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The only thing better than taking on some of the toughest bosses, completing engaging minigames, or killing players in the Wilderness is doing all of that with friends!

The clan system in Old School RuneScape makes that possible: allowing players to manage and organize a guild of players with customizable ranks, clan announcements, and a dedicated chat channel.

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But what does it take to join a clan or even make one in the first place? Today, I will talk about the requirements to join a clan and make one of your own in Old School RuneScape!

To join a clan in OSRS, you can either have a clan member wield a Clan Vexillum to recruit you directly, go to the clan hub in the Grand Exchange to send an application, or search for a clan in the clan chat channel and apply there.

As for making a clan in OSRS, you and four other accounts can go to the Clan Hub Clerk in the Grand Exchange to make a clan of your own.

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How to Join or Make a Clan in Old School RuneScape

When it comes to clans, there are a couple of requirements when it comes to managing and creating them.

Although most of it is simple, some of it tends to go overlooked and can cause a bit of confusion.

Joining a Clan

There are a number of ways for players to join a clan in Old School RuneScape.

But before attempting to join a clan, be sure that your account follows the clan requirements, as you will not be able to receive an invite/ send an application before doing so.

Most high-level clans typically require a certain base combat stats, while others require a certain number of quest points to help vet out bots. All of which will be up to the leaders of the clan you are joining for setting.

It is worth mentioning that there are two official worlds for clan recruiting where clans typically go to start off: World 477 and World 497.

Once you are sure that your account follows all of the clan’s requirements, here are the different ways you can receive an invite/ send an application:

  • Search for the clan in the Clan Recruitment Board in the southeast corner of the Grand Exchange and apply. You must be on the same world that the clan is hosted on and the clan must be posted on the board from an already active member.
  • With a clan member wielding a Clan Vexillum, have them right-click on you and select the “Invite” option. Then they can go through the applicants menu in the Clan Hub and approve you for membership.
  • Go to the chat channels tab in your HUD and go to the “View Another Clan” tab. Search for the desired clan and join as a guest. You will then be able to click on the settings option in that same menu and send an application.

Making a Clan

The process of making a clan of your own is always a fun process, as you get to customize all the fine details!

To start, you must go to the Clan Hub in the southeast corner of the Grand Exchange where you can start the process by talking to the Clan Hub Clerk.

You must have a minimum of five players to start, and each of you must have a minimum of 25 hours of playtime to make the guild (for bot protection).

By talking to the Clan Hub Clerk, you will be able to invite said members and come up with a unique clan name to make it official.

Once the clan is created, you will be able to customize which icons go to which titles, what kind of permissions are set to different ranks, the clan requirements when it is posted on the recruitment board, chat announcements, and so much more! You can have up to 500 clan members, so make it as fine-tuned as possible!

If things don’t work out, the founding members can talk to the Clan Hub Clerk to delete the clan.

Also, owners can resign at any point, with primary ownership of the guild passing to the next highest player after a 7-day waiting period.

That is how you can join or make a clan in Old School RuneScape!

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