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There are a few items in Old School RuneScape history that represent a milestone to account progression, like Barrows Gloves.

These gloves (once the best-in-slot gloves in the entire game) not only show off the fact that the player has done a lot of questing, but they give both attack and defensive bonuses across all combat stats, something that very few items in the game do!

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So how does one get these powerful gloves, and what requirements do you need in the first place? Today, I am going to talk all about Barrows gloves and how to get them in Old School RuneScape!

Barrows Gloves can be bought in OSRS from the Culinaromancer’s Chest in the basement of Lumbridge Castle for 130k (104k if you have completed the Elite Tier Lumbridge & Draynor Achievement Diary). In order to access the chest and be able to buy them, you must first complete the entirety of “Recipe for Disaster”.

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How to Get Barrows Gloves in Old School RuneScape

Barrows gloves (for good reason) aren’t something you can get fresh off of Tutorial Island. In fact, this is one of the more time-consuming grinds in the game, but trust me when I say that it will be worth it.

The general hard requirement to get Barrows gloves is completing all of the “Recipe for Disaster” quest.

I say “all of the” quest because there are 8 different subquests, plus a boss fight that you need to complete to finish it.

To make sure this article doesn’t turn into a full-fledged quest guide, I will only talk briefly about each of the subquests, as well as all the skilling requirements you will need for each one of them.

Recipe for Disaster Overview

OSRS players can start “Recipe for Disaster” after completion of the “Cook’s Assistant” quest while also having 10 Cooking.

Much of the requirements for each subquest are not that simple.

  • Freeing Sir Amik Varze
    • 107 Quest Points
    • Completion of the “Family Crest”, “Heroes’ Quest”, “Shilo Village”, “Underground Pass”, and “Waterfall Quest” quests.
    • Started “Legends’ Quest” (to enter the Kharazi Jungle)
    • Need to kill a Black Dragon (Level-227)
  • Freeing King Awowogei
    • 70 Cooking
    • 48 Agility
    • Completion of the “Monkey Madness I” quest.
    • Need to kill a Big Snake (Level-84)
  • Freeing Evil Dave
    • 25 Cooking
    • Completion of the “Gertrude’s Cat” and “Shadow of the Storm” quests.
  • Freeing the Goblin Generals
    • Completion of the “Goblin Diplomacy” quest.
  • Freeing the Lumbridge Guide
    • 40 Cooking
    • Completion of the “Big Chompy Bird Hunting”, “Biohazard”, “Demon Slayer”, “Murder Mystery”, “Nature Spirit”, and “Witch’s House” quests.
  • Freeing the Mountain Dwarf
    • Completion of the “Fishing Contest” quest.
    • Need to kill an Icefiend (Level-13)
  • Freeing Pirate Pete
    • 31 Cooking
    • Need to kill 5 Mudskippers (Level-31)
  • Freeing Skrach Uglogwee
    • 41 Cooking
    • 20 Firemaking
    • Completion of the “Big Chompy Bird Hunting” quest.

Technically speaking, there is also a requirement of 175 Quest Points to complete the quest.

88 of those Quest Points will be obtained by completing all of the required quests and each of the subquests, so you will need to do a few extra to make sure you pass the requirement.

Each of the subquests will involve you making a special food for each of the respective council members.

Once you do so, you will need to fight off the Culinaromancer to complete the quest.

Once all of “Recipe for Disaster” is finished, you will be able to use the Culinaromancer’s Chest in the basement of Lumbridge Castle not just as a bank chest but as a store to buy basic cooking ingredients and, of course, the coveted metal gloves.

Acquiring Barrows Gloves

Barrows Gloves can be bought for 130k (104k if you have completed the Elite Tier Lumbridge & Draynor Achievement Diary) from the Culinaromancer’s Chest.

Despite most high-level glove-slot items surpassing these gloves in terms of attack bonus (i.e. Ferocious Gloves for Melee, Tormented Bracelet for Magic), they still provide great all-around attack bonuses across all combat styles while still having equally the same stats on the defensive side.

These gloves also provide an insane +12 Strength bonus, which will instantly increase any player’s maximum hit when using the melee combat style.

That is how you get Barrows Gloves in Old School RuneScape!

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