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Thieving in Old School RuneScape has always had a harsh reputation of being incredibly click-intensive when training, but for good reason.

Being able to do skilling methods that can earn you hundreds of thousands of exp per hour can allow anyone to grind through those annoying levels.

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While Blackjacking in OSRS is one of the most click-intensive training methods in the game, the experience rates speak for itself.

To train Thieving through blackjacking in OSRS, have a blackjack equipped, right-click on a Pollnivneach bandit, select “Knock-Out”, and then quickly pickpocket them and repeat the process.

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How to Do Blackjacking in OSRS

Blackjacking is a Thieving method in Old School RuneScape that involves knocking out NPCs with a blackjack, pickpocketing them, and repeating the process each time they wake up.

While it sounds simple enough, it is considered extremely click-intensive while providing some decent Thieving experience rates for the appropriate levels.

Blackjacking also takes place in the Kharidian Desert, so you will need heat protection in the form of Waterskins,

Before you can do blackjacking, you first need to at least partially complete “The Feud” quest, where you learn how to use them.

“The Feud” Quest Requirements

  • 30 Thieving

While it is recommended to complete “The Feud” quest for more rewards and quest points, you only need to complete up to the portion of the quest where you learn how to Blackjack.

Beyond that you will be able to do Blackjacking as you please as long as you have the appropriate Thieving level.

Setting Up To Blackjack

In Old School RuneScape, the only NPCs you are able to blackjack are in the town of Pollnivneach (the main setting for “The Feud” quest).

These are the Pollnivneach Villagers, the Bandits (both with and without beards), and the Menaphite Thugs.

  • 45 Thieving – Bearded Pollnivnian Bandit
  • 55 Thieving – Pollnivnian Bandit
  • 65 Thieving – Menaphite Thug

For optimal experience methods, it is best to trap one of the NPCs in one of the tents.

You can do this by right-clicking your target, selecting “lure,” and having them follow you into a building on which you can close the door to trap them.

There are multiple types of blackjacks that you can use, with each of them purchasable on the Grand Exchange.

It is worth noting that they do not have any differences in terms of when you are training Thieving but instead offer different bonuses in combat.

  • Oak Blackjack – No Level Required to Equip
  • Oak Blackjack (o) – 10 Attack & 10 Thieving
  • Oak Blackjack (d) – 10 Defense & 10 Thieving
  • Willow Blackjack – No Level Required to Equip
  • Willow Blackjack (o) – 20 Attack & 20 Thieving
  • Willow Blackjack (d) – 20 Defense & 20 Thieving
  • Maple Blackjack – 30 Thieving
  • Maple Blackjack (o) – 30 Attack & 30 Thieving
  • Maple Blackjack (d) – 30 Defense & 30 Thieving

Since you are in Pollnivneach, you will also need heat protection from the desert.

You can choose to either wear Desert Robes, bring Waterskins (which be refilled at a fountain or use the “Humidify” spell if you have it unlocked), or use a Circlet of Water to stay safe.

If you want to make extra profit, you may also decide to wear the full Rogue’s Outfit to get double the amount of gp you would make.

While it may not be as substantial as pickpocketing the Knights of Ardougne it can still help in the long run.

Blackjacking Enemies

Once you are ready with a blackjack equipped, you can follow this process to get into a rhythm for blackjacking:

  1. Right-click> “Knock-Out”
  2. Right-Click > “Pickpocket” x2-3
  3. Eat if needed
  4. Repeat

When you attempt to knock them out, make sure that they are facing away from you to ensure you succeed every time.

As described, with perfect timing, you can pickpocket them around 2-3 times before they wake up.

Because they are also being knocked out, you should not have to worry about eating too much food. You can also use the coins you pickpocketed to buy Jugs of Wine from Faisal the Barman.

If you fail the knock-out process, first attempt to knock them out quickly, as you may still have an opportunity to do so.

If it still fails and they start to attack, you can quickly step outside and back into the tent, closing the entrance so they can’t follow you.

Expected Experience Rates

Blackjacking all comes down to how accurately you can repeatedly knock out an opponent between pickpockets.

While it can be excruciating to complete over an extended period of time, Blackjacking has some decent experience rates for being accessed at a moderately low level.

  • At 45 Thieving – 105k Thieving exp/hr
  • At 55 Thieving – 140k Thieving exp/hr
  • At 65 Thieving – 200k Thieving exp/hr
  • At 95 Thieving – 260k Thieving exp/hr

Beyond 70 Thieving, it may be worth moving on to other training methods, such as stealing artefacts in Piscarilius or pickpocketing Knights of Ardougne.

While the experience rates may not be the same, they are much more AFK, allowing you to extend your Thieiving sessions much longer.

That is how to do Blackjacking in Old School RuneScape!

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