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Prifddinas, the long-forgotten elven city in Old School RuneScape, has been known to act as a “central hub” for the high-level community, offering a plethora of PvM and skilling content.

While the requirements and process to reach Prifddinas can be arduous, the benefit of unlocking Prifddinas is well worth it.

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But what does it take to unlock Prifddinas and travel there on your own? This article will detail how to get to Prifddinas in Old School RuneScape.

The best way to get to Prifddinas in OSRS is to utilize a Teleport Seed to teleport directly there. If you do not have one, you can utilize the Spirit Tree teleportation system to teleport to the Spirit Tree in Prifddinas. Otherwise, you will have to walk through the Underground Pass, avoid the traps in Tirannwn, and enter through Prifddinas at the front gates.

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How to Get to Prifddinas in OSRS

As mentioned, Prifddinas is a city reserved for the high-level community, as it has some steep requirements to access.

Before you can reach Prifddinas, you need to have completed the “Song of the Elves” quest, a grandmaster-level conclusion to the elf quest storyline.

“Song of the Elves” Quest Requirements

  • Skill Requirements
    • 70 Agility
    • 70 Construction
    • 70 Mining
    • 70 Farming
    • 70 Herblore
    • 70 Smithing
    • 70 Hunter
    • 70 Woodcutting
  • Quest Requirements
    • Mourning’s End Part II
    • Making History
    • Druidic Ritual

The quest itself is considered extremely long and difficult, so be prepared to spend a few hours to complete it if you decide to do so. After completing the “Song of the Elves,” you can travel in and out of Prifddinas as you please.

Teleporting With A Crystal Seed

Similar to our guide on how to get to Lletya, you can utilize a Crystal Teleport Seed to teleport directly to Prifddinas.

Crystal Teleport Seeds can be acquired by any of the Elves in Tirannwn, with their drop rate varying on combat level.

While dropped Crystal Teleport Seeds may have a chance to have a charge, there is a possibility that it will need to be recharged by talking to Eluned. Each Teleport Seed can have a maximum of 5 charges.

After completion of the “Song of the Elves” quest, Eluned can be found by the dye shop in the southwest portion of Prifddinas.

While it may not be ideal, you may need to travel there on foot at least once to recharge your Crystal Teleport Seeds, so you do not need to walk there in the future.

If this is the case, you can use any Crystal Teleport Seeds you have to teleport to Lletya and travel north through Tirannwn.

There is also an upgraded variant of the Teleport Seed called the “Eternal Teleport Crystal,” which can hold unlimited charges for teleports to both Lletya and Prifddinas.

First, You will need to obtain an Enhanced Crystal Teleport Seed at a 1 in 1024 drop rate from the Elves within Prifddinas (can be obtained through combat or Thieving).

Then, it can be taken to one of the singing bowls in Prifddinas and charged with 100 Crystal Shards to turn it into an Eternal Teleport Crystal.

This process requires 80 Smithing and 80 Crafting, or you can have Reese/ Conweena do it for you for 150 Crystal Shards.

Using The Spirit Tree

A much simpler method than using a Crystal Teleport Seed is using the Spirit Tree teleportation system.

A Spirit Tree is already fully grown and active within Prifddinas by the time you complete “Song of the Elves”.

As long as you have completed both the “Tree Gnome Village” and “The Grand Tree” quests, you will be able to use it to teleport directly to Prifddinas using any of the other Spirit Trees.

Commonly Used Spirit Tree Locations:

  • Grand Exchange
  • Gnome Stronghold
  • Farming Guild (Need to plant and grow yourself at 85 Farming)
  • Player Owned House (Need to plant and grow yourself with 85 Farming)

Utilizing Spirit Trees allows you to bypass having to obtain a Crystal Teleport Seed and charge it, although you will need to have completed two additional quests to access it.

This method is also handy because it allows a player to reach directly between Prifddinas and the Grand Exchange, which commonly go hand in hand as a hub for skilling.

Using an Iorwerth Camp Teleport

For those who want a quick teleport to Prifddinas but don’t have a spare Teleport Seed, you can utilize an Iorwerth Camp Teleport scroll to reach just a few minutes away from the front gates.

Teleport scrolls are a reward given from Treasure Trail rewards that allow a player to reach various niche locations.

Iorweth Camp teleports are currently being sold on the Grand Exchange for around 2.5k, making them a viable option for repeated access to Prifddinas.

Taking a Charter Ship

While you are free to use charter ships whenever, once “Song of the Elves” is completed, Prifddinas will be unlocked as one of the destination options.

Charter Ships are used to access the various ports around Old School RuneScape, with Prifddinas having a charter of their own on outside the western gate.

While prices vary depending on if you have a Ring of Charos (a) or where you are traveling from, reaching Prifddinas typically costs between 1.5k and 5k for a one-way trip from any of the other Charter Ships.

If, for some reason, you are unable to access the Spirit Tree network or a Crystal Teleport Seed, you can also travel to Prifddinas on foot.

There is only one direct path to reach Prifddinas, starting with traveling through the Underground Pass, which you would have traveled through both before and during the “Song of the Elves” quest.

Once you reach the exit, you must traverse through Tirannwn, avoid any obstacles or traps you come across, and head north.

While none of the traps are too deadly (aside from the Pitfall Trap, which can deal up to 15 damage at a time), most of them will poison you if you fail to pass them, so bring an Antipoison potion just in case.

Bringing a Stamina Potion to run through as fast as possible will also be handy.

Once you pass the Iorwerth Camp, you will see the front gates where you can enter Prifddinas.

That is how to get to Prifddinas in OSRS!

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