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The easiest skill in Old School RuneScape to train to 99, Cooking is one of those skills that everybody loves. It has great experience rates, can be profitable while cooking certain types of food, and is overall relaxing.

Cooking is also one of the most common skills players reach 99 first, which can be noticeably seen by the vast number of untrimmed Cooking skillcapes compared to others.

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But when it comes to training Cooking, where are the best ranges/places to train? In this article, I am going to discuss the best places to cook in Old School RuneScape based on requirements, physical locations, and distance to a bank!

The best places to cook in OSRS are places that have a short distance between a range and a bank. Such places include the Myth’s Guild, the Hosidius Kitchen, the Cooks’ Guild, the fire in the Rogues’ Den, the sulfur vents in TzHaar City, or the range in Al-Kharid.

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Best Place to Cook in OSRS

As you progress in your Cooking training, you should always train in the best location possible that is close to a bank and provides any possible bonuses.

Thankfully, a couple of places in the game have both, but some ranges have requirements that keep the location reserved for players at higher levels.

The Myths’ Guild

After completion of the “Dragon Slayer II” quest, you will be able to access the Myths’ Guild.

Not only does the guild have incredibly useful skilling tools, shops, and an entire dungeon, but it is the only location in the entire game that has a range right next to a bank.

This greatly increases experience rates, as you do not need to run between a bank and range like other locations.

The Hosidius Kitchen

The range in Hosidius has a unique property where your chance to burn food decreases by 5%. This is a great way to save on food and increase your profit while cooking.

This range is also fairly close to a bank chest, only being 6 tiles away. However, you must have 100% Hosidius favour before you can use this range.

You can read our in-depth guide to getting 100% Hosidius favour as fast as possible for more info.

The Cooks’ Guild

Once you’ve reached 32 Cooking (not a high level at all), you can access the Cooking Guild just South of the Grand Exchange.

In order to enter, you must wear either a Chef’s hat, a Cooking skillcape, or Varrock Armour 3 or 4.

Inside the Cooks’ Guild is everything you need to make most foods in the game.

However, once you have either 99 Cooking or completed the Hard Tier Varrock Achievement Diary, you can access the bank booth right next to the cooking range.

Although a bit of a steep requirement, being able to use a range that is close to a bank is great when cooking mass quantities of food.

The Rogues’ Den Fire

In a hidden hideout under Burthrope, the Rogues’ Den contains the person who sells the Thieving Cape, Graceful set, the Rogues’ Den minigame, as well as a fire that is right next to Emerald Benedict, who can access your bank.

The main benefit is that there are no requirements to access this location, so you can benefit from having an extremely short bank-to-fire distance without having to level up in other skills.

Mol Ul Rek (TzHaar City) Sulfur Vents

Players can sacrifice a Fire Cape to access the inner portion of TzHaar City, home to the Inferno minigame, the higher tier of TzHaar monsters, and other amenities.

Throughout Mol Ul Rek, you can also use the sulfur vents to cook food.

Right next to the ban in the inner circle, players can use a sulfur vent to quickly cook food and reach their bank.

Although you will need to sacrifice a Fire Cape to access this location, it is still a great location to cook at if the other locations are unavailable.

Al-Kharid Range

F2P players who are unable to access any of the earlier locations may find the range in Al-Kharid to be their best spot for cooking.

It is still a bit longer of a distance from a bank than our earlier mentions, but for F2P players who still want to train cooking or stock up on food, this is still a good location to cook at.

Those are the best places to cook in Old School RuneScape!

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