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When the Great Kingdom of Kourend was introduced into Old School RuneScape, it came with a new favour system that hadn’t been seen before in the rest of the game.

Essentially: to gain full access to the benefits and rewards of the different cities, you have to do a repetitive number of tasks to earn “favour” for the respective city. At first, you had to maintain this favour by completing the tasks again after reaching 100%, but that has since been changed to where favour will no longer deplete for each city.

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Gaining favour is different for each of the cities, with Hosidius being one of the first cities players complete so they can access the Farming and Woodcutting guild. In this guide, I am going to talk about gaining Hosidius favor, as well as provide some tips and tricks to make gaining favour overall less painful in Old School RuneScape!

The fastest route to getting 100% Hosidius favour in OSRS is by ploughing the fields until you reach 5%, then stacking up on materials to make 950 Sulphurous Fertilizer turn into the Clerk to reach all the way to 100% Hosidius favour.

If you can’t get the materials/want to experience all of the methods of earning favour, you can complete “The Depths of Despair” quest for an extra 20% favour, cook meals in the Mess Hall, or plant grape seeds in the Vinery.

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How to Get Hosidius Favour in Old School RuneScape

Depending on how much favour you have, there will only be so many available things for you to do to gain more.

However, thankfully you will not have to worry about doing this again once you have reached 100%.

0% – Ploughing the Fields

When you are getting started, the only thing you will be able to do is plow the fields southeast of the main city area.

Before arriving here, make sure you have a hammer in your inventory (or grab the one that spawns on the south side of the area).

Find a plow and keep pushing it back and forth in a line. While doing so, you will randomly get 10 Farming exp.

Occasionally, you will have the plough itself break, which you will need to repair with a hammer.

This is one of the more tedious grinds to do among all the tasks you unlock, but you only need to reach 5% before you can move on to the next task.

5% – Making Sulphurous Fertiliser

To make Sulphurous Fertilizer to turn in to the nearby Clerk for Hosidius favour, you will need to combine Saltpetre with Compost buckets. To collect the Saltpetre manually, you will need a spade.

East of the Woodcutting Guild is an area of different Saltpetre deposits for you to mine from. When one of them becomes depleted, another will be available to collect from.

After mining the Saltpetre, you can deposit it in the nearby Bank Deposit Box and collect more. Compost can be bought from any desired source (Grand Exchange, Farming shops, etc.).

Afterward, you can go to a bank, and combine all of it together to create Sulphurous Fertilizer.

It is worth mentioning that the Clerk will be able to take all the Sulphurous fertilizers from your bank, so you will not need to make more than one trip.

Aside from collecting the Saltpetre manually, there is nothing stopping you from buying all of the materials from the Grand Exchange, making all of it at a bank, and turning it in at once.

Essentially, you can create enough Sulphurous Fertilizer from scratch to reach 100% favour and turn it in in a single trip.

If each bucket is worth .1% favour, you will need 950 Sulphurous Fertilizer buckets to jump all the way to 100% Hosidius Favour. Buying all the materials from the Grand Exchange will cost around 30k.

20% – “The Depths of Despair” Quest

Once you reach 20% Hosidius favour, you will be able to complete “The Depths of Despair” quest. 

Each of the different cities in Kourend has its own quest to complete, with Hosidius hosting this one.

After doing so, you will be rewarded with a Hosidius favour certificate that will give you 10% Hosidius favour.

45% – The Mess Hall

At 45%, players will gain access to the Mess Hall to cook for Shayzien soldiers.

It is worth noting that some Cooking levels are required to complete this activity (depending on the food that they desire).

Rotating between Meat Pie, Pineapple Pizza, or Stew, players must make the food that the Shayzien soldiers want the most. Once they make it, you can use it on the buffet to gain a certain amount of favour.

This method, along with planting grape seeds at the Vinery, is not really necessary as players can instantly reach 100% Hosidius favour by turning in the Sulphurous Fertilizer.

However, for those who want extra bits of Cooking experience, this task may be worth doing for your own personal reasons.

65% – Planting Grape Seeds at the Vinery

The last task available to gain Hosidius favour is planting grape seeds at the Vinery. You will need 36 Farming to do this activity. 

With Saltpetre in your inventory, you can use the provided Grape seeds on a vine patch to plant them. This is one of the faster tasks for gaining favour as each seed will give you .8% favour at a time.

“The Client of Kourend” Quest Reward

After completion of “The Client of Kourend” quest (a requirement for “The Depths of Despair), you will be rewarded with a certificate that gives 20% favour to any Kourend city of your choice.

Although other cities have more time-consuming tasks, you can choose to use this certificate for Hosidius to get the jump on accessing Hosidius’s rewards.

Hosidius Favour Rewards

The main reason why players grind out the favour system for each of the cities is to unlock the useful rewards that each of them provides.

Hosidius, which specializes in agriculture, has plenty of rewards that are mostly geared toward skillers.

  • 15% – Able to steal from the Fruit Stalls in Hosidius.
  • 35% – Unlocks the Spirit Tree Patch in Hosidius.
  • 50% – The Farming Patch in Hosidius becomes protected from disease.
  • 60% – Unlocks the Farming Guild (Also needs 45 Farming).
  • 65% – Able to plant Grape Seeds in the Vinery.
  • 75% – Unlocks the Woodcutting Guild (Also needs 60 Woodcutting).
  • 100% – Unlocks the Tithe Farm minigame (Also needs 34 Farming) and is able to use the Cooking Ranges in the Mess Hall.

That is how you get Hosidius Favour in Old School RuneScape!

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