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There are 160 Quests in Old School RuneScape, all of which vary in difficulty, storylines, pacing, and rewards.

While quests are meant to provide in-depth lore and story to the world of Gielinor, they also provide an array of incredible rewards that all players should strive for.

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From combat-based rewards to new skilling methods, quests carry players all over Old School RuneScape and give an assortment of unlocks that increase account progression tenfold.

The best quest rewards in OSRS include Ava’s Devices, Fairy Rings, and Barrows Gloves. Countless quests unlock critical areas of OSRS, like Fossil Island and Morytania. Many Grandmaster-level quests also reward players with the opportunity to fight high-level monsters, like Vorkath and Demonic Gorillas.

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Best Quest Rewards in OSRS

When discussing the best rewards you can get from Quests in Old School RuneScape, the ones that come to mind are quests that serve as hard requirements for specific endgame activities and rewards that boost your account in various ways.

This can be based on combat, skilling, or even quality-of-life features that make playing Old School RuneScape much easier by completing the quest.

These are the quests that give some of the best quest rewards in OSRS:

Animal Magnetism – Ava’s Devices

After completing the “Animal Magnetism” quest, you can use Ava’s Devices, the best-in-slot Ranged for the Cape slot.

The quest itself isn’t too difficult, but it does have a decent amount of requirements to complete:

  • Completed Quests:
    • The Restless Ghost
    • Ernest the Chicken
    • Priest in Peril
  • Skill Requirements:
    • 18 Slayer
    • 19 Crafting
    • 30 Ranged
    • 35 Woodcutting

These devices not only provide a decent amount of Ranged stat bonuses, but they can return a portion of your Ranged ammunition, prolonging your trips and saving you a ton of gp in the long run.

There are three different devices: the Ava’s Attractor (obtained after the quest), the Ava’s Accumulator (requiring 50 Ranged), and the Ava’s Assembler (requiring 70 Ranged and Vorkath’s Head).

Bone Voyage – Fossil Island

By completing the “Bone Voyage” quest, you can go to Fossil Island, which comes with a ton of new combat, both combat and skilling-based.

The “Bone Voyage” quest itself is short and only has minimal requirements:

  • Completed Quests:
    • The Dig Site
  • Other Requirement:
    • At least 100 Kudos at the Varrock Museum

Fossil Island has entire dungeons, new skilling methods, a boss, and new minigames to explore. Some of these include:

  • Volcanic Mine Minigame – AFK Mining Training Method
  • Birdhouses – Passive Hunter Training Method
  • Hardwood Tree Patches – Farming Training Method
  • Herbiboar – Hunter Training Method
  • Deranged Archeologist – Boss
  • Ancient Wyvern – Slayer Monster
  • Seaweed Patches – Farming Training Method

Fossil Island itself is a completed area, but there are many more areas to explore after completing a single quest.

Desert Treasure I & Desert Treasure II: The Fallen Empire – Ancient Spell Book & Four New Bosses

The original “Desert Treasure I” is one of the most iconic quests in Old School RuneScape. However, it comes with a fair bit of requirements, and you will need to defeat four different bosses to complete it:

  • Completed Quests:
    • The Dig Site
    • Temple of Ikov
    • The Tourist Trap
    • Troll Stronghold
    • Priest in Peril
    • Waterfall Quest
  • Skill Requirements:
    • 53 Thieving
    • 50 Magic
    • 50 Firemaking
    • 10 Slayer

After completing the first Desert Treasure quest, you will unlock the Ancient Spellbook, a devastating list of spells used in both Slayer and high-level PvM scenarios.

Ancient Spells, specifically the Barrage spells, are also used in PvP fights and for high-experience/high-cost Magic training methods.

The sequel to this quest, “Desert Treasure II – The Fallen Empire”, is a Grandmaster-level quest that provides even more essential rewards for endgame accounts, but not without its own even harsher requirements:

  • Completed Quests:
    • Desert Treasure I
    • Secrets of the North
    • Enakhra’s Lament
    • Temple of the Eye
    • The Garden of Death
    • Below Ice Mountain
    • His Faithful Servants
  • Skill Requirements:
    • 75 Firemaking
    • 75 Magic
    • 70 Thieving
    • 62 Herblore
    • 60 Runecrafting
    • 60 Construction

After defeating many incredibly tough bosses, you will earn up to 300k experience between three combat skills of your choice and be able to fight the four primary bosses from the quest.

