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Corsair Cove is a tiny town in the far south of the Feldip Hills. It is also the home of “The Corsair Curse” quest, along with a few other unique features for OSRS players.

Reaching Corsair Cove is quite easy, but it can be tricky to find the people you need to speak with to do so.

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Below, I am going to explain how to reach Corsair Cove, as well as what this location has to offer in Old School RuneScape!

Corsair Cove can be reached in OSRS by talking to Captain Tock in Port Sarim if you have not completed the quest “The Corsair Curse”. If you have already completed “The Corsair Curse”, you can speak to him or Cabin Boy Colin in Rimmington. There are also ways to reach here by passing through the Feldip Hills or running from the Myth’s Guild.

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How to Get to Corsair Cove in Old School RuneScape

Figuring out how to get her at first can be tricky, as the main person you talk to changes locations after completing the quest that is associated with the area.

Sailing from Port Sarim/Rimmington

The easiest way to get to Corsair Cove is by talking to Captain Tock or Cabin Boy Colin. However, they will be in various locations depending on your status in “The Corsair Curse” quest.

  • If you haven’t started the quest, Captain Tock will be in Port Sarim.
  • If you have started but not completed the quest, Captain Tock will be in Rimmington.
  • If you have completed the quest, Cabin Boy Colin will be in Rimmington.

Running Through the Feldip Hills

Players in Old School RuneScape can reach Feldip Hills on their own and run south to Corsair Cove.

When running south from the Feldip Hills, you will also need at least 10 Agility to climb over the rocks to enter Corsair Cove.

There are multiple methods to do so:

  • Use Fairy Ring Code AKS, run south, and climb over the rocks. This requires at least partial completion of the “Fairytale II – Cure a Queen” quest.
  • Use a Gnome Glider to Feldip Hills and run south. This requires the completion of “The Grand Tree” and “One Small Favour” quests.
  • Use a Feldip Hills Teleport scroll and run south. These can be obtained through Treasure Trail rewards or bought from the Grand Exchange for around 700gp.
  • Use a Spirit Tree to teleport to the one in Feldip Hills and run east. This requires completion of the “Tree Gnome Stronghold” quest.

Running From the Myth’s Guild

Players who have completed the “Dragon Slayer II” quest will have access to the Myth’s Guild and can buy and use a Mythical cape, which provides unlimited teleports to the Myth’s Guild.

Alternatively, players who want to reach Corsair Cove may do so by teleporting to the Myth’s Guild and running east, as they are practically right next to each other.

This method is also much faster than running from the Feldip hills.

Corsair Cove Features

Corsair Cove is the primary location for “The Corsair Curse” quest, with players running around to solve a “curse” on a captain and his crew.

After completion of the quest, players will be able to access the bank booth.

Just to the west of Corsair Cove (before the Myth’s Guild), there is a dungeon area where players can fight Ogreeses (level 82).

There is also another entrance to this dungeon farther northwest of Corsair Cove, where players can access some Coal, Mithril, and Adamantite rocks to mine, although you can only access this area if you have 30 Agility.

North of Corsair Cove is the Feldip Hills hunting grounds, where players can train in low-level hunting, as well as hunt Red chinchompas at 63 Hunter.

In short, this is a great area for newer players of the game who are looking for other areas to explore outside the mainland.

It’s no wonder that people are wondering how to reach here, as there’s a healthy variety of low to medium-level content.

That is how to get to Corsair Cove in Old School RuneScape!

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