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Lletya is one of the elven cities in Old School RuneScape that serves as the base location for some of the elven quest lines while visually being one of the most unique places to see in the game.

Tucked away in the south-east corner of the lands of Tirannwn, Lletya can be tricky to get to without a direct teleportation method.

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There are multiple ways to reach Lletya in Old School RuneScape, some requiring the completion of certain quests while others can be utilized once you are able to traverse the Underground Pass.

The best way to reach Lletya in OSRS is to use a Teleport Seed to teleport directly there. You can also take a charter ship to the Tyras Camp and travel east after completing the “Regicide” quest.

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How to Get to Lletya in OSRS

Before you can reach Lletya, you first need to complete the “Underground Pass” quest. Once you do so, you will be able to traverse through the Underground Pass and access the lands of Tirannwn.

The “Underground Pass” quest doesn’t have crazy requirements, but completing it requires the lengthy process of unlocking and going through the Underground Pass itself.

“Underground Pass” Quest Requirements:

  • 25 Ranged.
  • Completion of “Biohazard” quest.

Using a Teleport Seed

Crystal Teleport Seeds are dropped from various residents throughout Tirannwn at a 1 in 5 drop rate. These include:

  • Elf Archer (Level-90)
  • Elf Warrior (Level-108)
  • Prifddinas Guards (Level-108)
  • Iorwerth Warrior (Level-108)

Crystal Teleport Seeds can be taken to Eluned, who can charge them for a certain amount of gp.

Charging costs vary on the number of times you have recharged the Crystal Teleport Seed before with Eluned:

  • 1st Charge – 750gp
  • 2nd Charge – 600gp
  • 3rd Charge – 450gp
  • 4th Charge – 300gp
  • 5th Charge and onwards – 150gp

Charging a Crystal Teleport Seed will turn it into a Teleport Seed, which you can use to teleport to Lletya and Prifddinas (after completion of the “Song of the Elves” quest).

This is by far the fastest and most effective way to get to Lletya, but you still need to go through the process of traveling to Isafdar, getting a Crystal Teleport Seed, and finding Eluned to charge it at least once.

Depending on where you currently stand with the Elf-quest series, Eluned can be found in various locations:

  • Eastern-portion of Isafdar (East of the Tyras Camp)
  • Southern-portion of Isafdar past Lletya
  • In Lletya (While completing “Song of the Elves”)
  • In Prifddinas next to the dye shop (After completing “Song of the Elves”)

After completing the “Underground Pass” quest, you will be able to travel to Lletya. However, if you do not want to travel through the Underground Pass again, there is an alternative way to reach Lletya on foot.

After completion of the “Regicide” quest, you can use a charter to get to Port Tyras. From here, you can traverse Isafdar east until you reach Lletya.

“Regicide” is the next quest in the Elf-quest series after the “Underground Pass”, only requiring 56 Agility and 10 Crafting to complete.

The charter to Port Tyras can be reached from any other port in Old School RuneScape. Common locations include Port Sarim, Catherby, and Ardougne.

It costs 3.2k to take a one-way charter from anywhere else to Port Tyras (besides Mos Le’Harmless, which costs 1.6k due to quest reward unlocks).

Taking the journey through Isafdar is also considered dangerous, as there are multiple traps, obstacles, and monsters to be wary of, such as:

  • Dense Forest (click on the different branches to pass them)
  • Leaf Pitfall Trap (stand next to it and click on the closest leaf tile to jump over it)
  • Stick Trap (stand next to it and click on it to safely walk over it)
  • Trip Wire (click on the trip wire to avoid being poisoned)
  • (2) Dire Wolves (Level-88) just outside the dense forest to Lletya

That is how to get to Lletya in Old School RuneScape!

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