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Money makes the world go round, and in Old School RuneScape, it’s no exception.

Gold is important to reach level 99 in certain skills, getting the best-in-slot gear, accessing areas of the game, pretty much everything requires it. But with so many different routes to play this game, it can be daunting to find a money-making method that remains consistent.

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Here, we’re going to talk about three methods of making money in RuneScape: two of which have little to no requirements to be able to make a few hundred gp an hour, and one method for high-level players that can earn them millions!

In this guide, we’re going to talk about making money in OSRS through the Agility Pyramid, Fishing for Karambwans, and killing Vorkath. This will cover how to make money for both low-level and high-level players!

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Best Ways to Make Money in Old School RuneScape

Money is important for OSRS players, as it allows us to train expensive skills, get best-in-slot items, and overall thrive in the game.

But it can be tough to decide which money makers to go for, given there are literally hundreds of them available at any given time.

In this guide, I am going to talk about the bare minimum needed to earn an easy 200k-300k per hour doing two skilling methods, and then talk about how high-level players can earn nearly 1m gp per hour by killing a specific boss!

Running Through the Agility Pyramid (Best for Low-Level Players) – 200k per hour

The Agility Pyramid is a skilling minigame where players can climb to the top of it, retrieve the pyramid top, and turn it in for 10k gp at a time.

Each run only takes a few minutes to do, and with its extremely low requirements, it is a great method of making money for players just starting out or looking to rebuild.

Base Requirements

  • 30 Agility
  • Desert Robes/ Graceful Gear (Recommended)
  • Waterskins
  • 405 gp (To Buy a Shantay’s Pass and Travel via Magic Carpets, assuming players have not completed any tiers of the Desert Achievement Diary)

Setting Up

The Kharidian Desert will start to deal damage if you do not have filled Waterskins in your inventory.

They can be purchased from the Grand Exchange for around 150 gp or from Shantay at Shantay’s Pass for 30 gp.

Desert Robes can also be purchased from Shantay to help prevent heat damage, but it is recommended to wear the Graceful gear set if you have it to avoid having to bring energy-restoration potions while running the pyramid.

Players who have completed the “Lunar Diplomacy” quest can also have runes for the Humidify spell to be able to refill their Waterskins at any time.

They will need to have Water, Fire, and Astral runes in their inventory to do so.

Furthermore, if you have completed the Elite Tier Desert Achievement Diary, you can wear the Desert Tiara 4, which provides 100% heat protection from the desert.

Getting There

Start by making your way south of Al-Kharid, purchasing a Shantay’s Pass (5 gp), and passing the gate into the Kharidian Desert. From here, you have two options:

  • Run all the way through the Kharidian Desert to the Agility Pyramid.
  • Spend a minimum of 400 gp taking the Magic Carpet from Shantay’s Pass to Pollnivneach, then Pollnivneach to Sophanem, and running to the Agility Pyramid from there.

Alternatively, players with a Pharoh’s Sceptre can teleport directly there.

Collecting the Pyramid Tops

Once there, you can climb the stairs to begin. The goal is to circle and climb the entire pyramid, collecting the Pyramid Top at the very end and returning it to Simon Templeton back at the bottom.

Along the course, there will be various obstacles for you to climb, jump, and avoid.

Each time you fail an obstacle, you will be hit between 1-10 points of damage (depending on which obstacle it is).

The rate at which you fail an obstacle decreases based on your Agility level, with it being impossible to fail an obstacle at level 75.

Once you reach the top, REMEMBER TO GRAB THE PYRAMID TOP before climbing the stairs down. Otherwise, you will have climbed the whole thing for nothing and will need to start all over to grab another one.

At the end, use the Pyramid Top on Simon Templeton, and he will give you 10k gp as a reward.

On completing the course, you will have also gained a minimum of 722 Agility exp (scaling up depending on your Agility level).

At these rates, and varying on gear used and Agility level, you can expect around 200k gp and between 30k-40k Agility experience per hour.

Fishing Karambwans (Best for Low to Medium-Level Players) – 270k per hour

Here in Old School RuneScape, if we can relax and make gp at the same time, best believe that we’ll do find any method to do so.

