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The Fletching skill in Old School RuneScape is the fastest skill to train to level 99. This is due to the fact that some of the trading methods provide experience rates in the hundreds of thousands.

When it comes to making darts, you can gain decent Fletching experience while not having to spend an absurd amount of money.

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However, there are some requirements before you can make darts, as well as some materials you will need in the first place. In this article, I am going to lay out how you can make darts in Old School RuneScape!

To make darts in OSRS, you need to use feathers on dart tips. Each can be acquired either from the Grand Exchange, monster drops, or made through skilling. However, you will need to complete “The Tourist Trap” quest before you are allowed to smith dart tips.

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How to Make Darts in OSRS

Detailed in the intro, making darts can earn you great experience rates, topping out at around 270k exp per hour without going broke on gp.

Also, because of the fact that making darts is a single action (two-clicks), you can have three inventory slots dedicated to fletching materials to fletch in your downtime while completing other activities.

Making Darts

In order to make darts in OSRS, you need two things: feathers and dart tips. Both of them can be bought from the Grand Exchange.

However, you should know that dart tips have a buy limit that is lower than feathers, so if you are doing long-term Fletching, you will need to wait a bit before buying massive quantities.

Before you can smith Dart tips, you must complete “The Tourist Trap” quest. It is worth noting that you do not need to complete the quest to make Darts, only to smith the Dart tip component.

If you’re an Ironman account (or impatient), Feathers can be obtained all over the game through a variety of sources (you can check out our guide on all the places that sell feathers in massive quantities for more info).

Dart tips are made by smithing bars on an anvil with the appropriate smithing level, but they are also commonly dropped by monsters all over Gielinor.

Once you have a stack of Feathers and Dart tips in your inventory, you can simply click on the Feathers and use them on the Dart tips to instantly make 10 Darts.

Because there is no chat prompt that appears when making them, you can spam between two inventory spots to make a massive amount of Darts in one sitting.

Because you can bring as many Feathers and Dart tips as you can anywhere in the game to make them, paired with the fact that there’s no action interruption when making them, you can do passive Fletching training while completing other skills or content.

Experience Rates When Making Darts

Making Darts is relatively low-cost and easy compared to other training methods in the game.

The experience rates will scale according to which Dart you are currently making.

Fletching LevelDart Metal TypeEstimated Fletching Exp. Per Hour (Buy Limit)
10Bronze22k (13k)
22Iron50k (13k)
37Steel98k (13k)
52Mithril224k (20k)
67Adamant290k (20k)
81Rune205k (11k)
90Amethyst231k (11k)
95Dragon275k (11k)

That is how to make darts in Old School RuneScape!

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