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From surviving against high-level PvM monsters to fighting off other players in PvP, having high-healing food in Old School RuneScape is essential to surviving most types of combat encounters.

Karambwans are a staple food to most OSRS players, as not only does it heal for a high amount of hitpoints, but it can be “tick-ate” alongside other foods and potions.

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But what exactly are Karambwans, and how can you cook them for yourself? All it takes is a little bit of questing and Cooking experience before you can cook this valuable food for yourself, whether to stock up on supplies or to sell as a reliable money-making method.

You can get Karamwans in Old School RuneScape by cooking Raw Karamwans at a range or fire once you have 30 Cooking and have completed the quest “Tai Bwo Wannai Trio”. ape. Be sure you are selecting to cook them thoroughly and not their poisoned version.

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How to Cook Karambwans in OSRS

Karambwans are a high-healing food that is commonly used in most PvM and PvP situations. Not only because it can heal 18 hitpoints at a time, but because it can be “tick-ate” with other food or potions.

This unique property means that you can quickly click on another food, then a Karambwan, to eat them both at the same time to gain an extraordinary amount of hitpoints back at once.

This skill allows you to save an extra second of eating to fight back in those critical moments where healing is essential.

Before we talk about cooking Karambwans, we need to mention the requirements to do so:

  • Completion of the “Tai Bwo Wannai Trio” quest.
  • 30 Cooking

During the quest, you are tasked with catching a Raw Karambwan and cooking it into its poisoned variant. However, once you complete the quest, you can talk to Tinsay afterwards, and he will teach you how to cook it properly.

Note: Remember to talk to Tinsay after the quest; you won’t be able to cook Karambwans thoroughly until you do so!

Once you learn how to cook them properly, you can stock up on Raw Karambwan however you please before cooking them.

Previously, in our levels 1-99 Fishing guide, we discussed how you can catch Karambwans, as they are only caught in a specific location.

Cooking Karambwans is done pretty similar to other food items in Old School RuneScape: use it on a Range and select the option to cook it.

Keep in mind that the option to cook it to the poisoned variant will still be on the menu, so be careful you are not accidentally cooking them incorrectly!

Furthermore, similar to how you can tick-eat Karambwans, you can also repeatedly click on a Raw Karambwan and the range while holding down the spacebar to cook them extremely fast.

Again: be sure the spacebar option is to cook the regular version and not the poisoned one, as you will get no experience and you won’t be able to eat/sell them.

Once you cook a Karambwan regularly, it will be set to “spacebar” when you open up the cooking menu again on the range.

For each Karambwan cooked, you will gain 190 Cooking experience. The burn rate for Karambwans is steep, as you will only stop burning them once you reach 99 Cooking.

Regardless, cooking Karambwans, previously detailed in our levels 1-99 Cooking training guide, are an excellent way to earn easy profit and Cooking experience.

Cooking Karambwans can be used as both a decent Cooking training and money-making method, as you can gain around 250k Cooking experience per hour while making around 250k-300k gp per hour if you decide to sell them all.

Those profit margins are also if you decide to buy the Raw Karambwans directly from the Grand Exchange, and can nearly double if you decide to fish them yourself (you’ll be cutting your Cooking experience in half, but you will gain double the profit and an equal amount of Fishing experience).

That is how to cook Karambwans in Old School RuneScape!

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