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Crandor is one of the most infamous locations in OSRS, as it is the end location for players completing the “Dragon Slayer I” quest.

However, reaching this location can be a bit tricky after the quest, as you’re not able to use the same ship you did during the quest.

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In this guide, I’m going to detail how to get to Crandor in Old School RuneScape.

In Old School RuneScape, Crandor can be reached by traveling to Musa Point in Karamja, going into the volcano, opening the wall into Elvarg’s area, and climbing up the ladder. Please note that the wall will only be accessible after the completion of the Dragon Slayer I quest.

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How to Get to Crandor in OSRS

Crandor can be reached in a couple of different ways, either by sailing from Port Sarim or teleporting to closer locations.

Starting from Port Sarim

Start by going to Port Sarim and paying one of the sailors 30gp to take you to Musa Point.

From there, run west until you reach the top of the volcano.

When you reach the volcano, you will find a rope for you to climb down.

Alternatively, if you have a members account in Old School RuneScape, you will be able to use an Amulet of Glory with charges to directly teleport to the banana plantation on Musa Point. This will prevent having to pay the 30gp toll.

Also, if you have fairy rings unlocked, you can use fairy code BLP to teleport to the Tzhaar city, leaving the cave entrance to the north straight into the volcano’s dungeon.

In The Volcano

Once you’re in the volcano, run past the Skeletons (level 22) and Deadly red spiders (level 34), and you’ll come across a wall.

If you haven’t completed Dragon Slayer I, you won’t be able to access it.

Once through the wall, run past the Lesser Demons (level 82) and Skeletons (level 45), and you will find a rope to climb up.

Once you climb up, you will find yourself in the center portion of Crandor!

Visiting Crandor

The island itself has various ore rocks for you to mine, but they are too far from a bank for them to be viable mining routes.

It is also covered in Lesser demons (level 82), Skeletons (level 25), and Hobgoblins (level 28) to fight.

You can also see the ruins of the Lady Lumbridge from the Dragon Slayer I quest on the north side of the map.

I hope you enjoyed this guide to reaching Crandor in Old School RuneScape!

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