These four bosses provide an intense combat experience, but they also offer the chance to earn millions of GP per hour and the four Best-in-Slot rings in Old School RuneScape.

Dragon Slayer II – Vorkath, the Myths’ Guild, New BIS Items, and new Slayer Monsters

The sequel to the F2P quest “Dragon Slayer” (which allows you to wear the Rune Platebody and Green D’Hide), the “Dragon Slayer II” quest is also a Grandmaster-level quest that poses a challenge to even the most experienced of players.

Requirements to complete this quest include:

  • Completed Quests:
    • Legends’ Quest
    • Dream Mentor
    • A Tail of Two Cats
    • Animal Magnetism
    • Ghosts Ahoy
    • Bone Voyage
  • Skill Requirements:
    • 75 Magic
    • 70 Smithing
    • 68 Mining
    • 62 Crafting
    • 60 Agility
    • 60 Thieving
    • 50 Construction
    • 50 Hitpoints
  • Other Requirements:
    • 200 Quest Points
    • Completed the “Firemaking” Barbarian Training

Once you complete this quest, you will earn a spread of 200k+ experience across three different skills, on top of an extra 100k experience for four chosen combat skills.

You will also be able to enter the Myth’s Guild, which has a multitude of functions such as the Fountain of Uhld to recharge Dragonstone jewelry, the Wrath Altar, location to buy Myth Capes, and learning how to make Super Antifire Potions.

You will also be able to repeatedly fight the harder version of Vorkath, one of the best ways to make money in Old School RuneScape.

Vorkath itself drops a plethora of rewards, as you can earn nearly 1m gp/hr (without getting incredibly rare drops).

Players can also fight Rune and Adamant Dragons, both as a Slayer task and off task.

There are also so many more items and lore unlocks that you will earn by completing this quest, making it nearly essential to complete when possible.

Fairytale II: Cure A Queen – Fairy Rings

Often completed by medium-level accounts, the “Fairytale II – Cure A Queen” quest grants players one of the most useful unlocks in Old School RuneScape: Fairy Rings.

However, this quest still has a few requirements to complete:

  • Completed Quests:
    • Fairytale I – Growing Pains
  • Skill Requirements:
    • 40 Thieving
    • 49 Farming
    • 57 Herblore

While you don’t technically need to complete this quest to unlock Fairy Rings, it will still be beneficial to do so.

Fairy Rings allow players to teleport nearly everywhere in Gielinor. With a Dramen/Lunar Staff in hand (or not if you have completed the Elite Tier Lumbridge & Draynor Achievement Diary), you can go to any Fairy Ring, input a code, and teleport to wherever you’d like.

Fairy Rings can be used to make skilling grinds more efficient, to make quick resupply trips between bosses or Slayer tasks, or to reach certain locations just outside the comfort zone of a more common teleport destination.

Fairy Rings are commonly used at every skill level and should be unlocked immediately.

King’s Ransom – Chivalry & Piety Prayers

Part of the Camelot quest line, the “King’s Ransom” quest isn’t too long but still provides a useful reward for players often engaging in melee combat. Thankfully, the requirements for this quest are not too difficult:

  • Completed Quests:
    • Black Knights’ Fortress
    • Holy Grail
    • Murder Mystery
    • One Small Favour
  • Skill Requirements:
    • 45 Magic
    • 65 Defence

Once you complete this quest, you can access the Knight Waves Training Grounds. This minigame tests your melee abilities by fighting through the various members of the Knights of Camelot.

After fighting all of them and completing the waves, you will unlock the ability to use the Chivalry and Piety prayers (along with having 60 Prayer or 70 Prayer).

These prayers give you incredible Offensive and Defensive melee bonuses that can be used in every combat scenario.

Often, this quest is used as a major stepping stone for players attempting to get involved in raid or high-level bossing, as using the Piety prayer specifically will greatly increase your DPS and defensive capabilities during fights.

Monkey Madness II – Demonic Gorillas, Maniacal Monkeys, Royal Seed Pod

”Monkey Madness II” is a Grandmaster-level quest and is the sequel to “Monkey Madness I”.

While MM1 has plenty of excellent rewards (including large amounts of rewards experience and being able to equip the fabled Dragon Scimitar), “Monkey Madness II” comes with even more incredible rewards after completing multiple puzzles and fighting tough bosses.

