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There’s nothing like a cute ball of fur to follow you into the most dangerous areas in Old School RuneScape. Cats are pets in the game that will follow your character around, much like the much rarer boss and skilling pets in the game.

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Unlike most pets, cats must be cared for before they can grow into a full adult. Thankfully, getting a cat in the first place is a simple thing to do.

To get a cat in OSRS, you must complete the “Gertrude’s Cat” quest. Then you will be rewarded with a kitten that you can take care of to raise into a cat.

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How to Get a Cat in OSRS

To get a cat in Old School RuneScape, you first need to complete the “Gertrude’s Cat” quest. The quest itself is extremely simple and does not require any quest or skilling requirements.

Gertrude can be found in her home just Southwest of the West Varrock Bank. After learning that she lost her cat and bringing it back to her, she can offer you kittens as a reward.

From here, you can start taking care of your kitten so it can fully grow into a cat!

Raising Your Kitten Into a Cat

Kittens must be consistently fed with fish, such as Sardines or Tuna, to grow. If not, they will pass away, and you will need to get a new Kitten to start the process over.

Kittens must also be played so they do not get bored and run away. This can be done by “Petting” or “Playing” with them while they are on the ground following you.

Subsequent Kittens can be bought from Gertrude for 100gp each; however, only one Kitten may be held at a time.

It will take around three hours of care for a Kitten to grow into an Adult Cat. Once they do so, they no longer need to be fed and will not disappear when they follow you.

Despite being fully grown, you can continue to feed and play with them so they grow into the older stages of a cat. They will eventually grow into “Overgrown,” “Wily,” and finally, “Lazy” cats.

After completing the “Evil Dave” subquest for “Recipe for Disaster,” you can grow your cat into a “Hellcat” variant.

What Are Cats Used For?

Cats in Old School RuneScape are used for a handful of things. For starters, they are key components for completing several quests, including:

  • Icthlarin’s Little Helper
  • Ratcatchers
  • A Tail of Two Cats
  • Recipe for Disaster – Evil Dave subquest

For Ironman accounts and new accounts who want to earn easy gp, Cats can be given to various people within West Ardougne in exchange for 100 Death Runes.

Furthermore, if you have completed the Easy Tier Ardougne Achievement Diary, the amount goes up to 200 Death Runes.

That is how to get a cat in Old School RuneScape!

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