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In Old School RuneScape, players who are training their Farming level will do whatever it takes to make sure their allotments thrive.

There are a variety of supplements and boosts you can do to have a plentiful harvest, one of them by using compost or their upgraded version, “Supercompost”, on your patches while it is growing.

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But what exactly is Supercompost, and how can you make it for yourself? In this guide, I am going to show you the step-by-step process of making Supercompost, as well as provide additional information about compost that will benefit your Farming in Old School RuneScape!

In Old School RuneScape, Supercompost can be made by placing 15 produce items into a compost bin. Over time, it will break down, with you eventually being able to collect it using buckets. You can also make Supercompost by using a dose of Compost potion on a regular bucket of compost.

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How to Make Supercompost in OSRS

Making Supercompost is incredibly easy. However, it is not an instant process.

The most common way that OSRS players make Supercompost is to passively make them during farming runs, as this will save time and effort.

Making Supercompost at a Farming Patch

At a farming patch (any of them in the game), you will find a compost bin that anybody can use.

To start the process, you will need to add 15 pieces of produce to the bin and close it for the Supercompost to be gradually made over the course of around 90 minutes.

Not every type of produce will be available for use in a compost bin, but the most common ones are the following:

  • Watermelon
  • Pineapple
  • Snape Grass
  • Mushroom
  • Poison Ivy Berries
  • Calquat Fruit

By far, the best item to use to make Supercompost is watermelon, as they can be grown at every farming patch (saving inventory space), and they are incredibly cheap compared to other applicable materials.

There are also various herbs and tree roots that can be used, but they are not worth using due to their price.

Once the Supercompost is complete, you can empty the compost bin with 15 empty buckets in your inventory to obtain 15 buckets of Supercompost. All of which can be stored at the nearby Tool Leprechaun.

Making Supercompost Using Potions

If you are looking for a quicker alternative to making Supercompost, you can buy both regular compost as well as a Compost potion and combine them to make Supercompost.

This is a very quick process, as well as cheap since the total cost for a single bucket is only around 100gp.

Supercompost Alternatives

In addition to Supercompost, there are other alternatives that OSRS players can use to assist them on their farming journey.


Much like Supercompost is the upgraded version of regular Compost, Ultracompost is another step up from Supercompost.

Ultracompost can be made by using two Volcanic Ashes on a Supercompost bucket. This will instantly turn the bucket into Ultracompost.

Volcanic Ash can be found around Fossil Island, either mined from various rocks or obtained as a drop from the monsters that reside there.

Players are encouraged to use Ultracompost over Supercompost, as it not only gives an increased harvest rate on your allotments but also reduces the chance their patches become diseased.

“Fertile Soil” Spell from Lunar Spellbook

Players who have completed the “Lunar Diplomacy” quest, along with 83 Magic, will have access to the Fertile Soil spell.

This spell, as the name suggests, can be cast on any farming allotment to fertilize the soil to the same effect as Supercompost.

This spell also requires 15 Earth, 3 Astral, and 2 Nature runes to cast.

Furthermore, if you have unlocked the “Ash Covered Tome” from the Volcanic Mine minigame, you can cast this spell along with two volcanic ashes to treat the allotment to the same effect as Ultracompost.

That is how you make Supercompost in Old School RuneScape!

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