Being this is a tough quest, “Monkey Madness II” has a large list of requirements to complete:

  • Completed Quests:
    • Enlightened Journey
    • The Eyes of Glouphrie
    • Recipe for Disaster – King Awowogei subquest
    • Troll Stronghold
    • Watchtower
  • Skill Requirements:
    • 69 Slayer
    • 70 Crafting
    • 60 Hunter
    • 55 Agility
    • 55 Thieving
    • 60 Firemaking

Once you complete this quest, you will unlock rewards that improve your combat skills. On top of 200k+ experience split between Slayer, Agility, Thieving, and Hunter, you will earn an additional 100k experience across two combat skills.

Maniacal Monkeys and the rest of Kruk’s Dungeon are also unlocked, often used as a training method to level your Magic quickly and Ranged skills at incredible rates (often through Ancient Magicks and Chinchompas).

You will also be able to fight Demonic Gorillas at the Crashed Site Cavern, a high-level monster that fights with all three combat styles for the chance to earn around 1m gp/hr (as well as get the Zenyte Shard drop, which currently sells for around 15m).

Royal Seed Pods can also be purchased, giving you unlimited teleports to the Grand Tree. This item is especially useful for Pkers because it works up to 30 Wilderness (it is the only item to do so).

Beyond the combat unlocks, you also unlock several new skill training methods and can explore the rest of Ape Atoll without being in Monkey Form.

Priest in Peril – Access to Morytania

While a certain Swampman may favour this quest above all others, completing the “Priest in Peril,” quest allows you to access Morytania. The quest itself is considered relatively easy and does not have any hard requirements.

Morytania includes a large portion of content that would otherwise be cut off if this quest isn’t completed.

While it predominantly serves as the base to the rest of the Morytania/Vampyre quest series, completing “Priest in Peril” also unlocks:

  • Canifis, Burgh de Rott, Port Phasmatys, Harmony Island, and Meiyerdich – Multiple Cities
  • Entire Morytania Questline – Requirements for Other Content
  • Barrows Minigame – PvM Activity
  • Theatre of Blood – Raid
  • The Slayer Tower – Slayer PvM
  • Werewolf Agility Course – Agility Training Method
  • Skullball Course – Agility Training Method
  • Shades of Morton Minigame – PvM Activity/Passive Skill Training
  • The Hallowed Scepter – Agility Training Method
  • The Nightmare – Boss
  • Completed Farming Patch – Farming Training Method

Needless to say, this easy quest allows players to access some of the most interesting and account-progressing content in Old School RuneScape. “Priest in Peril” should be completed as early as possible.

Recipe for Disaster – Barrows Gloves

One of the longest and most iconic quests in Old School RuneScape, “Recipe for Disaster,” is the 100th quest introduced to Old School RuneScape, and more so acts as 9 different quests merged into one. That being said, this quest has a laundry list of requirements:

  • Completed Quests:
    • Fishing Contest
    • Goblin Diplomacy
    • Big Chompy Bird Hunting
    • Murder Mystery
    • Nature Spirit
    • Witch’s House
    • Gertrude’s Cat
    • Shadow of the Storm
    • Legend’s Quest
    • Monkey Madness I
    • Desert Treasure I
    • Horror from the Deep
  • Skill Requirements:
    • 70 Cooking
    • 48 Agility
    • 52 Mining
    • 53 Fishing
    • 53 Thieving
    • 25 Herblore
    • 59 Magic
    • 40 Smithing
    • 50 Firemaking
    • 40 Ranged
    • 40 Crafting
    • 10 Fletching
    • 36 Woodcutting
  • Other Requirements:
    • 175 Quest Points

While this quest is a massive handful, once you complete it you will be rewarded with a ton of experience for almost every skill in Old School RuneScape.

More importantly, you can purchase Barrows Gloves from the Culinaromancer’s Chest in the Lumbridge Castle Basement.

These gloves are some of the best gloves in Old School RuneScape in terms of balanced combat stats, as they give you +12 all-around Offensive and Defensive combat stats (aside from Magic, which is +6), as well as a +12 Strength bonus.

These gloves are essential to creating an optimal combat setup, as they are also used to create Ferocious Gloves after completing the “Dragon Slayer II” quest.

Those are the best quest rewards in Old School RuneScape!

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