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The Great Kingdom of Kourend is home to some of the most interesting content in Old School RuneScape. Each of the different cities has their own themes, storylines, and activities that players can do.

Specifically, Hosidius has the Woodcutting Guild, the Tilthe Farming minigame, the Forthos Dungeon, Watson, and so much more.

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But what are the easiest ways to reach Hosidius and navigate this vast city? In this guide, I am going to list various methods of reaching Hosidius, as well as some of the activities you can do there in Old School RuneScape!

By far, the fastest way to reach Hosidius in OSRS is by teleporting with a charged Xeric’s Talisman and selecting the “Xeric’s Glade” option. OSRS players can also use the Kharedst’s Memoirs to teleport here. Other methods include a Skilling necklace, a Rada’s blessing, a Watson teleport, or just walking from the boat from Port Sarim.

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How to Get to Hosidius in Old School RuneScape

As you can tell, there are a number of ways to reach this city. In a previous article, we discussed the different ways to reach the Great Kingdom of Kourend in general, but now we are going to focus on Hosidius directly.

Using a Xeric’s Talisman

A Xeric’s Talisman loaded with charges allows a player to teleport to five different locations in Great Kourend (the fifth option unlocked after earning an Ancient Tablet from the Chambers of Xeric raid). One of them, of course, being Hosidius.

By selecting the “Xeric’s Glade” option, you will be teleported just northeast of the farming patch in Hosidius.

A perfect spot to quickly do your farming runs while also being near the entrance to the Forthos Dungeon to the west and the bank to the north.

Using the Kharedst’s Memoirs

The Kharedst’s Memoirs is an item that is given after completion of the “Client of Kourend” quest.

Afterward, if you complete the associated subquest for each city, you will be able to teleport there using the memoirs.

For Hosidius, you will also need to complete the “Depths of Despair” quest to unlock the memoirs and teleport to Hosidius; you will end up just east of the cooking range.

The memoirs themselves need to be recharged with 1 Law, Body, Mind, and Soul rune at the Old Memorial in Land’s End.

Using a Skilling Necklace

The Skilling necklace can teleport players to various skilling guilds in Old School RuneScape, including the Woodcutting guild.

Selecting the Woodcutting guild option will teleport you to the south portion of Hosidius.

It is worth mentioning that you do NOT need the 60 Woodcutting requirement to enter the Woodcutting Guild, as the teleport brings you outside the gate.

Using a Rada’s Blessing

The Rada’s Blessing is a reward given from the different tiers of the Kourend & Kebos Achievement Diary.

After completing the Easy Tier, you will be rewarded with said blessing that can teleport you to the Kourend Woodland up to 3 times a day.

At the Medium Tier, you will be able to teleport here up to 5 times a day. Then at the High Tier, you will earn unlimited teleports to the Kourend Woodland.

Using a Watson Teleport

Players in Old School RuneScape who complete clue scrolls often should be familiar with Watson and the associated teleport scroll.

A Watson Teleport scroll can be obtained as a Treasure Trail reward or bought from the Grand Exchange for around 11k gp.

Upon use, you will teleport straight to Watson, just north of the Forthos Dungeon and south of Kourend Castle.

Traveling from the Mainland

If, for some reason, any of the previous teleport options are unavailable, you can always travel to Hosidius on foot.

You can start by taking the boat from Port Sarim to the piers right next to Piscarilius, then follow the path south for a while until you reach the center of Hosidius’s main city area.

Things to Do in Hosidius

Once you are here in Hosidius, there are several things that you can partake in.

Whether it is skilling, bossing, or other different challenges, there is plenty to do here!

The Woodcutting Guild

OSRS players with 60 Woodcutting will be able to access the Woodcutting Guild.

This guild has all sorts of trees for people to chop, including the fabled Redwood Trees at the back of the guild that can be cut at 90 Woodcutting.

The Forthos Dungeon

Those on the adventurous side can find themselves in the Forthos Dungeon, where they can fight Red Dragons, Undead Druids, and dangerous Spiders, including the Sarachnis spider boss.

There is also interesting lore behind the dungeon itself for you to learn about, specifically around the various altars and people you can find here to talk to.

Be sure to hold onto any Grubby Keys you may find, as they can be used on the locked chest in the back of the dungeon!

The Farming Patch

Farmers in OSRS who want another patch to help with their herb runs can use the Glade teleport option on the Xeric’s Talisman to quickly reach the patch in Hosidius.

Furthermore, if you have at least 50% Hosidius favour, the patch becomes immune to disease, maximizing your crop yield!

Tithe Farm Minigame

This minigame continues off of the previous farming theme and gives players the chance to earn special rewards through farming.

Rewards include herb boxes, the Farming skilling outfit, the Seed Box, and other extremely useful rewards.

Watson’s Master Clues

Watson is the person you speak to if you want to turn in a Beginner, Easy, Medium, Hard, and Elite clue in exchange for a Master clue.

These clues have steps that can be extremely difficult to complete, oftentimes having players go into the Wilderness for various tasks.

However, Master clue caskets not only have a chance of turning into a Mimic for you to fight (giving you an extra reward slot), but the caskets themselves include rewards that can range in the billions of gp.

That is how you get to Hosidius in Old School RuneScape!

Do you have any input or suggestions for this guide? Let us know in the comment section below.


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