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Feathers are one of the most useful commodities in Old School RuneScape, being a core component for the Fletching and Fishing skill.

They can be used to create arrows to train Fletching, as a lure for Fishing, or even as a collection item stack for wealthy players who have too much gp (believe it or not, there’s a whole community around this).

That being said, they are sought after by players of all skill levels, and sometimes, getting them from the original source can be a pain.

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But aside from killing thousands of chickens, where can you buy feathers directly? In this article, we’ll discuss the different locations in Old School RuneScape where you can buy feathers so you can return back to your skilling grinds in no time!

The most common place you can buy feathers in OSRS is from the Grand Exchange, but you can buy a high quantity of feathers at the Fishing Guild and the Fishing Shops of Port Sarim, Rellekka, Miscellania, and Shilo Village.

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Where to Buy Feathers in Old School RuneScape

Killing endless monsters for a relatively cheap item can be time-consuming.

Thankfully, there are various shops in the game that offer Feathers for sale, saving you the hassle of having to break away from your skilling grinds!

The Grand Exchange

Of course, the number one place to buy anything in Old School RuneScape is the Grand Exchange.

Although this is not the case for Ironman accounts, being able to trade directly with any place across any server is a major time saver!

Feathers are currently going for about 2 gp each on the Grand Exchange.

But for those who want to purchase an extreme quantity of them, you should know that they have a buy limit of 30k when bought from the Grand Exchange, which refreshes every 4 hours.

The Fishing Guild North of Yanille

The shop that sells the most Feathers at one time is the Fishing Guild, which can be accessed if you have 68 Fishing.

This shop sells up to 1500 Feathers and 150 Feather packs at once.

Shantay’s Pass Shop in Al-Kharid

At the South-most point of Al-Kharid at Shantay’s Pass, Shantay himself has a shop that sells up to 500 Feathers and 50 Feather Packs at any given time.

Very handy for those who want to buy a bunch at once and hop worlds, as a bank chest is nearby to help you save them.

Gerrant’s Fishy Business Shop in Port Sarim

For new players who are just now wandering past Draynor Village and into Port Sarim, you can find the fishing shop at the South-side of the piers that sells up to 1000 Feathers and 100 Feather Packs at a time.

This is one of the more common locations that people visit. Newer players looking to train their Fishing level in Draynor Village can take a quick three-minute trip to Port Sarim for more Feathers when needed.

Ava’s Odds & Ends Shop in Draynor Manor

Players who have completed the “Animal Magnetism” quest can visit Ava in her shop in Draynor Manor to buy up to 1000 Feathers and 100 Feather Packs at once.

Ava’s devices are also one of the most effective Ranged combat items in Old School RuneScape, so players visiting her to grab them may also want to purchase feathers here when they can.

Fremennik Fishmonger in Rellekka

After completing “The Fremennik Trials” quest, you can access the fishing shop in Rellekka, which sells up to 1000 Feathers and 100 Feather Packs at a time.

Although this location is distant from most others, it is still useful to know about for Ironman accounts who want to stock up on feathers to grind out the rest of their Fishing/Fletching training.

Island Fishmonger in Miscellania

Akin to our previous location, if you have completed “The Fremennik Trials” quest to access Miscellania, you can further access the Island Fishmonger shop.

This shop sells up to 1000 Feathers and 100 Feather Packs at one time.

There are two locations in Miscellania and Etceteria that share the same stock and are named the same thing.

Fernahai’s Fishing Hut in Shilo Village

Players who are daring enough to trek through the Karamjian jungle and complete the “Shilo Village” quest can access Fernahai’s Fishing Hut. This shop sells up to 800 Feathers and 50 Feather Packs at a time.

High-level PvMers often visit this spot for another Slayer Task from Duradel, as well as skillers looking to do some gem mining.

Therefore, if you are ever about to do some of these activities, consider taking a short detour to stock up on Feathers when you can.

Lovecraft’s Tackle in Witchhaven

This is certainly one of the most interesting shops on our list. Lovecraft’s Tackle sells up to 1000 Feathers and 100 Feather Packs at a time.

What makes this shop unique is its inventory is shared with the one in Port Sarim, so if you buy Feathers here, the Feathers available in Port Sarim will go down.

That is where you can buy Feathers in Old School RuneScape!

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