For players looking for an AFK method of making almost 300k per hour, look no further than fishing Karambwans.

Base Requirements

  • 65 Fishing
  • “Tai Bwo Wannai Trio” Quest Completed
  • “Fairytale II – Cure a Queen” Partially Completed

Setting Up

The good news is: that you don’t have to worry about taking damage, nor having to focus so much on the screen with this method.

After completion of the Tai Bwo Wannai Trio quest, you will be able to fish for Karambwans using the Karambwan vessel you get during it (if you somehow lost it, it can be bought from Tiadeche in Tai Bwo Wannai Village for 2 gp).

After that, go back to the holy lake you went to during the quest (south of the Village) with a small fishing net and fish for Raw Karambwanji.

This is the bait used to catch Karambwans (fortunately, they are very quick to catch).

You can quickly use a Dramen or Lunar Staff to get here by using Fairy Code CKR, then the fishing spot at Fairy Code DKP.

Catching Karambwans

Once you have the bait, simply fish at the spot south of Musa Point (Fair Code DKP), and you’ll soon start catching Karambwans.

Utilizing the Fairy Rings, you can quickly access a bank and return, completing this cycle if you’re able to (The quickest route from a Fairy Ring to a bank is to the bank chest in Shayzien at Fairy Code DJR).

Through the completion of other Achievement Diaries and skilling, there are also other items you can bring along to increase your fishing gains:

  • Angler’s Gear can be worn to increase Fishing exp rates by 2.5%.
  • A Dragon’s Harpoon can be worn, using its special attack to give a +3 Fishing boost.
  • A Rada’s Blessing can be worn to give the chance to double catch Karambwans.
  • A Fish Barrel can be used to store extra fish, increasing your trips.
  • If you have completed the Lumbridge & Draynor Elite Diary, you do not have to bring a Dramen or Lunar staff.
  • If you use Spirit Flakes as bait, you get a 50% chance to double catch Karambwans.

Although this method heavily relies on partial completion of the Fairy Tale II quest, it is 100% worth it once it’s done.

This relatively AFK method can provide you an estimated 270k gp per hour while also giving you 30k Fishing experience per hour.

Killing Vorkath (Best for High-Level Players) – 1m per hour

Vorkath is the undead dragon that players kill during the “Dragon Slayer II” quest that becomes available as a boss after the completion of it.

Given the high requirements to gain access to it, Vorkath is arguably one of the most reliable ways that players can make money in Old School RuneScape!

Base Requirements

  • Completion of the “Dragon Slayer II” quest
  • High Combat Stats & Gear (85+ all around)
  • 70+ Prayer
  • A Teleport to Rellekka

Setting Up

Learning how to kill Vorkath can be a guide of its own, but for today I am going to give you a general rundown on how to fight Vorkath, as well as the potential rewards you can earn from doing so.

Here, we are going to rely on the Void Knight Outfit’s set bonus to give us a 10% Accuracy and Damage bonus to both Ranged and Melee combat.

Since Vorkath is considered Undead, the Salve’s amulet is a must when fighting it.

Obtained from the “Haunted Mine” quest, the base amulet gives a +16% Attack and Damage bonus to Melee stats.

However, the amulet can be enchanted by Tarn’s Diary in the Haunted Mine, then further imbued at the Nightmare Zone to instead give you 20% Attack and Damage bonus to ALL combat stats.

Our main weapon of choice will be the Toxic blowpipe, as its special attack gives us additional hitpoints over time, while also being efficient in terms of cost (only costing around 2.5m at the time of this article).

It is also highly advised to bring a Slayer staff with runes for the Crumble Undead spell to be able to quickly kill the Zombie spawn during the fight. You will learn why later in this article.

The most expensive item in our setup is the Bandos godsword, which drains a target’s combat stats based on the damage dealt during its special attack, starting with Defense.

Players can also bring a Dragon warhammer. However, it does not drain offensive stats like the Bandos godsword does.

