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Ironman accounts will do whatever it takes to get the best gear upgrades in the game, including grinding out obscure methods to get what they need.

Uncut onyxs are a commonly sought-after item (for any player, for that matter) to earn some of the best in slot jewelry upgrades. The most common method for Ironman accounts involves purchasing one from the TzHaar jewelry shop.

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However, the shop doesn’t take normal gp as a currency, so players will have to resort to obtaining Tokkul (often by selling chaos runes) to then use to buy their highly sought-after Uncut onyx. Below, we’re going to talk about the logistics behind selling Chaos runes for Tokkul and how many Chaos runes you will need to buy an Uncut onyx in Old School RuneScape!

The quick answer is that if you want to buy an Uncut onyx in Old School RuneScape, and are selling Chaos runes to earn Tokkul, you will need to sell around 30k Chaos runes to the TzHaar Rune Store to get around 300k Tokkul in return. However, if you have completed at least the Easy Tier Karamja Achievement Diary, you will only need to sell around 28k Chaos runes.

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How Many Chaos Runes Do You Need to Sell for An Uncut Onyx in OSRS

In Old School RuneScape, ironman accounts have the added restriction of not being able to buy items normally from other players. This means they need to get everything naturally on their own from the world of Gielinor.

Onyxs are used to create some of the best jewelry in the game, including the Amulet of fury, Regeneration bracelet, and as a sub-component for Zenyte jewelry.

Higher-level accounts can get one as a drop from various bosses, including Zulrah, Zalcano, or Skotizo.

However, for those who want a much safer alternative, Ironman accounts often resort to buying an Uncut onyx from the Gem Store in the TzHaar city.

Mol Ul Rek (TzHaar City) does not accept regular gp, but only their form of currency called Tokkul which can be obtained through several methods.

The most common involves selling Chaos runes to the Rune Store. Chaos runes are a relatively cheap commodity that Ironman accounts can get much quicker than they would Tokkul.

You will need between 30k-28k Chaos runes (depending on if you have Karamja gloves or not) to earn enough Tokkul to buy an Uncut onyx.

The method to sell them is simple: sell about 1k of them to the Rune Store, then hop worlds, sell another 1k Chaos runes, and keep going until you get 300k Tokkul.

You want to keep hopping worlds to prevent each of the stores from being overstocked, as this will cause the value you get in return for the Chaos runes to drop significantly.

Additionally, if you have completed the Easy Tier Karamja Achievement Diary, you will have a discounted price on items from all stores, as well as earn more Tokkul in return for selling items.

Please note that you will need to be WEARING the gloves for this to take effect.

Once you have your 300k Tokkul, you can walk over to the Gem Store and buy yourself an Uncut onyx!

That is the number of Chaos runes you will need to buy an Onyx in Old School RuneScape!

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