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Fossil Island is a members-only area located northeast of Morytania. In order to have access to Fossil Island, players must complete the Bone Voyage quest, which requires at least 100 kudos.

Fossil Island is home to the Museum Camp and the Mushroom Forest. Both of which are important locations for determined OSRS players who are looking to train their skills.

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Fossil Island is also home to a lot of monsters that drop fossils upon death.

You can get to Fossil Island in Old School RuneScape by talking to the barge guard next to the ferry at Digsite after completing the quest Bone Voyage.

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How to get to Fossil Island in OSRS

Before you can even start thinking about how to get to Fossil Island, you must first complete the Bone Voyage quest.

Bone Voyage is a quest about the construction of a barge ship for the Varrock Museum. You must have at least 100 kudos to begin the quest, and upon completing it, you’ll gain access to Fossil Island.

Fortunately, Bone Voyage is a relatively short quest and isn’t that difficult. Talk to Curator Haig Halen, located in Varrock Museum, to begin the quest (if you haven’t completed it already).

Note: If you haven’t completed the Bone Voyage quest; The Dig Site quest is a requirement for Bone Voyage, so make sure you’ve completed that quest first before talking to Haig Halen.

Getting to Fossil Island

The only real way to get to Fossil Island is by using the ferry from the Digsite location. Digsite is an archaeological excavation area and is located just east of Varrock.

Once you’re at Digsite, you can talk to a barge guard to travel to Fossil Island.

Getting to Digsite

There are several ways to get to Digsite. The fastest way to travel to Digsite is by using a digsite pendant.

Upon using a digsite pendant, you’ll be teleported near the barge at Digsite. There you’ll find the barge guard walking around.

If you don’t have a digsite pendant, another fast way to travel to Digsite is by using the glider transportation system along with the spirit tree transportation system.

To use the glider transportation system while at the Grand Exchange, use the spirit tree to teleport to the Gnome Stronghold.

Once you’re at the Gnome Stronghold, climb up the tree and use the glider. Select the “Lemanto Andra” option, and it will take you close to Digsite and the ferry that transports you to the Fossil Island.

That’s how you get to Fossil Island in Old School RuneScape!

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