradually reduce a random stat but the displayed amount until the disease wears off.

While it doesn’t sound like the end of the world, regeneration in Old School RuneScape (for any stat excluding prayer) occurs by 1 level every 60 seconds, so it can take a while if you do not have a cure or method of restoring your stats to recover.

Methods Of Curing Disease

Although not curing disease flat out, you can still use restoration potions to recover your stats instantaneously.

Super Restore Potions and Restore Potions are excellent ways of recovering your stats without having to spend a lot of gp.

If you want to get rid of disease in the middle of a fight, you can use a Sanfew Serum to cure yourself. In a single dose, you can be completely rid of disease indicated by your hitpoints icon returning to its normal red colour.

For a good middle ground, you can utilize a Relicym’s Balm (3 doses) to stop the disease condition from reducing your stats and removing the condition altogether.

While it will not fully cure you, using an Inoculation Bracelet will prevent the stat-draining effect of disease while you wear it.

Similar to our guide for removing skull in OSRS, you can also die or enter/exit an instanced area to remove the diseased condition.

While dying may not be ideal during a fight, it is an option to consider if you find yourself standing in the bank with your stats still being reduced.

As for entering/exiting an instanced area, such places include The Gauntlet minigame or Last Man Standing. This is also a great option for recovering both your hitpoints and the rest of your stats quickly.

Alternatively, you can always use an Ornate Rejuvenation Pool, either at the Ferox Enclave or in a Player Owned House (POH).

Even if you don’t have one built yourself, you can go to World 330 (the House Party World) and enter someone’s POH who does have it built.

That is how to cure disease in Old School RuneScape!

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