Bring Chaos, Law, and Dust runes (preferably in a Rune Pouch) to be able to cast both Crumble Undead and Teleport to Home.

In your other equipment slots, bring your best-ranged gear to maximize your DPS, as well as stat-boosting potions in your inventory and a high-level food to heal from.

At higher levels, gear upgrades like Dragon hunter weaponry are fantastic to work towards, although they can cost somewhere between 60m-80m each.

Getting There

The most common method that players reach Vorkath is by using POH portals.

In your home, you can set one up by going to Waterbirth Island, then take the boat to Rellekka where you can find Torfinn to take you to it.

Alternatively, players can go to World 330 (the House Party world) and use the POH of someone else.

This is beneficial for players who do not have the Construction requirements to make one.

Chances are they will also have a rejuvenation pool in their POH where you can restore all your stats in between trips.

Killing Vorkath

Vorkath has multiple special attacks that it can throw at you, so it is best to be on your guard and alert to what is happening, especially if you have never done it before.

Post completion of the “Dragon Slayer II” quest, Vorkath is nearly double the strength they were when you fought it originally, so be prepared to wipe a couple of times before you build the muscle memory for the fight.

Right before you climb the Ice chunks, check these things before starting the fight:

  • Set quick prayers to “Protect from Magic” and “Rigour” (if you have it unlocked, which is highly recommended).
  • Set the Crumble Undead spell on your Slayer staff.
  • Drink a dose of your Super Combat, Ranging, Extended Super Antifire, and Anti-Venom+ potions.
  • Equip your Melee gear and pre-activate the special attack for your Bandos Godsword (or Dragon Warhammer)
  • Turn your run OFF.

At the start of the fight, hit Vorkath with your Bandos Godsword twice, then immediately back up so it can’t hit you with Melee, and switch to your ranged gear.

If you hit zero or low damage with your Bandos Godsword, it may be worth it to teleport out, restore your stats, and try again to optimize your kill times.

With your ranged gear one, keep an eye on your health and prayer points, as well as the different special attacks that Vorkath will do, and react accordingly:

  • Mortar-like Dragonfire Attack: A slow-traveling ball of fire will rain from above towards you. Move at least two tiles away from it, or you will be hit with heavy damage.
  • Acid Pool: Vorkath will spit acid all over the arena and begin to shoot a rapid-fire attack towards you. Stay calm and WALK between the acid pools to prevent being damaged. If you accidentally step on a pool, you will not only be damaged, but it will heal Vorkath in the process.
  • Zombified Spawn: Vorkath will occasionally freeze you and summon a Zombified Spawn, which will start to talk towards you. Switch to your Slayer staff and (with Crumble Undead set on it already), click to attack the Zombified Spawn to kill it instantly. If the spawn reaches you, you will be hit with heavy damage.
  • Purple Dragonfire: A purple dragon attack will hit you and deactivate your prayers. Simply reactivate them by using your quick prayers.

After you have killed Vorkath, loot the drops and assess your inventory if you can do another kill or two. If not, use the Teleport to Home spell to teleport out, rejuvenate your combat stats, and go again.

By being aware of what is happening and getting more familiar with the different attacks, you will soon find yourself being able to kill Vorkath without much worry.

Vorkath’s drop table is ridiculously high compared to most other bosses, with it averaging around 150k per kill in the form of Superior dragon bones, rune and dragon items, and high-cost skilling ingredients.

It also has an extremely high chance of dropping the Skeletal visage at a 1/5000 drop rate (which is currently going for around 7m).

Vorkath also has a 1/3000 chance of giving you the Vorki pet, or a Jar of decay.

On average, you can easily kill Vorkath between 10 times per hour (while being relaxed), earning you upwards of 1m gp per hour.

In Conclusion

Regardless of whether you are just starting out with the game or a high-level PvMer, there are endless ways to make money on Old School RuneScape.

Here, we discussed three of the best methods of making money at varying skill levels where players can earn an incredible amount of gp per hour.

Those are three of the best ways to make money in Old School RuneScape!

Have any input or suggestions for this guide? Let us know in the comment section below.


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